May 25, 2020

Yeah Racing SCX10 III brass front bumper & servo mount

Yeah Racing have introduced their new brass front bumper and servo mount for the Axial SCX10 III trail truck. The mount adds weight to the most forward position of truck and weighing in at 77 grams, it will allow the crawler to climb obstacles easier as it shifts the centre of mass towards the forward of the rig. The part comes machined from high-quality brass material and with a polished surface finish for looks.

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May 25, 2020

JQRacing Black Edition carbon sideguards & hardware kit

JQRacing have introduced new optionals for their Black Edition 1/8th scale buggies in the form of carbon fibre sideguards and a lightweight hardware set, the latter is being made by T-Works. The Italian-made carbon fibre sideguards for the Black Edition nitro and eCars are now available to the public, after previously only being available for THE100. They are moulded from high-quality material for a low weight and exceptional durability and come including mounting hardware.

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May 25, 2020

NathoBuilds stainless steel screw bottom kits

Coming from NathoBuilds and made for Team Associated’s, Team Losi Racing’s, Xray’s, and Yokomo’s current 1/10th buggy kits are several stainless steel screw bottom kits. The fasteners are made from Grade 316/A4 stainless steel, which is durable and doesn’t rust, helping to add some strength, bling and corrosion resistance as well as weight. The kits are available for the Team Associated B6.1/B6.2, T6.1, SC6.1, and B74, the TLR 22 5.0 and 22X-4, the Xray XB2D 2020 and XB4 2020 as well as the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM3 and the YZ-4 SF.

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May 25, 2020

Dillon Caldwell wins at Saturday Night Club Race

Mike’s Gulf Coast Raceway of Porter, Texas held their Saturday Night Club Race last weekend, attracting nearly 75 entries. The race was held in single Open Nitro Buggy, Electric Buggy, and Nitro/Electric Truggy classes as well as a single Novice category and in Open Nitro Buggy it was Dillon Caldwell with the overall TQ and he would also come out on top in the single 15-minute A-main event, leaving behind Cody Babbitt in 2nd and Micah Smith in 3rd.

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May 25, 2020

Ethan Lefebvre TQs & wins at Thornhill club race

The Thornhill Racing Circuit of Hutto, Texas held a club race this past weekend that attracted over 70 entries. In 1/8th E-Buggy it was Xray’s Ethan Lefebvre with the overall TQ and he also came out on top in the double A-main events, handing him the day’s win from Chris Allison (Tekno RC) in 2nd and Chris Marrant (HB Racing) in 3rd.

Image: Ethan Lefebvre

May 25, 2020

Ryan Maifield wins at MOD 5th & 8th Scale Champs

The MOD 5th & 8th Scale Champs were held at the Fear Farm track this past weekend, attracting nearly 150 entries for the 1/5th and 1/8th scale off-road classes. In 1/8th Pro Buggy and when the dust had settled, it was Mugen’s Ryan Maifield with the overall win, leaving behind Team Associated’s Spencer Rivkin and Mugen’s Tanner Denney who completed the top 3.

Image: Ryan Maifield

May 25, 2020

Trion YZ-4SF 3mm low-profile shock towers

Trion have introduced their new low profile carbon fibre shock towers for the Yokomo YZ-4SF buggy. Machined from high-quality 3mm carbon fibre the shock stays place the shock 3mm lower while also featuring an overall lower design which in combination results in improved stability and higher corner speed on high-bite surfaces. The front and rear tower also offer additional upper shock mount positions for a wider tuning window while the rear tower also allows to mount the rear wing in a high or low position. The shock towers are available from now on.

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May 22, 2020

JConcepts JCI Junior Mortician 12.5″ wheelbase body

Coming from JConcepts is the JCI Junior Mortician body for the Axial SMT10 and similar vehicles. The converted to panel truck body is competition friendly with its compact size and uniquely shaped front and rear fender designs. As a racer, front and rear clearance is important for racing and freestyle competition and the Junior Mortician is tightly compressed to help pull-off the most ridiculous freestyle runs possible. Looking into the eyes of the body shell tells you everything you need to know, a menacing and battle tested beast rests behind those optics. JConcepts created an angular front-end, platform front flares for a vintage feel and a very broad centre grille section to back up promises of massive carnage. The panel truck cab and roof-over section is flat and to the point, the windshield has a slight V-treatment for realism. Maximum imagination to the masses is what this body shell is all about with the large exposure panel areas. The tall panel section is a bonus, an art-board in a sense to decorate, decal or paint however the user desires. Included in each body set comes a clear and heavy-duty polycarbonate body, decal sheet and the paint mask for all windows.

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