April 9, 2021

Hudy large hard case for silicone oils

Hudy’s line up of hard cases continues to grow with the latest release being this stylish large sized hard case. At 180 x 140 x 120mm it is great for any accessories but specially designed to carry Hudy silicone oils in large size 100 ml square bottles. The interior of the bag is fully cushioned and has reinforced walls to protect all equipment inside, while being tough enough to handle rough transport and handling. Attractive full-colour Hudy graphics makes this hard case stand apart from others.

Source: Hudy [hudy.net]

April 9, 2021

RC-Project S35 steering arm levers

Developed together with the Sworkz Team, RC-Project have produced these steering arm levers for the S35 family of cars. The new plates have been machined from Ergal 7075 T6 and black anodised. They sport 3 different holes mounting holes labelled ‘S’ Soft to be used in high grip conditions, ‘M’ Medium to be used as starting position and ‘A’ Aggressive for use on slippery tracks.

Source: RC-Project [rc-project.it]

April 9, 2021

Mugen MTC2 bypass shock body

Mugen have introduced the optional bypass shock body for their popular MTC2 touring car. Externally the same as the standard shock the inner surface sports additional machined channels which makes for a smoother and softer initial travel of the piston. When using this in the front of the car it makes the car smoother when operating at the corner entry or with less steering angle and is most suited for carpet and high grip conditions.

View the internal channels here

April 9, 2021

EBRC S35-4 carbon fibre steering arm levers

From Elliott Boots’ EBRC brand are these high grade carbon fibre steering arm levers used to adjust the Ackerman of the SWorkz S35-4 buggy. Following many months of testing they arrived at 3 options, distinguished by a dot system machined on each individual part, 1 dot, 2 dot and 3 dot. Depending on track layout and grip level you can personalise your cars steering to make it more comfortable for you.

Source: EBRC [facebook.com]

April 9, 2021

Dash RS-tune V3 21.5T outlaw motor

Adding to the Dash line of RS-tune V3 series variant is the 21.5T outlaw motor. The new generation features a high airflow arrow design with large openings in the machined aluminium can to guarantee maximum cooling efficiency, a lower weight and minimised power fading in high ambient temperatures. The redesigned stator helps to achieve a much lower internal resistance, increasing in torque which enhances the overall performance. The RS-Tune V3 motors are specially designed for most Asian stock racing classes as they are already equipped with a standard (V2RSS123) rotor, that keeps them within the KV and Amps requirements.

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

April 9, 2021

Xray XB8 & XB8E central dogbone drive shaft system

For the XB8 & XB8E buggies, Xray have introduced this central dogbone drive shaft system which is an alternative to the CVDs that comes as standard. Central dogbone drive shafts for have reduced maintenance and servicing requirements and help provide more forward traction. All parts are machined from Hudy Spring Steel and are specially hardened.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

April 9, 2021

Awesomatix A800FX Evo 1/10 FWD touring car

Based upon their class revolutionising A800FX platform and the feedback from racers around the globe, Awesomatix have designed and created the new A800FX Evo FWD Touring Car. The main goal was to further enhance the performance in all conditions and increase the setup range to suit all track conditions. Since weight distribution is the main setup tool for a FWD car, they re-worked the main chassis design and extended the wheelbase. This increase in wheelbase allows for further adjustability in weight bias and creates more forward traction. They also redesigned the rear of the car for better flex distribution. The steering unit is a completely new design, taking the concept of the proven single bell crank steering from the A800MMX and transplanting it into the A800FX Evo. The result is a servo holder with an integrated steering mount. This compact new system has less parts and is more reliable, particularly on un-prepped or dirty tracks. To get enough clearance for the movement of the bell crank, they needed to slightly modify the front bulkheads as well.

View more details & images here

April 8, 2021

JConcepts curved pliers, side cutter & shock shaft tool

From JConcepts their new curved pliers are very handy to the organised minded racer looking to have a lot of functions in a single tool. The 5-piece design consists of the dual pinching jaws, aluminium handles and steel centre pivot screw. The curved plier ends are machined in steel, chamfered to reduce weight, and have inner grips to get ahold of just about any small part in RC. In the grip area resides an opening where round objects can be gripped and pinched where further work can be done. Near the pivot, an inner cutter is built-in so side cutting can be performed to detach small plastic from parts trees or simply cutting soft metals, solder, or other low resistance materials. Past the pivot, the JConcepts pliers have the handy 4.0 and 3.0 diameters which are for pinching shock shafts during builds or re-builds without unnecessarily marking important surfaces.

View more details here