May 10, 2024

175RC Mini B upgrade parts

175RC has released a variety of aftermarket products for the Team Losi Mini B 1:16 2WD Buggy.  As an upgrade to the stock motor plate they have produced a Carbon Fibre motor plate for the Mini-B / T 2.0 platform with it featuring slots instead of holes.  This allows you to run all pinion gears, with full adjustability of gear mesh.  Another carbon fibre upgrade are their front shock tower for the Mini B.  This tower is a direct replacement for the plastic tower and is made from 3mm thick carbon fibre.  Also available from 175RC for the Mini B are their vinyl chassis protectors which they offer in 5 different colours.  These little buggies take a beating, but the bottom of your chassis doesn’t have to but using the protector to keep the dirt out of your screw heads, saving your driver tips from wearing out.

View Shock Tower & Chassis Protectors here

May 9, 2024

R1 Wurks B7 Aluminium Steering Rack

R1 Wurks is offering an upgrade for the Team Associated B7 1:10 2WD Buggy steering system with this precision-machined Aluminium steering rack.  Not only will this upgrade greatly improve upon the standard plastic components in durability, but it also enhances steering responsiveness and feel.  The lightweight design means it weights just 2.80 grams.  Machined from high-strength 7075 T6 Aluminium Alloy it gets a black anodised finish with R1Wurks branding.

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May 9, 2024

VP-Pro MP10 Carbon Fibre Side Guards

New from VP-Pro is this side guard set molded from high-quality carbon fibre for Kyosho’s MP10 1:8 Buggy chassis.  Offering a lower weight than the kit standard side guards, they improve car performance but retain the original flex characteristics of the chassis while offering slightly increased ground clearance during running.  Featuring a high-quality surface finish for an eye catching look they come complete with suitable mounting hardware.

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May 9, 2024

RDRP Carbon Fibre Wing Plates

Germany’s Revolution Design Racing Products has release a new range of Carbon Wing Plates to provide a precise fit and improved performance for various 1:10 electric buggies.   Available in three variants to fit the Team Associated B7 | B74, Xray XB2 | XB4 and Schumacher LD and L1 models, each wing plate is made from 2mm high quality carbon fibre for improved durability and aerodynamic efficiency.  The one-piece construction reduces wing wobble and allows for more stable mounting.  The attractive carbon fibre finish also enhances the premium appearance of these upgrade parts.

View Xray and Schumacher variants here

May 9, 2024

Tekno EB/NB48 split shock towers & shock standoffs

Tekno RC is pleased to announce the availability of new split shock towers and shock standoffs for their EB/NB48 2.x 1:8 buggies.  These redesigned towers are lighter than the 2.1 stock towers and flex-tuned for better rough track handling.  Throughout testing we found the car to be more forgiving, and easier to push for improved lap times.  They are CNC machined from 7075 aluminium, gunmetal anodised, and are a direct replacement for kit towers.  No additional hardware is necessary.  With the new shock standoffs, instead of the previously used M4 nut, these standoffs attach to the shock tower with an M4 screw for improved durability.  Tests have shown them to be significantly stronger and more likely to withstand a direct impact.  These new standoffs are CNC machined from high-quality steel and have a keyed shaft that accommodates a Turnbuckle Wrench for easy installation.

View shock standoffs here

May 9, 2024

Custom Works BEAST Midget 1:10 dirt oval kit

After more then a year of development, culminating in a 1, 2 finish at this year’s Motorama Nationals, Custom Works has released the new BEAST Midget kit.  Designed and optimized for the growing 1:10 Midget Spec class, the North Carolina based manufacturer tested several different suspension and chassis options before landing back on a platform very similar to their successful Outlaw 5 Sprint kit.  The benefit of this is that a majority of the parts used on the BEAST are probably already in many racers spare parts box.  The BEAST is well suited for loose dirt style tracks and high bite surfaces that typically use 2.2 buggy styled rubber tire.  With it’s heritage based off of the successful Outlaw Sprint car this new Beast Midget kit comes with several different parts and features to make it perfectly suited for the growing 1:10 Midget Spec Class of racing.

View kit details and more images here

May 8, 2024

Elceram Oxide 1/10 ESC

New from Czech electronics manufacturer Elceram, the Oxide 1/10 is a new generation electronic speed controller for BLDC sensored motors optimised specially for Stock and Open-Stock racing onroad and offroad.  Also suitable for many other categories including Modified or Drift, it uses Advanced Cooling Technology based on Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Flat Cooler.  The Oxide 1/10 provides TFT LCD colour display allowing very quick and easy adjustment of all parameters, post-race data evaluation and self-diagnostics without need of any other interface.  All these great features packed into Stock low profile design.

View new functions here

May 8, 2024

T-Works RC8 B4.1 Carbon Fibre side guards

T-Works has added these carbon fibre side guards to its range of aftermarket parts for the Team Associated RC8 B4.1 1:8 Buggy platforms.  Made using high quality carbon fibre material, they offer reduced weight, rigidity and durability with no change in handling characteristics.  Package includes one left and one right side guards with installation hardware.

Source: T-Works []