October 19, 2006

Dynamite Platinum Series Nitro Engines

Dynamite Platinum engine

Dynamite have release their 2007 lineup of nitro engines. Called the Platinum series these off road motors are available in .21, .28 and .28 pullstart.

From the product page

For an affordable racing engine comparable in performance to high-end Italian racing engines, Dynamite’s new Platinum Series offers dependable rear- exhaust nitro engines for truggies and monster trucks offering great power and respectable fuel mileage.

View the product pages here: .21, .28, .28PS.

Source: Dynamite [dynamiterc.com] 

October 19, 2006

Sam Cheng wins Singapore Open

XB8 Singapore

Top Singaporean driver, and all round nice guy, Sam Cheng has taken top honours at the Singapore Open Championships driving his Xray XB8 ahead of team mate Glenn Phuah with young driver Ah M in third. Sam is an experienced International driver in on-road racing too and a real RC enthusiast as well as being distributor for many brands in his home country.

Towards the end of the finale, somehow luck was with Sam that allowed him to pull away a little ahead that put him ONE lap ahead and took away the A Main 1st trophy!

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

October 19, 2006

Interview with Maurizio Gandini of GRP

Gandini brothers

Italian webzine Automodellismo.net have a insightful interview with Maurizio Gandini who, along with twin brother Stefano, run the world famous and ultra successful GRP. The article hits upon the companys history, production output of 1.4 million sets of tires a year and goes into further details about their move, in collaboration with Mario Rossi, to produce engines which have gone on to win their first World title in Australia this year in the car of Japanese driver Keisuke Fukuda.

Read the translated (Google) version of the interview here.

Source: Automodellismo.net [automodellismo.net]

October 19, 2006

Much More battery heat sink II

Much More

I wouldn’t normally write about something as boring as a cooler for cells but this one is really nice. Made by Much More in Korea, it provides even heat dissipation for the batteries resulting in a balanced temperature throughout the pack when charged or discharged. It has six fans, 3 top and 3 bottom, is powered by 12V and is available in 3 anodised colours; Black, Blue and Purple.

Source: Much More [much-more.ko.kr]

October 19, 2006

New electric sedan from Team Losi

Team Losi JRX-s type R

This new electric sedan, given the catchy name ‘JRX-S Type R Race Sedan Kit’ is a bit of a break from convention design wise. With its centrally mounted motor and 2 opposing side mounted belts the battery is mounted dead center which according to what you read makes for a great balanced car.

Designed for efficiency and built for performance, the JRX-S Type R is the latest sedan innovation from the experts at Team Losi. Suspension arms and carriers are molded from Team Losi’s exclusive EA3 compound for incredible durability and reduced flex. The new suspension geometry offers improved steering and drivability in high-bite situations. And the centered drivetrain layout gives this sedan the most balanced feel and solid handling in its class. With a superb assortment of precision machined aluminum, titanium, and premium composite parts, the JRX-S Type R is the most feature-packed sedan chassis ever offered for pro-class competition.

Source: Team Losi [teamlosi.com]

October 18, 2006

Sportwerks bring 1/14 scale to the masses

Sportwerks bring 1/14 scale

Sportwerks have announced that they will be releasing these all new E-Racers for 2007. I have little or no information to go on except that they are called ReCoil, they come in 1/14 scale, they are 4wd shaft driven and sure do look slick.

The release of a 1/14th scale car begs the question, do we need another proprietary scale to, as a poster on ‘Radio Control Zone’ jokes, “further dilute the classes”. With so many classes already available and events struggling for numbers some classes will inevitably lose out. Perhaps this is just natural selection in action?

Another pic after the jump… content

October 18, 2006

Jernej Vuga & Nejc Duh take Slovenian Nats

Slovenian Champions

MyTSN.com is reporting on the success of the Serpent team in Slovenia with the Dutch manufacturer taking both the 1/8th and 1/10th title with Jernej Vuga and Nejc Duh respectively. In his own country Jernej has pretty much had it all his own way, winning with ease at most events, thanks to his in no small part to his driving skills but also because of his vast International racing experience.

1:10 Slovenian National Standings (Final)
1. Nejc Duh – Serpent 720
2. Luka Ploj – Serpent 720
3. Vladimir Knehtl – Serpent 710

1:8 Slovenian National Standings (Final)
1. Jernej Vuga – Serpent 960
2. Nejc Mihelič – Serpent 960
3. Luka Sajovic – Serpent 950R

Read the report here.

Source: Serpent [mytsn.com]

October 18, 2006

Todd Hodge wins the ROAR Region 12s

Todd Hodge

Team Orion are carrying an report on their site about their team driver Todd Hodge who recently won the ROAR Region 12 on-road championships. The event was held at the Ripon R/C Raceway in California and Todd, driving his Orion powered Losi JRXS-R, dominated the event.

Using the latest Team Orion motor and battery technology, Todd Hodge set the fastest qualifying time on his way to winning the ROAR Region 12 On-Road Championships at the Ripon R/C Raceway in Ripon, California.  The victory was decisive.  In addition to setting the fastest single lap time of the event, Todd was the only driver to turn 23 laps in qualifying, and won the main event by nearly a lap!

Source: Team Orion [teamorion.com]