April 4, 2007

Corally RDX Phi – US Spec defined

Corally RDX Phi

Corally USA have released more details on the 2 different specs, European and US, that the RDX Phi will be made available in. The European version has been designed for 5 cells and comes with a front one-way, rear differential and 3 degree caster blocks, while the US version will be a 6-cell chassis and comes with front differential, rear differential, 6 degree caster blocks as well as harder silver springs. Whats interesting is that Corally haven’t followed other manufacturers in making a thicker chassis for their US spec kits, perhaps its already stiff enough?

Source: Corally USA [corallyusa.com]

January 30, 2007

Corally RDX phi – Official photos

Corally RDX phi

Earlier today we showed you the launch picture from the new Corally phi, well now we have images from the actual car itself, which may or may not be more interesting to you than the stripper, but anyway here they are and all i have to say is that the car looks sweet indeed. Today is turning into a good day for launches with images of the Mi3 from Schumacher being released today also.

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January 30, 2007

Corally RDX phi, best launch photo…..ever

Corally RDX phi chick

Corally have been known to put women, wearing very little clothing, in their promotional material before, but this is just the most blatant attention whoring ever, and i love it. Using the same stripper from the DHI cup, Corally presents us with their latest and greatest car, the ‘Phi’. I don’t need to go into details about the cars specs again so i wont, you can check those out here. The car will be shown at Nürnberg this week and be available soon after.

Source: Corally [corally.com]

December 30, 2006

Mike Blackstock signs for Corally

Mike Blackstock signs for Corally

Corally have announced that they have signed this years IIC Modified Foam class winner and former Xray racer Mike Blackstock to race for them from 2007 onwards. With Xray dropping international drivers left right and center with their team shake up a while ago there was suddenly a lot of talent seeking rides and Mike seems to have fallen on his feet with this Corally deal.

Team Corally International is pleased to announce the signing of Mike Blackstock for 2007 and beyond. Winner of the 2006 IIC Modified Foam class, Mike will be an excellent addition to the International Corally Team. Mike’s dedication to on track testing and development will be a great asset to develop current and future Corally products.

Source: Corally USA [corallyusa.com]

December 6, 2006

Marc Fischer wins the Swedish 1/12th EFRA GP

Marc Fischer

Corally team driver Marc Fischer has won the 1/12th EFRA GP held last weekend in Eskilstuna, Sweden, an important win as it took place on the same track that will host next years European 1/12th scale Championships. Marc, driving a Corally SP12X, TQ’d the event by 5 seconds ahead of 2nd place qualifier Sakke Ahonniemi who in turn was 1 second ahead of Teemu Saarinen, both drivers also driving the Corally SP12X. In the race it was Marc who was the class of the field finishing comfortably ahead of Saarinen in 2nd who managed to get ahead of Ahonniemi who ended up in 3rd.

You can view the results of the event here.

Source: Corally [corally.com]

November 15, 2006

Corally RDX Phi, the beast has a name

Corally RDX Phi

A while back we brought you shots of the new RDX electric touring car prototype from Dutch manufacturer Corally. The car did very well at the Team Orion Speed Weekend and finished first and second at the recent Team Orion Cup in France (see pic above). Well it seems that the new car doesn’t like being called plain old prototype so it looked into the dictionary for a while and named itself……the RDX Phi. About as universally difficult to say as when Prince called himself symbol, the new Φ is actually pronounced ‘Phi’, so really rolls of the tongue then. The official slant on the name is “RDX-PHI :: THE INFINITE #1”, whether it keeps this name when it hits production we dont know but one thing is sure that whatever its going to be called its going to be pretty hard to beat never mind pronounce.

Thanks to syndr0me for the heads up.

Source: Corally [corally.com]

October 26, 2006

More Corally RDX proto sightings

Corally RDX proto

Because my Danish is worse than non existent, i can’t quite tell you what the guys over at RaceRC.dk are writing about. But what i can tell you is that they have some more close up pictures of Jonas Kærup’s Corally RDX prototype chassis. We showed you pictures of the proto RDX from the Team Orion speed weekend that some enthusiastic snappers managed to get, but these show more detail.

You can view the photos from of the RDX prototype here.

Source: RaceRC.dk [racerc.dk]