April 6, 2021

Revolution Design B74.1 2.5mm aluminium chassis

Whether stock or modified, 4wd buggy racing has become more competitive than ever. While every RC car needs chassis flex, you also need highly precise steering if you want to come out on top. Thanks to directional milling, the 113g Revolution Design B74.1 2.5mm aluminium chassis retains the original item’s torsional flex, increases longitudinal stiffness and adds only 2g to the overall weight. Further flex adjustments can be made with the included 2.0mm carbon fibre front brace.

View more images of the chassis here

April 6, 2021

Pilot RC B3.2, T3.2 & B3.2e lightweight steering posts

Pilot RC Products have announced these new lightweight steering posts for the Team Associated B3.2, T3.2 & B3.2e. These Titanium posts are 45% lighter than using the steel parts without compromising the design. The reduction in weight at this critical area will help reduce front chassis dragging on jump faces and will offer a precise fit for a slop free steering rack. Machined from the finest Grade 5 Titanium and produced in the USA.

Source: Pilot RC [pilotrcproducts.com]

April 6, 2021

Double for Baruffolo at Italian Pride Race

Last weekend was the Italian Pride Race at SRB track in Nembro, Italy. With rain affecting the track conditions ahead of the race, during the event itself the track was dry and so it was Kyosho racer Mattia Polito that took the top spot in nitro qualifying while in the the EP class it was Xray’s Marco Baruffolo with the top spot. In the nitro final things changed fast with Polito making a mistake and then 3 turns later Baruffolo overtook Elliott Boots to the take over the lead from where he would control the race until the end. Polito would regain 2nd spot with Boots completing the podium in 3rd. The E-buggy was more of the same for Baruffolo as he won all 3 mains to take the win ahead of Gianluca Zecchini in 2nd and Nicolo Veronesi in 3rd.

View the podiums here

April 6, 2021

T-Works YZ-4 & YZ-2 shock tools

New from T-Works are these shock tools for use with the Yokomo YZ-4 and YZ-2. Made from aluminium and black anodised there is two version and they aid with the tightening of the caps to the shock body and separately the ball joints.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

April 5, 2021

JConcepts titanium Clod Buster, Regulator & B74.1 parts

JConcepts have produced number of new titanium parts for the Tamiya Clod Buster, JConcepts Regulator and Associated B74. The parts include large 8 x 9mm pivot balls, 5.5 x 8mm ball ends and 6 x 6mm ball studs. The 8 x 9mm pivot balls work with the ladder bars on the Clod Buster and Regulator chassis, while the 5.5 x 8mm ball-ends which seemingly attach to just about every corner of the Team Associated line of vehicles also work well on the Regulator’s behind axle steering assembly. The 6 x 6mm pivot balls replace the lower links move on the Clod Buster and Regulator chassis. With these lightweight JConcepts Titanium pieces, the application is smooth and simple with a 2.5mm or 2mm wrench while the light-weight material screws together very easily. The tough design, light-weight materials add to the simplicity of a monster truck build and can be used time and time again for consistency.

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March 31, 2021

Ruddog Products pit towel

Ruddog Products’ new pit towel is a great alternative or addition to the popular pit mats. No matter whether you spill some shock oil or drop a diff ball, the towel helps you to keep the inevitable small accidents on your pit table under control. Measuring 100 cm x 70 cm, the towel is tailored to standard pit spaces and, unlike less flexible pit mats, can be easily folded to fit into smaller areas or pit bags. The pit towel comes in the well-known Ruddog colours, and thanks to its low price tag it is ideal for racers on a budget or as a small gift.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]

March 29, 2021

Xray XB8, XT8 & GTX upper plate w/ two brace positions

Xray have produced this optional graphite upper plate for the XB8, XB8E, GTX, GTXE, XT8 and XT8E. Featuring two brace positions the plate is CNC-machined from high-grade carbon graphite, ensuring highest strength with lightest weight. Suitable for high traction surfaces the plate prevents driveshaft collision with chassis brace.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

March 26, 2021

Performa P1 Radical V5 .21 offroad engine

After over a year of testing, the new Performa V5 Radical .21 offroad engine is here. Sporting a new lighter cooling head for lower centre of gravity and thus better car handling, internally the new combustion chamber increases bottom end torque and mid range power. Other changes is an updated sleeve timing and tune, new CNC piston process for unmatched longevity and DLC coated CRF design with optimised timing. A new high torque backplate helps improved response and mileage and the whole package is completed with a hand selected rear ceramic bearing.

View another image of the engine here