March 26, 2021

LFR A2.1 Tactic body for 8ight-XE Elite

Available from Leadfinger Racing is the LFR A2.1 Tactic body for the TLR 8ight-XE Elite. The body features a vented roof for cooling, centre fin for stability a low centre of gravity, upgraded down force and a low profile windshield and cab. Window masks and LFR stickers provided.

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March 25, 2021

Hudy aluminium set-up wheel for 1/10 offroad

Hudy have released their new aluminium set-up wheel for 1/10 offroad. These unique hexagon style set-up wheels simulate the different sizes of 1/10 off-road tires. Each type of tire – carpet, astro, dirt or foam can have a different diameter and these set-up wheels have multiple heights to match the style of tire being used. Suspension set-up, ride height adjustment and checking tweak using standard rubber tires that are not perfectly round can result in inconsistent measurements. When checking and setting up suspension geometry, it is important to eliminate as many variables as possible and have all four corners of the vehicle positioned at the desired height each time. The alu set-up wheels are one of the most important and basic set-up tools when performing a professional car adjustment. Precision-machined to exacting tolerances, each alu wheel in a set is perfectly matched and fits all standard 2WD and 4WD off-road cars 1/10.

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March 25, 2021

T-Works D418 top deck conversion set

From T-Works comes this top deck conversion set for the HB Racing D418 4wd buggy. As standard this car doesn’t come with a top deck, instead relying on front and rear bracing to prevent flex. This set from T-Works allows you to easily convert the buggy to have a full top deck. The set comprises of two aluminium brackets for the tops of the centre diff bulkheads, front and rear top deck, as well as optional shorter rear top deck, UFO screws and all the various spacers needed.

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March 23, 2021

SWorkz Elliott Boots Edition shock conversion kit

With this Elliott Boots Edition shock conversion kit the driving behaviour of your SWorkz can be adapted to many different track conditions, the British driver playing a key role in its development. The carbon shock towers were manufactured by RC Carbon Cavalieri and are supplied with longer versions of the kit shock bodies. The front upper shock mounting positions on the new tower are 6mm higher, while on the rear it is 7.5mm with the front and rear shock bodies 2.3mm and 2.5mm longer respectively. On the conversion, Elliott said “The longer shocks and higher towers makes the car feel more consistent and gives the car an easier to drive feeling on the track. After many months testing in different track conditions the final product is something I am very proud of and I know that many of you will greatly enjoy the performance these parts offer”.

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March 23, 2021

Reds Racing X-One high torque exhaust system

Reds Racing have released a new ‘High Torque’ version of their X-One pipe-header system. The X-One 2143 high torque one-piece offroad tuned exhaust for S Series engines combines Reds 2143 exhaust and the Reds L header to create this one-piece ‘high torque’ exhaust. The X-One system is an innovative all-in-one pipe-header system where the exhaust has been welded to the header to improve performance and fuel consumption. There is no need for springs or gaskets, and the one-piece design creates increased reliability and improved tuning stability. The new exhaust has been designed to further increase torque for those very demanding tracks where sharp corners, high grip and hard to clear jumps can be a problem. Furthermore, the new exhaust is often used in combination with long pinion / spur gear ratios (eg. 14/48) to improve engine drivability in low grip conditions or when it is necessary to improve fuel consumption.

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March 23, 2021

Futaba HPS-CB500 servo

Futaba have released their new HPS-CB500 servo, based on the popular Super Response HPS-CB700. Unlike the CB700, this version utilises plastic in place of an all alloy case, and the torque is lower at 26.9kg/cm at 7.4v but the rest of internals are the same with full metal gears and the company’s HPS motor technology for low power consumption and lower operation temperatures.

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March 23, 2021

2022 US Pro Cup – Announcement

Joey ‘The Dirt’ Christensen has announced the all new for 2022 US Pro Cup, a 5 race National series all around the United States. Incorporating some of The Dirt’s flagship events such as the DNC, Silverstate and Lonestar Challenge, before moving east for the first time with a new race for the 4th round of the series before moving back west for the finale in Southern California. For the 2022 season The Series Champions will have a $10,000.00 purse, which will increase if they get bigger sponsors as the year goes on. The USPro Cup series is open to every racer just like his other races however the points will only be given to the 100% sponsored racers, drivers who race professionally. The full dates and venues still need to be finalised and we will bring you the final calendar when we get it.

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March 22, 2021

SWorkz hard coated aluminium HET diff case

SWorkz have introduced this hard coated aluminium HET case for 1/8th front and rear differentials. CNC machined, this high precision part is very often used for the rear differential of GT cars, but it is also a very useful option for buggy and truggy. The aluminium case is not only stronger but also provides better cooling and therefore a more constant behaviour, especially in long runs, like finals.

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