October 23, 2017

Arrma Kraton 6S BLX 2018 1/8th speed monster truck

Arrma have upgraded their popular Kraton 6S BLX 1/8th electric speed monster truck with the 2018 variant sporting some subtle updates to further up performance and durability. The ’18 variant features revised transmission housings and a redesigned servo mount whose added material reinforces the part’s structures for improved durability while the safety battery mount incorporates adjustable hook and loop straps and wire guides to ensure the battery and wires stay where they belong. New shock cap protectors prevent damage to the upper parts of the shock absorbers, a larger RC box now takes larger aftermarket receivers if needed, and the 2050kV motor and 150A speed controller combo makes for top speeds of over 95km/h. The ready-to-run set is rounded out by a Tactic 2.4GHz radio system, dBoots multi-terrain tyres and a pre-decorated body shell in two colour schemes.

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October 18, 2017

Arrma Granite & Fazon Voltage Mega SRS RTR trucks

Coming from Arrma are the all-new Granite and Fazon Mega SRS ready-to-run trucks. The 1/10th scale 2WD vehicles are based on a newly designed mid motor plastic monocoque chassis that was developed around a highly versatile battery compartment that allows to run the trucks with the new Arrma 18650 LiIon single cell batteries or your choice of standard 6-cell NiMH or 2S LiPo batteries. Using the company’s 3.7V LiIon cells reminds of using a toy as they are side-loaded into the battery compartment and using one, two or three pairs of batteries allows to double or triple the running time of the truck. Other features include a tough transmission with metal-geared differential, wide transmission gears as well as oil-filled shock absorbers and waterproof electronics. The sets are rounded off by pre-painted body shells, grippy dBoots tyres and a 2.4GHz radio system and a charger. Both the Granite monster and Fazon race truck are available in two different body colours and they will hit stores soon.

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October 10, 2017

Arrma Senton & Granite 1/10th 4×4 RTR trucks

Arrma have introduced their all-new Senton and Granite 1/10th 4×4 Mega ready-to-run trucks. Both utilise the same full-time 4WD transmission and chassis and the vehicles feature sturdy front and rear differentials, telescopic driveshafts and a slipper clutch to get the power to the ground. Large volume composite plastic shock absorbers soak up all of the terrain’s imperfections while raised chassis side rails keep dust, dirt and moisture away from the servo, receiver and steering servo. The packages are rounded off by 2.4GHz radio systems, wall chargers, 8.4V NiMH batteries and 15T brushed motors. The Senton comes with a short course truck body and grippy SC tyres while the Granite shows off a monster truck body and MT-style tyres and wheels.

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July 7, 2017

RPM Arrma Raider front & rear arm sets

New from RPM are front and rear arm sets for Arrma’s line of 1/10th scale 2WD off-road vehicles such as the Raider, Granite, Vorteks, Fury and Mojave. Starting with the front set, the kit includes the upper and lower arms whose updated design greatly improves durability. On top of this do tighter tolerances reduce suspension slop for improved steering feeling and a more predictable ride. The rear set compromises of the rear lower A-arms that also received a make over in terms of design for improved durability and precision. All parts are moulded from RPM’s renown nylon composite, making them virtually indestructible and they are usable on the BLS, BLX and Mega versions of the above mentioned kits.

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May 9, 2017

RPM DEX8T & Kraton rear A-arms

Coming from RPM and made for the Team Durango DEX8T and Arrma Kraton line of off-road trucks are rear A-arms and mud guards. Starting with the A-arms, the parts are moulded from RPM’s renown nylon compound for rigidity while the design also eliminates slop as the parts reduce the amount of movement of the A-arm at the hinge pins, providing for better suspension response and more consistent suspension settings. The next improvement is the addition of a second shock mount hole further out on the arm, providing for a lower profile suspension set-up. This second shock mount allows the shocks to lay down further and lowers the ride height for a lower centre of gravity. This second shock mount matches the additional shock mount hole on RPM’s DEX8T/Arrma front A-arms. On top of this the arms are about ten percent lighter while also allowing to attach RPM’s optional mud guards. The arms are sold in pairs, they replace the stock Arrma AR330249 and stock Team Durango TD330707 parts and Team Durango’s stock mud guards are not compatible with these A-arms.

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March 22, 2017

RPM Kraton & DEX8T front arm set

RPM have introduced an upper and lower front arm set for the ARRMA Kraton and Team Durango DEX8T trucks. Designed primary for strength and durability the arms offer a few extra features in as well. First is slop elimination. The A-arms reduce the amount of movement of the A-arm at the inner mounts, providing for better steering response and more consistent camber, caster and toe angle settings. Next improvement is the addition of a second shock mount hole further out on the arm, providing for a lower profile suspension set-up, allowing the shocks to lay down a little further, dropping the ride height for a lower center of gravity. As an added bonus, the front A-arms are roughly 10 percent lighter than stock while also being designed with leading and trailing 30 degree chamfered edges for smoother transitions over obstacles too tall for the suspension to clear. The arms fit the ARRMA Kraton, Talion and Outcast trucks as well as the Team Durango DEX8T and two sets are needed for a complete conversion.

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February 8, 2017

RPM Kraton & DEX8T front bumper & rear skid plate

Made for a range of Arrma and Team Durango kits are RPM’s new front bumper and rear skid plate. Starring with the front bumper, the part is structurally engineered to add much needed impact-absorption to the front of the Arrma Kraton and Team Durango DEX8T, dramatically reducing the amount of impact force from a crash that gets transferred into the chassis. Our two-piece design incorporates a 4mm thick skid plate with 1.5mm skid ribs to the front of the truck, extending more than 38mm in front of the chassis and protects the front of that expensive aluminium chassis from skid and impact damage. An additional curved oval bumper on top helps protect the body as well. The bumper and skid plate is moulded in black engineering grade nylons for strength and durability.

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November 15, 2016

Arrma Nero Fazon & Outcast

Arrma Nero Fazon & Outcast

The Nero Fazon from Arrma mixes a sleek, low-profile design with innovative Diff Brain technology to optimize performance in any condition. Already proven in the best-selling Arrma Nero, the Diff Brain enables Nero Fazon racers to switch between four versatile driving styles (Blast, Wheelie, Drift and Climb) on the fly, right from the transmitter. Each style engages a special combination of the three gear diffs to achieve the best traction and handling for specific tasks and terrains. A unique feature is a standard wheelie bar that helps keep the front wheels in contact with the ground. A powerful BLX4075 2000kV 4-pole 6S brushless motor, dependable waterproof BLX200 ESC and interference-free Tactic TTX300 radio system add to the ready-to-run convenience.

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