March 25, 2020

Xtra Speed Capra aluminium optionals

Xtra Speed have announced the release of new aluminium option parts for the Axial Capra off-road vehicle. The range includes aluminium steering knuckles, an aluminium servo mount as well as an aluminium skid plate all of which are machined from high-quality aluminium with a black coating ensuring surface protection and good looks. While adding some visual impact the parts also offer greater durability for that peace of mind when climbing challenging terrain.

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March 25, 2020

Yeah Racing release new CC02 option parts

Coming from Yeah Racing and made for Tamiya’s popular CC02 chassis line are new stainless steel centre driveshafts as well as front, rear and centre skid plates. Starting with the heavy-duty front and rear centre driveshafts, the set is a direct replacement for the standard plastic items and using them will greatly reinforce the stressed centre drivetrain for greater durability on the trail. The telescopic driveshafts are black coated for wear and looks and they come including mounting hardware.

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March 25, 2020

Yokomo YZ-2 CAL3/DTM3 graphite rear shock tower

Yokomo have announced the release of their new multi-hole graphite rear shock tower that was specially designed for the YZ-2CAL3/DTM3 line of cars. Instead of just three mounting positions, as found on the standard version, the updated tower allows for a total of five mounting positions to help fine tune the set-up in all conditions. Another feature is that there are now two adjustable height mounting positions for the rear wing to fine-tune the aerodynamics. The shock tower is machined from high-grade 4mm carbon fibre and it will hit stores very soon.

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March 24, 2020

Yeah Racing Maxx 4S HD steel universal driveshafts

Made for the Traxxas Maxx 4S monster truck are Yeah Racing’s new HD steel universal driveshafts. Designed to be a direct fit the heavy-duty telescopic driveshafts offer exceptional durability even when running high-power motor setups, they sport a black surface coating for wear, include the wheel axle part and they come in sets of two.

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March 24, 2020

Xtra Speed SCX10 II & XS02/01 bumper & servo mount

Xtra Speed have introduced their new aluminium front bumper and servo mount for the Axial SCX10 II and Xtra Speed XS02 and XS01 trail trucks. The mount relocates the steering servo to the most forward position possible, optimising weight balance and improving performance over rough terrain. The mount is available in black or silver anodising and including mounting hardware.

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March 24, 2020

McAllister Racing Midwest Modified front bumper

Coming from McAllister Racing and made for Customworks Rocket Late Model chassis and McAllister Racing mounting kits is a new Midwest Modified front bumper. The bumper is made of durable 1/8” Kydex and the kit includes all the necessary parts to mount the nose of any Midwest Modified body on the chassis of choice.

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March 24, 2020

RC Upgrade SCX10 & SCX10 II flat skid plate

Coming from RC Upgrade is a flat skid plate for the Axial SCX10 and SCX10 II trail trucks. The plate is the perfect addition to any SCX10, SCX10 II RTR, or custom builds as the part has been optimised to increase ground clearance compared to the stock skid plate as it is perfectly flat and does not protrude below the chassis rails like the stock Axial skid plate. The item is a direct fit and it includes four mounting screws.

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March 23, 2020

SWorkz S35-4E 1/8th E-buggy kit

Following the introduction of the new S35-4 nitro buggy kit, SWorkz have unveiled their forthcoming new S35-4 E-buggy kit. The buggy makes use of most of its nitro siblings’ features, such as a T7075 hard anodised and lightened aluminium chassis that sports a wide layout while the newly developed HET differentials being also included to provide an amount of traction that wasn’t possible with the previous systems. The kit also comes with a lower shock tower layout in the front and rear and the construction of the shocks is adapted to that new optimised layout. The steering geometry, with new Ackermann and steering plates, gives the driver the feeling of total control over the buggy. Also part of the kit are new suspension mounts that utilise new square inserts, allowing the buggy to be adapted to a wide range of track conditions. The lower front and rear arms are moulded using a newly developed composite material and they are of an updated design to fit the new chassis geometry. The side guards were redesigned in the same way. Another development are the totally designed rear hubs. Composite material combined with carbon plates gives drivers the possibility for various setups. The newly developed composite material is working perfectly together with the HET differentials to provide maximum traction. The kit features an aluminium sliding design motor mount for easy gear mesh adjustment and secure motor mounting. With the new lightened wing support owners can adjust the position and angle of the wing to give the buggy perfect on-track balance and together with the optimised new body shell, the aerodynamic system is working perfectly together. The kit is set for a release in the first half of April.

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