March 17, 2023

J-Tech High Competition Fuel

The Italian brand J-Tech, owned by the Marchetti Model Service and born in 2008 with onroad tyres, has introduced its new high-competition blend of fuel for model cars following two years of testing.  The product and its packaging complies with all directives concerning flammable products and is available in two formulas.  The Power formula contains a mix of synthetic castor oils with relative specific additives for the high performance and carburation stability required by the onroad engines. The second formula is Team. This contains a mix of very high quality lubricating oils with relative specific additives for offroad engines guaranteeing performance and greater autonomy with tank and piston cleaning.

Source: J-tech Tyres [Facebook]

March 17, 2023

T-Works 2023 Apparel

Best known for their very extensive range of optional parts, T-works has released a range of 2023 t-shirts so you can now also give yourself a custom look!  Available in 6 sizes from S to 3XL, the fabric gives a comfortable and breathable feel with three designs available.  Two black and one red designs feature a vivid T-Works logo on the front and back.

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March 17, 2023

LRP WorksTeam Fans & Conveyor Ducts

LRP has introduced a new 40 and 30 mm WorksTeam aluminium high rev motor fan and matching Conveyor Ducts.  Tested by the German electronic brand’s team drivers worldwide, the new high performance aluminium fans are the heart of the LRP fan series.  Developed in Europe, using LRP’s proprietary fan blade design, combined with specially wound motors for extremely high RPM, they offer maximum thrust and a stylish, classy LRP look thanks to their two-colour anodising.  Screws and full black extension wire included.  The matching Conveyor Ducts with integrated Venturi duct direct the airflow directly to the motor to further improve cooling.

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March 16, 2023

Yokomo RO 1.0 Rookie Offroad 2WD Kit

Continuing its efforts to attract newcomers into the hobby, like with the GT1 release, World Championship winning manufacturer Yokomo has released the Rookie Offroad RO1.0.  A 2WD racing buggy with an easy-to-assemble parts configuration based on a flexible, crash-resistant integrated resin main chassis, it is aimed at beginners looking to enter offroad for the first time.  Since the basic structure is the same as the racing machine, it is possible to adapt to various driving conditions by changing the settings even when driving on a purpose built offroad track.  The suspension and drive system parts are the same design as the top model and come pre-assembled, so by replacing them with lightweight carbon parts and highly accurate aluminium parts, it is a structure that can be finished as a high-end machine.  Although it is a beginner-friendly model that emphasises stability, it is also attractive for its expandability that can meet expert-level driving.

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March 16, 2023

Tekno ET/NT 2.0 Universal Driveshaft Set

Tekno RC has announced Universal Driveshafts for the ET48 2.0 and NT48 2.0 1:8 Truggy.  These new universal driveshafts are black oxidised for wear resistance and CNC machined from high-quality alloy steel, living up to Tekno RC’s reputation for durability and fit-and-finish.  Due to the universal driveshaft’s design, little maintenance is necessary, and dirt and dust won’t impede the joint’s functionality.  On bumpy and rough tracks, universal driveshafts perform well as the suspension is able to function more effectively without the extra binding of a CVA assembly.  As a result, the truck can absorb bumps better and is less likely to “grab a rut” and flip over when cornering.  These new universal driveshafts are a direct replacement for the stock CVAs and only require one additional 12x21x5 bearing per axle.

Source: Tekno []

March 16, 2023

LC Racing BHC-1 Carbon Shock Towers

LC Racing has released optional carbon fibre front and rear shock towers for their BHC-1 1:14 2WD Buggy.  Replacing the kit plastic towers, this upgrade is stronger yet still lightweight and offers more precision shock mounting.  Each tower is supplied with necessary fixings.

Source: LC Racing []

March 14, 2023

RDRP B6.4 Heavy ESC Mounting Plate

Revolution Design has produced this Heavy ESC Mounting Plate which adds another balance adjustment option for the Team Associated B6.4 1:10 Buggy series.  Weighing in 11 g more than the steel ESC weight, this brass plate shifts the weight bias to the front for increased corner speed and adding weight in the lowest possible position.  For easy identification, the brass plate sports the RDRP logo and a 44g weight marking.

Source: RDRP []

March 14, 2023

JConcepts 13mm shock accessories

JConcepts has released its latest aluminium shock accessories for the Team Associated 13mm shocks. The aluminium cap is precision machined with angular bleed hole for correct building procedure and maintenance.  The cap features weight reducing holes positioned about the centre to reduce weight and add to the popular styling.  The shock collar has a knurled exterior for extra grip and making quick adjustments. A notch has been added for location and identifying a track-side ride height change.  The spring cup is a finishing touch when it comes to a complete 13mm shock build for spring concentricity.  They are a 5mm off-set which is the most popular setting on the front of the B6 and B6.4 vehicle.  The aluminium material in either blue or black anodising provides a healthy footing for the hot new spring of choice or the trusty stock AE 13mm spring set.  The cups feature a unique shock shaft path which helps lock the spring cup in position during hard crashes or collisions.  All three items are available in blue or black anodising and include the etched JC logo.

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