July 18, 2019

Ruddog RP691 1/8 sensored competition BL motor

Coming from Ruddog is their all-new RP691 sensored competition brushless motor for 1/8th scale applications. Developed and designed in Germany, it features a unique cooling system, which not only includes optimised cooling vents, but also a direct mount high-speed aluminium fan. The motor features a lightweight design of just 307g and is available in KV ratings of 1800kV up to 2400kV.

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July 18, 2019

RSRC 8ight-X carbon fibre chassis reinforcement

Coming from Renaud Savoya’s RSRC brand is a carbon fibre chassis reinforcement for the TLR 8ight-X buggy. Cut from 2.5mm material the brace replaces the standard aluminium chassis rib brace for a softer variant that improves grip while making for an easier to drive car – especially in bumpy track conditions. Not included with the brace comes the needed hardware in the form of four M3x10mm screws and four nylon stop nuts.

Source: RSRC [rsrc.biz]

July 18, 2019

Nemo Racing A319 3mm carbon front arm stiffener

Nemo Racing have introduced a set of 3mm carbon fibre front arm stiffeners for the Agama A319 buggy. To be used with the 31002-S soft front A319 wishbone and made of a stiff and durable 3mm carbon, the inserts stiffen the soft wishbone in high grip/warm conditions to offer the best balance between performance and durability.

View the attached stiffeners here

July 18, 2019

T-Works MP10 aluminium rear hub set

Available now from T-Works is an aluminium rear hub set for the Kyosho Inferno MP10 buggy. The set includes machined 7075-T6 aluminium rear hubs as well as delrin ball bearing inserts, machined aluminium wheelbase spacers as well as brass A and B bushings that help to add unsprung masses if needed. The latter comes in handy especially on lower grip surfaces were adding weight to the suspension can lead to increased traction. The alloy parts come black anodised for wear and looks and the set is rounded out by gold-colour hardware.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

July 18, 2019

Team Associated B74 Factory Team optionals

Team Associated have announced the release of new Factory Team option parts for the B74 buggy. First up is a centre differential that allows the vehicle to distribute power from the motor to the front and rear driveline variably, which can provide more grip. The balance of front-to-rear drive can be tuned using different thickness diff fluids. The set includes the complete centre diff assembly, including easy to swap 78T and 72T spur gears.

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July 17, 2019

Trinity ultra lightweight aluminium pinion gears

Trinity have introduced their new ultra lightweight aluminium pinion gears. Offering a minimalistic design and a thin appearance, the gears are over 25 percent lighter than previous gears, and are comparable with thin plastic gears in terms of weight. The latter however are very delicate and can often strip, with the alloy gears offering exceptional strength for their low weight and thin design. The hard-coated gears are available in 64 pitch and 48 pitch variants and in a wide range of tooth sizes.

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July 17, 2019

Ramp introduce new XB4/2, B6.1 & B74 carbon optionals

Austrian brand Ramp have announced the release of new option parts for the Xray XB4 and XB2, as well as the Team Associated B6.1 and B74 buggies. First up is a carbon fibre shorty LiPo mount for the XB4 buggy. The design allows to use it with both 18.5mm tall LCG and standard height 25mm packs while adjustable battery stops do away with unsightly foam blocks to secure the battery in its current position. The set contains a carbon fibre strap, two battery posts, screws and clips. Also new are new design carbon wing protectors for the Xray XB2 and XB4 as well as the Team Associated B6.1 and B74 buggies. The protectors offer a large contact surface for less stress on the wing during upside down action, while four different mounting screw positions allows to adjust stiffness and overall downforce.

View the other new parts here

July 17, 2019

Kyosho Ultima RB7SS 2WD stock racing buggy kit

Kyosho have announced the soon release of the stock racing specific Ultima RB7SS 1/10th scale 2WD buggy kit. The buggy build on the proven RB7 but includes some useful optionals for the highly competitive 17.5T stock motor class such as a lightweight aluminium ball differential, aluminium driveshafts and alloy front wheel axles. Also included are a slipper eliminator hub for the spur gear, a 0.6mm lightweight body shell and a revised rear suspension geometry for optimised roll characteristics. However, all parts are compatible with the standard RB7, allowing for easy parts carrying and the ability to use the stock specific parts in the “modified” buggy. The kit is rounded out by a low-friction 48dp aluminium pinion gear, as well as X-Gear springs, diff and high-graphite grease. The kit is meant to hit stores this July.

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