October 21, 2020

JConcepts aluminium 20mm clamping servo horns

New for the Mugen MBX8 & Team Associated RC8B3.2, this JConcepts 20mm servo horn is available in both 23T and 25T versions. A clamping style servo horn, it is great for high-torque situations providing additional security and relieving some load to the servo splines themselves. The broad base of the horn tapers to the connection area where the steering takes place. The boss on the top surrounds the ball-end and provides a hefty surface for steering direction. Small ribs have been added on the sides to help strengthen the unit in a twisting fashion and a deep pocket hides the 3mm standard mounting screw. The entire horn has been retouched with chamfer highlight edging and laser etched with JC and the tooth count for high-end looks and authenticity.

View another image of the servo horn here

October 21, 2020

Redcat Gen8 Scout II V2 crawler

Redcat have introduced the V2 version of their Gen8 Scout II 1/10 Electric RC Scale Crawler which was originally introduced at the end of last year. The updated platform sees new heavy duty axles & portal gears, newly designed heavy duty axle housings, a flat skid plate, a 25kg metal gear servo and updated body colours with clear windows. This professional rock crawler includes C-channel frame rails, low centre of gravity battery tray, centrally mounted divorced transfer case, lockable slipper clutch, portal axles with metal gear covers, MOD-1 gears, machined aluminium spools, front CVAs, 32 rubber-sealed ball bearings, threaded aluminium shocks, 47º steering blocks with proper Ackerman, Panhard bar, LED-ready bumpers, winch-ready front bumper and frame mounted floor pans. The highly detailed fully licensed International Scout II body comes with hard plastic grill, plastic folding mirrors, moulded inner and outer fenders, shackle mount front bumper, receiver hitch ready rear bumper and plastic rock sliders.

Source: Redcat [redcatracing.com]

October 21, 2020

ONG RC8B3.2 aluminium bar & shock pins

More new parts from ONG for the Associated RC8B3.2 with the release of these bar pins & shock pins. Made in Italy by RC-Project on the latest generation turning machines, all the pins are made of 7075-T6 aluminium and hard anodised with a thickness of 50µ. The diameters have been modified compared to the originals to have a better contact between pin, arm and ball and have been modified to eliminate the axial play. The shock pins are M3.5 threaded to ensure better safety than the original ones. The weight of the bar pins are just 2.25grams, while the shock pins are 2.9grams.

View the shock pins here

October 21, 2020

Ignite Design RC bringing back gas truck

Ignite Design RC have released and interesting new project, a Nitro conversion kit for the Associated T6.1/6.2. Created by Chad Parks, his wish was to rekindle his love affair with gas truck from the late nineties. Using a modern TC6 as a base, the conversion kit is very complete, including new chassis plate, top deck, receiver box, fuel tank, engine mounts, braking system, clutch, air filter and throttle/brake linkages. The end result looks very high quality, with some nicely machined aluminium and carbon fibre, and works as expected. They are currently taking pre-orders for a December delivery.

View more images here

October 21, 2020

Pro-Line TLR 22 5.0 wheels, speed forms & wheel dots

A number of other new items from Pro-line such as this pair of Velocity 2.2″ front hex wheels for the TLR 22 5.0. This lightweight and durable front racing wheels, in yellow or white, is stiffer than stock for a more precise feel and will spin true for exceptional performance. Next up is a 6 pack of speed forms mini clear test bodies for painters for practicing with Pro-Line’s paint line and testing new and innovative techniques to bring your paint skills to the next level. Modelled after similar paint sample shapes found in the full-size automotive paint industry, they are great for displaying paint colours, so you always end up with the exact colour you are looking for. Finally, these new Showtime bi-metallic wheel dots for your Showtime sprint car wheels. These wheel dot decals feature gold printed spokes with silver printed bead-loc detail for an incredible scale and rich look. This allows oval racers to run dish wheels with all the benefits dish wheels provide but the looks and style of spoke wheels.

View the speed forms & wheel dots here

October 21, 2020

T-Works D819 steel centre driveshafts

For the HB Racing D819 and D819RS, T-Works have produced this pairs of steel centre driveshafts. Made from a high-quality steel, the shaft features a black surface coating for wear resistance, with the length laser etched for quick reference. The rear centre shaft is 118mm long with the front centre shaft coming in a 85mm.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

October 21, 2020

Pro-Line 1.9″ Trencher & 1.55″ Super Swamper tires

Two new additions from Pro-Line to their crawler range with the release of the 1.9″ Trencher crawler tire and Super Swamper tires for 1.55″ crawler wheels. The Trencher crawler tires are inspired by their very popular all-terrain Trencher tread, featuring an extremely aggressive tread pattern with each tread block containing multiple sipes and multiple levels for incredible tread flex while still looking great on a Scale Rig. The new Super Swamper tire is a first ever tire for 1.55″ size wheels from Pro-Line. With ‘almost scale’ not being acceptable and access to Interco’s design data, Pro-Line’s engineering staff has reproduced the original Super Swamper in a scale configuration matched by none. The new 3.85″ tall by 1.45″ wide Class 0 tire is perfect for those ultra-scale 1.55″ wheel rigs begging for matching scale tires combined with unmatched rock crawling performance.

View the new Super Swamper tires here

October 21, 2020

Pro-Line Carbine 1.9″ dually wheels

Pro-Line have introduced their new Carbine 1.9″ black plastic internal bead-loc dually wheels. This pair of dually wheels will go perfectly with your next military-style or extreme off-road build and will fit 4 standard 1.9″ tires, 2 tires per wheel. The best part of the Carbine is the modular wheel design that allows it to be used as a single tire wheel, dual tire wheel, or you can keep adding as many tires as you want with the addition of more Carbine wheels. The face of the wheel features 20 small holes with moulded-in bead-loc detail for a tough military look and the included scale wheel nut cover attaches with two screws and completes the rugged appearance. The set includes two optional 12mm hex offsets to fit both straight axles and portal axles and to give you the option for a narrow or wide offset.

View more Carbide wheel images here