April 13, 2021

Reds Racing offroad air filters

After several months of testing in different conditions Reds Racing are pleased to release their high density air filters. These filters have been developed for many popular 1/8 offroad buggies and truggies and offer improved engine life and performance compared to standard filters. The filters are made from a special foam and are precision cut to ensure a perfect fit. They feature increased mass for improved airflow and better dust protection and come in a set of 10 air filters.

Source: Reds Racing [redsracing.it]

April 13, 2021

T-Works connector style switch

A system seen on many pro offroad setups, this T-Works connector style switch gives you a turnkey version of this resilient and safe switch to power the electronics on your nitro car. Also available with a mounting plate specific to the S-Workz S35-4/3, the keyed connector completes the circuit by plugging it into the supplied socket, giving you a switch that will not be knocked off in a hard impact.

View more photos of the connector switch here

April 12, 2021

Tekno RC ET48 2.0 1/8th 4wd EP truggy

Following the recent introduction of the EB/NB48 2.0 buggies, it was only a matter of time until Tekno incorporated all of the cool features into an all-new truck platform. The ET48 2.0 shares many of the parts and design elements first introduced on the buggy. A primary goal of this project was to minimise the additional parts needed to help keep drivers on the track or bashing at their favourite spot. You will find that quite a few of the parts you already have will work on the new ET48 2.0. They carried over features first seen with the 2.0 buggies such as the industry-first suspension arms with built-in caster. This allows a longer overall arm length, ideal front-end geometry and increased durability. It has rear hubs that provide roll centre adjustments by adjusting the axle height and they carried over the active rear toe system. A substantial amount of time was invested in developing the smoothest suspension package available to make the truck a breeze to drive in the roughest conditions. They also brought over the quick access differentials with increased volume that improves consistency and efficiency with minimal maintenance time. And naturally, it has the extreme toughness as well as the great handling that Tekno RC vehicles are known for.

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April 9, 2021

RC-Project S35 steering arm levers

Developed together with the Sworkz Team, RC-Project have produced these steering arm levers for the S35 family of cars. The new plates have been machined from Ergal 7075 T6 and black anodised. They sport 3 different holes mounting holes labelled ‘S’ Soft to be used in high grip conditions, ‘M’ Medium to be used as starting position and ‘A’ Aggressive for use on slippery tracks.

Source: RC-Project [rc-project.it]

April 9, 2021

EBRC S35-4 carbon fibre steering arm levers

From Elliott Boots’ EBRC brand are these high grade carbon fibre steering arm levers used to adjust the Ackerman of the SWorkz S35-4 buggy. Following many months of testing they arrived at 3 options, distinguished by a dot system machined on each individual part, 1 dot, 2 dot and 3 dot. Depending on track layout and grip level you can personalise your cars steering to make it more comfortable for you.

Source: EBRC [facebook.com]

April 9, 2021

Xray XB8 & XB8E central dogbone drive shaft system

For the XB8 & XB8E buggies, Xray have introduced this central dogbone drive shaft system which is an alternative to the CVDs that comes as standard. Central dogbone drive shafts for have reduced maintenance and servicing requirements and help provide more forward traction. All parts are machined from Hudy Spring Steel and are specially hardened.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

April 7, 2021

JConcepts RM2 tuning screwdriver & wing button

From JConcepts and Ryan Maifield’s RM2 collaboration is this engine tuning screwdriver. The aluminium handle is custom machined, red anodised and spiced with 2nd operation silver highlighting to bring some luster to the pit area. The top of the wrench is capped with injection moulded JC plug and the handle itself is topped off with laser etched JConcepts logo for authenticity. The tip of any wrench is mandatory for function and control. The spring steel flat blade screwdriver is made of multiple pieces and pre-assembled. The tip slides into a sleeve which is secured with beefy set screw located on the adapter itself. The tip is precision ground for shape, angle, and thickness for the all-important engagement into carburettor adjustment screws. The entire steel tip assembly slides into the handle and snaps into place courtesy of the magnet located in the handle. The magnet has enough holding power to maintain position during use and the occasional drop and pop during normal usage. When it is time to pack-up the pits or drop the footprint, simply pull the tip assembly out and place alongside the handle in the toolbox or bag.

View the new RM2 wing button here

April 6, 2021

Tyler Jones chooses Schumacher for 2wd

Schumacher Racing would like to welcome Tyler Jones to their team for 1/10th 2wd. Tyler’s main role will still be with Tekno for their 1/8th and 1/10th 4wd platforms, however he has chosen to run the Schumacher Laydown for his 2wd program. Tyler has recently been showing excellent pace at many events and is a great upcoming driver. Tyler had this to say, ‘I am so stoked to be joining Schumacher for my 2wd, I’ve tried many 2wd cars and felt the most comfortable and at home with the Laydown from the get go. It is great that we have managed to work a deal together to make this happen! My thanks go to Muz, Robin and the guys at Schumacher and I’m excited to be on track soon’. He will be competing mainly at local events, but when time allows he plans to do a few larger events later in the year.

Source: Schumacher [racing-cars.com]