June 17, 2024

Ielasi Tuned Terra Offroad engine

In its third new engine release of 2024, Ielasi Tuned presents an all new .21 engine for 1:8 Offroad racing with the Terra.  A replacement for their previous Dirt and Dusty engines, for a few months now the latest engine has been “secretly” used by the Italian engine tuner’s official drivers with excellent results.  Compared to their previous Offroad engine offerings, the Terra satisfies all the requirements that a top of the range engine must have to be within everyone’s reach from professional to amateur: Performance/Quality/Price all in one engine!!!  This commercial choice was fundamental for Daniele Ielasi as he believes that even in Offroad, having a single top-of-the-range engine allows him to concentrate economic development forces in a single engine while also managing to have a competitive price for everyone.  Technically, the new Terra is an exclusive Ielasi Tuned engine because while all the engine components are produced as by O.S. Engines they have been chosen one by one according to Ielasi’s technical specifications, this engine with this set of components is not part of the series O.S. Engines range.

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June 14, 2024

Noble NB4 Pro+ radio

Having made a big impression on the RC market over recent months, Chinese radio manufacturer FlySky has released an update to their popular Noble Pro Radio with the introduction of the Noble NB4 Pro+.  Improvements with the Pro+ include median accuracy further improved by 20%.  The potentiometer in the Pro+ has a smaller voltage fluctuation range, a smaller maximum deviation, and more stable voltage changes.  The NB4 Pro+ features a 3.5-inch 320*480 IPS HB outdoor display screen which has been improved for 4-times more brightness.   It presents bright colours and clear picture details, making the bright parts brighter and the dark parts more profound, presenting realistic and full images and layered details, easily meeting your outdoor display needs.   Updates mean the Single-handle battery life has increased by 1 hour plus, the built-in battery of the NB4 Pro+ handle supporting “quick-detachment”.  It comes with a large capacity 3450mAh high-quality 18650 battery as a standard configuration and a charging base, providing long endurance of more than 10 hours.  Like the previous model the Pro+ has an innovative USB Type-C interface with two concealed functions.  The optimised data interface uses USB Type-C interface for more stable connection.
 One interface for multiple functions – A dual-head Type-C data cable supports teaching interaction in coach mode, making it easy to pass on skills.  Connecting a head tracking cable to the head tracking device enables the head tracking function, immersing you in a real-life experience of speed and excitement.  The NB4 Pro+ has high-density competition grade handwheel sponge with ergonomic design and special surface treatment for a more delicate and comfortable handwheel grip, with more precise feedback.

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June 13, 2024

EXO Design YZ870C conversion kit

New from EXO Design is this conversion kit for the Yokomo YZ-870C 1:10 4WD Buggy.   The kit which is available for pre-order, all pre-orders made getting a bonus free set of wing mounts and anti-slip battery tape, and is available in two versions: YZ870-O for Yokomo Original Shocks or YZ870-B for Big-Bore Shocks.   The kit includes 8 piece carbon fibre parts, aluminium stand offs/washers/screws.  The reinforced front and rear shock towers are made from 3.5mm carbon fibre and feature extra mounting positions for fine tunings.  Also included are two aluminium battery holder nut and a carbon battery plate,  two aluminium stands with a carbon fibre top plate, plastic wing mount and an aluminium hex servo saver.  Finally the kits includes 2.2 inch front and rear rims in pink – the colour and offset are the same as the re-release YZ870C.

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June 13, 2024

Team Brood B7 Slipper Eliminators

High-performance RC racing components producer Team Brood Racing has released a newly designed Slipper Eliminator for the Team Associated B7 2WD Buggy.  Building on the success of the B6 units, this latest innovation offers enhanced durability, precision fit, ease of use for serious racers, & world class performance.  The updated design of the B7 Slipper Eliminator features increased surface area against the flats of the top shaft, machined to even closer tolerances.  This improvement significantly reduces the chance of movement that can lead to stripping out the eliminator. To further enhance reliability, additional material has been added around the shaft hole to prevent flex from thermal expansion, ensuring the eliminator remains secure and intact.

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June 12, 2024

AGFRC Pro 55kg Large Torque Standard Size Servo

New from servo manufacturer AGFRC is this new standard case 55kg servo A81BMWP which is a PRO version of the A81BHMW.  It keep the same size but with superb powerful motor, suitable for the professional competition drivers who pursue the ultimate and extreme, or for the project engineer with limit budget but with high quality request.  A full aluminium case and structure, hardened steel gears and the advanced motor ensure excellent linearity and precision control.  All these optimisations allow the servo produce 55KG 0.087Sec spec at 8.4V regular voltage.  The servo is particularly suitable for large RC cars and giant aircraft and other demanding applications with an emphasis on high thrust and accuracy. Super fast response of the control electronics and high long-term durability.  Thanks to the dust-proof and waterproof housing (resistance according to the International Protection Code IP-67 – completely prevents contact with dust, withstands immersion in water to a depth of 1 m for a 30-minute test run), it is also suitable for offroad cars.  Common use supply voltage up to 8.4V(2s LiPo battery), it enables a very simple implementation of on-board electronics with 2.4 GHz receivers without the need for additional stabilisers or regulators.

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June 12, 2024

VP-Pro RC8B4 Carbon Fibre Front Upper Arm Wings

VP-Pro has released these Carbon Fibre Front Upper Arm Wings for the Team Associated RC8B4 1:8 Buggy platform.  Molded from lightweight high-quality carbon fibre they increases front end traction at high speed as well as improving front/rear balance when jumping.
They come as a pair of left & right side arm wings.

Source: VP Pro [vp-racing.com]

June 11, 2024

T-Works RC10 Lexan ‘Ventage’ Gear Cover

T-Works has released this newly optimised Lexan ‘Ventage’ Gear Cover for the first generation of Team Associated RC10 1:10 2WD Buggy.  The cover helps protect the gear, ensuring optimum performance, improved safety, aesthetics and integrity, and effectively reducing noise.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

June 11, 2024

Lens Bodies prototype ‘Volturno’ 1:8 Buggy Body

Italian body shell manufacturer Lens Bodies has officially announced details of it’s upcoming ‘Volturno’ 1:8 Buggy body shell.  With its styling sure to divide options, they ran a prototype of the body at last weekend’s EFRA 1:8 Electric Buggy European Championship in France on the Sworkz of multiple European Champion Elliott Boots.  On announcing the ‘Volturno’ they stated, ‘This prototype already created a lot of hype and speculations for its design and performances on the track: Elliott, our test driver, opted to use this bodyshell for 2nd and 3rd qualifying rounds, keeping the VOLTURNO up to the main finals.  Certainly a design out of the ordinary, you might like it or not, but at Lens Bodies we aim to performances even breaking the schemes of ordinary design.  We had a lot of interesting feedbacks to keep on improving this design. Stay tuned for more news about our game and design changer!’

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