January 23, 2019

Psycho Cell Racing HP-Series LiHV batteries

Psycho Cell Racing have introduced their new high power HP-Series LiHV battery packs. Available as 8500mAh standard and 6000mAh shorty pack, the high-voltage LiPo packs are built using high-quality 120C cells for a lower internal resistance and improved power supply. What makes the batteries stand out is the fact that they are available in different sticker colour, allowing to choose a pack that best suits your personal body or chassis colour scheme. The ROAR-approved packs are available with blue, green, red, orange, yellow and fluorescent pink labels.

Source: Psycho Cell Racing [psychocellsracing.com]

January 23, 2019

Marka Racing 40mm high speed cooling fan

Available now from Marka Racing is their new brushless 40mm high speed cooling fan. The 7-blade unit is powered by a dual ball-raced brushless motor for higher torque and thus improved airflow and cooling. The 40x40x10mm fan is high-voltage compatible and it comes with a 200mm black silicone wire with universal plug

Source: Marka Racing [markaracing.com]

January 23, 2019

Badlands MX28 & Trencher 2.8” Raid wheel pre-mounts

Coming from Pro-Line are the Badlands MX28 and Trencher 2.8” all-terrain tyres mounted on the new Raid 2.8” removable hex wheels. The tyres offer exceptional traction and side bite in a variety of surface conditions while the new 2.8” Raid wheels feature a removable hex section that allows to easily adapt the wheel offset as well as switching between 12mm and 17mm wheel hexes. The pre-mounts are usable for monster trucks such as the Traxxas Stampede and Rustler as well as many other trucks that use their wheel dimensions.

View the Trencher 2.8

January 23, 2019

OfficinaRC universal LCG battery plate

OfficinaRC have announce the release of their new LCG universal battery plate, designed to get the most out of the new generation of LiPo batteries. With especially LCG batteries becoming lighter, it is often necessary to add weight to the battery side of the chassis in order to achieve a correct 50/50 left to right weight bias. OfficinaRC’s new 0.6mm brass battery plate weighs in at 32g, allowing to add substantial weight without loosing the advantages of LCG battery packs. The plate can be fixed directly to the chassis or battery, using optional ultra thin tape.

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January 23, 2019

Wild Turbo Fan Blow Harder 30mm fan

Wild Turbo Fan have introduced their new Blow Harder 30mm fan unit. The 12mm thick fan features an industry first nine exhaust fins design which generates the twisting wind pattern for focused air flow, hence more air to cool the object. With the nine exhaust fins design the support structure between the case and the core has been increased, and together with thicker side walls the case is much stronger compared to a standard 30mm fan. A round lip is also moulded into the intake side of the fan to further smooth out air flow. Last but not least, all the fan unit is manufactured with all new electronics.

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January 23, 2019

T-Works RC8B3.1 hard-coated alloy steering shafts

Coming from T-Works and made for the Team Associated RC8B3.1 and B3.0 buggies is a hard-coated aluminium servo saver shaft set. Precision-machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium the shafts are a direct replacement for the standard steel items, scrubbing weight without sacrificing strength. The hard-coated surface ensures long wear and the shafts are usable with the RC8B3.1 and B3.0-based buggies and trucks.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

January 23, 2019

Pro-Line release new R/C Body Paint colours

Following a first release of basic colours, Pro-Line have now twelve more colours to choose from. Developed by RC body painters for painters, the water-based airbrush paint is ultra-flexible, extremely durable and easy to use. This pre-thinned airbrush paint makes it easy to grab the colour you want and spray without the hassle of mixing – using a 0.5mm tip at 30psi. Available in single 60 ml individual bottles or 6-pack sets, the latest release includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and fuchsia fluorescent colours as well as copper, gold, pewter, orange, lime green and white metallic colours.

View the metallic colours here