August 25, 2020

Bezerk RC Execute FT1 front bumper

Available now from Bezerk RC and made for the Xpress Execute FT1 front-wheel drive touring car is a carbon fibre front bumper. Machined from 4.0mm carbon fibre, the option part adds much added stiffness to the front body mounts. It comes in a set with two 14mm standoffs that fit between the lower and upper mount and it is usable for all FT1 specifications.

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March 25, 2020

Bezerk B74 LCG front & rear shock towers

Bezerk from Australia have introduced two new LCG carbon fibre shock towers for the Team Associated B74 buggy. They allow to lower the car’s centre of gravity by lowering the shock towers and bodies and still keep the correct travel range. Compared to a setup with kit towers, owners need to make the following changes: They need to use short eyelets, these are 2mm shorter, reduce the shaft length by 2mm – Australian electric off-road wizard Ray Munday, who thoroughly tested the new setup, went for 25-23mm at the front, and 30-28mm at the rear – and eliminate 2mm of external limiters, going from 3mm to 1mm at the front, and 2mm to zero millimetre at the rear. Ray also recommends using the longer front spring cup to avoid interference with the arm. Testing has found the towers increase steering response and keep the car feeling more stable in bumpy corners. The mid camberlink length has also been the choice of local racers. The front tower is available machined from 5mm and 4mm carbon fibre with the rear variant coming as 4mm part.

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January 18, 2020

Bezerk Litesabre 235mm Pro10 chassis kit

Bezerk from Australia have introduce their very first chassis kit in the form of the Litesabre 235mm Pro10 chassis. Bezerk were first approached by Shannon Overson in January 2019 about building the ultimate Pro10 for the Brendale track in Queensland, Australia. Brendale is known for its size, grip level and facilities, thus it being selected for the Nitro Worlds in 2020. The designers of the Litesabre were aiming for something that was easy to drive at Modified speed and have a heap of tuning features for the enthusiast pan car racer. The features list starts with a unique stepped chassis that allows wheelbase adjustment without having to change steering components, its higher front ground clearance that is great for high speed with higher downforce bodies, minimising the front of chassis ever hitting the track, while offering better cornering clearance. The wearable rear chassis is cheaper to replace, and the ability to flush mount the front bumper and clean up the aero whilst protecting the front edge of the chassis adds to the overall performance.

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January 15, 2020

Bezerk T4 slim pack battery hooks

Bezerk have introduced their new slim pack battery hooks system for the Xray T4 range of electric touring cars. The battery retention system was designed for the new generation of slim battery packs, like the Sunpadow slim pack, that help to bring all the weight closer to the centre of the car, especially compliments the newer generation of lighter ESCs and motors and still retain weight balance. The battery posts are located as close to the side of the battery as possible to reduce the stress on the upper retaining tab. The 5mm thick carbon fibre battery hooks are beefy enough to take a beating and high enough to keep the battery in its place. The mounting holes are slotted to allow a small amount of left/right adjustment. The 3mm carbon fibre upper tabs look minimal in size but due to their placement are more than up to the task. The kit is usable with the 2020 down to 2017 variants of the T4 and it includes two battery hooks, two battery tabs and two black alloy hex standoffs. Other options include shorter standoffs for very low batteries and are also available in silver.

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December 30, 2019

Bezerk roll out new XB2’20 carbon fibre optionals

Bezerk from Australia have announced the release of new carbon fibre option parts for the Xray XB2 2020 buggy. First up is a beefed up front tower that has material added in strategically placed areas in order to improve rigidity. The shock stay mimics the standard suspension geometry and it is available in 3.0mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm glossy carbon fibre.

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November 25, 2019

Bezerk T4’20 long arm chassis & front bumper brace

Bezerk have released first option parts for the all-new Xray T4 2020 touring car in the form of a long-arm-only carbon fibre chassis and a carbon fibre front bumper mount. Starting with the chassis, the designers felt that having the option for long and short arms can make the chassis a bit compromised in the strength department especially for the club racer. That is why the option to running the short arms was dropped and a few other holes for future parts were added. The ’19 front window brace holes have been added back, as well as a couple of extra holes towards the rear for the upcoming chassis braces that allow the use of forthcoming optionals.

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November 24, 2019

Bezerk RC B6.1 series carbon fibre shock towers

Coming from Bezerk RC are new carbon fibre front and rear shock towers for the Team Associated B6.1 series of buggies. First up are the option rear towers for the B6.1 and B6.1D. With the laidback gearbox gaining popularity on track surfaces more in line with a standup gearbox, the trend among many B6.1 drivers is to shave the front of the rear arms and move them forward by up to 4mm. This modification creates a lot of sweep angle on the camber links which in turn can restrict the arm’s ability to wind up on power taking away grip. By relocating your camber link further forward to the tower this adds more forward traction. The B6.1 tower is a lower height variant of the B6.1D tower that is overall taller.

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November 22, 2019

Bezerk RC Pro10 rear wheel shims

Coming from Bezerk RC are their new Pro10 wheel shims that allow to adjust the track width of Pro10 1/10th scale pan cars. The Pro10 class demands a lot on an axle that was first designed for a 12th scale car. When using axle spacers to achieve the desired rear track width the spur gear gets moved further away from the bulkhead/bearing and can thus cause premature failure of the spur gear. A concept inspired by Shannon Overson was to move the wheel out instead to keep the spur gear as close as possible to the bulkhead. This set includes a pair of 0.5mm and a pair of 1.0mm carbon shims that can be placed between the wheel hubs and the rim to fine-tune the rear track width without having to adjust axle width.

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