April 8, 2009

JConcepts Short Course Goose Bumps

JConcepts Short Course Goose Bumps

With Short Course racing gaining popularity JConcepts have developed their Goose Bumps for the Slash / Slayer and SC10. Retaining the realistic look the tires are completely detailed with center lug all-terrain inspired tread and side wall. Combining a totally unique step pin and bar lug design with sticky green compound to allow even greater control on off-road surfaces. The Goose Bumps are a special breed, designed for maximum performance when new or used as the design allows even wear all the way down to the tire body. Once the driver wears through the initial pin, a bar follows to maximize potential on aggressive surfaces. The Goose Bumps incorporate a compact tire body with a crisp tread pattern with precise separation for intense short course racing competition. In new condition they excel on soft surfaces with either dry or wet conditions. Worn Goose Bumps excel on indoor or outdoor clay tracks where a slight groove has formed.

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December 23, 2008

JConcepts Illuzion Truth Body wraps

We recently wrote about the new JConcepts Truth shell for the Traxxas Slash, now the Florida based company has released 2 body wraps for the same body. As well as a red coloured wrap JConcepts has teamed up with the apparel wizards at Good Run Gear to offer an officially licensed GRG off-road truck body wrap. Let the Truth body wrap completely redefine the look of the Slash and look like an official off-road truck while tearing up the local track or neighborhood. Simply spray on a simple 1 or 2 color paint job and apply the GRG / JConcepts wraps and you’re off to the races with a unique looking off-road truck body.

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December 10, 2008

JConcepts Truth for Traxxas Slash

The Truth is specifically designed for the Traxxas Slash and represents the latest in trends by offering a completely redesigned off-road truck body. The cab, bed and fenders are all areas of focus on the Truth and without disappointment the new Slash body slides into the front of the pack.   In addition, one of the highlights of the styling cues includes extra fender clearance to minimize troublesome tire rubbing issues. Made from clear durable lightweight polycarbonate, with protective overspray film, it is supplied with window masks and detailed decal sheet.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]