June 25, 2021

T-Works B6.3/D bellcrank plate & servo mount plate

Two new items from T-Works for the Associated RC10B6.3/D, starting with this steering bellcrank plate. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminium, it replaces the stock plastic part and adds strength to the front of the bellcrank. It has been anodised black and features machined chamfered edges. Also for the steering of the car is this carbon servo mount plate, which again replaces the stock plastic part adding that factory look.

View the steering servo mount plate here

June 24, 2021

Team Associated T6/SC6 titanium front axles

New from Factory Team are these solid titanium front axles for your RC10T6 and RC10SC6 series trucks. These titanium axles are lighter than the kit standard steel axles without compromising their durability. The titanium axles not only save 4.8g total weight over the steel axles included in the kit, they look good too.

Source: Associated [associatedelectrics.com]

June 22, 2021

Horizon Hobby acquires AKA Racing Products

Big news as Horizon Hobby, LLC has entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of AKA Products, Inc. Founded by Gil Losi Jr. and Joel Johnson in Temecula, California, AKA has been creating World-class products by World champions since 2006 and are in fact the current World Champions in 1/8th offroad. This acquisition follows last year’s purchase by Horizon Hobby of Pro-Line, meaning the company now owns two of the 3 major tire brands for offroad racing. “This agreement marks another pivotal moment in Horizon Hobby’s commitment to the RC community. AKA adds more world-class experience and products to Horizon Hobby’s Best Brands In RC” said Chris Dickerson, CEO of Horizon Hobby. Joel Johnson, President of AKA Products, said: “We are thrilled for AKA to join forces with Horizon Hobby. This move enables the AKA brand to reach new heights.” Gil Losi, Jr., Vice President of AKA Products added, “Losi and Horizon have a longstanding track record of bringing innovation to the RC community. I’m excited to rejoin the Horizon team and contribute to the next chapter of innovation.”

Source: Horizon Hobby [horizonhobby.com]

June 21, 2021

FX Engines tease new K303 motor

The new motors continue to come from FX Engines with another new teaser, this time for the K303. Again we have little information to go on, however the name would suggest a follow up to the previous K302.1 3-port buggy engine, while the silhouette also points to a new cooling head. We will know more soon enough.

Source: FX Engines [fx-engines.com]

June 18, 2021

Pro-Line Performance HD 1/5 axle conversion for X-Maxx

Introducing the Pro-Line Performance HD 1/5 axle conversion made specifically for the X-Maxx. This heavy-duty machined aluminium Axle conversion kit will transform your truck into the full 1/5 standard allowing you to run any 1/5 scale 24mm wheels and tires already available, including Pro-Line’s new Masher X HP Tires without needing adapter washers. This conversion is also a massive durability upgrade over stock because it replaces the plastic hexes with machined aluminium and has a much bigger axle diameter. The Performance HD 1/5 Axle Conversion comes pre-built and matches perfectly to the stock X-Maxx driveshafts and bearings.

View more images of the axle conversion here

June 18, 2021

Pro-Line Dumont Paddle tires

Pro-Line have released these pre-mounted Dumont Tires for SC (2.2″/3/0″), Arrma Mojave and for 1/8th Monster truck (3.8″). The all-new Dumont SC tires have been redesigned from the ground up to sling sand and snow further than ever before and look good doing it. Using the latest in paddle tread technology with large offset V-shaped paddles for maximum roosting power. Pro-Line P-L logos have been embedded into the tire carcass giving it the style that you have come to expect from Pro-Line. The Dumont Paddle tire gets its name from the incredible Dumont Sand Dunes in California, but these paddle tires are equally at home shredding your local snowfield in the winter. The Dumont SC tires are mounted to a pair of Raid SC Removable Hex Wheels, while the Arrma versions are mounted to a pair of stock “Split Six” style Black Arrma Mojave wheels so you know they will fit and perform exceptionally well. Finally, the Dumont 3.8″ tires come on the next generation 3.8″ wheel design from Pro-Line, the Raid 3.8″ Removable Hex Wheel.

View the two other versions here

June 17, 2021

Pro-Line Axis ST body for 22T 4.0 & AE T6.2

Introducing the all-new Axis ST series of race bodies for the for TLR 22T 4.0 & AE T6.2 Stadium Trucks from Pro-Line. Designed with the latest in CAD technology, the Axis ST features a low-slung design with sharp lines throughout giving it an unmistakable look on the track. The Axis is a cab-forward design that provides an enhanced steering response to get you around the track faster than ever. The rear of the Axis body has the right amount of clearance for running the rear shocks either in the front or the back of the shock tower. Pro-Line includes two rear wings per body in case you need a replacement. The Axis ST is made from lightweight yet durable polycarbonate material that will give you an edge over the competition. Paint-then-peel overspray film, window masks, and Pro-Line decals are included with the body.

View more images of the Axis ST here

June 17, 2021

RDRP B6.3 aluminium battery mount set

RDRP’s latest item addresses the needs of relaxed hobbyists and focused racers alike. The aluminium battery mount set both increases ease of maintenance and operation, and allows for more balanced chassis flex to support the design concept behind the B6.3’s all-new servo mount assembly. In addition, the combination of aluminium and carbon fibre parts adds to the professional look of your 6th generation Team Associated car or truck and accommodates shorty batteries of all capacities and sizes. No more searching for that nut driver when you are in a hurry to install a fresh battery just before your next heat.

View the complete set here