October 8, 2010

JConcepts Bar Code SCT tires

The Bar Code design is the freshest new SCT tire design from JConcepts racing development and regardless of class and scale the Bar Codes equals top notch performance. Like the name suggests the alternating bar design combined with the addition of the Y side bars provide uncompromising support for blue and black groove conditions as well as wet track indoor conditions. Available in Super Soft Green Compound the Bar Codes are a specialty tire that when matched to the appropriate track can provide amazing results. They are a part of the JConcepts special breed of tire, designed for maximum performance when new or used as the design allows even wear all the way down to the tire body. Bar Codes in new condition excel on hard surfaces that have taken rubber with either dry or wet grooved conditions. Worn Bar Codes excel on indoor or outdoor clay tracks where a minimal dust groove has formed.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

August 21, 2010

Sneak Peak of JConcepts profiled closed cell inserts

With ROAR Electric off road Nationals taking place this week Leisure Hours in Joliet, IL, JConcepts are going all out with new product releases. The Florida based company have given us a sneak peek of their new profiled closed cell inserts. With no more details forthcoming, we will have to make do with the photo which shows the new 1/10th buggy rear, 1/10th 4wd front and SCT profiled insert.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

August 20, 2010

Video – Chad Due’s JConcept equipped SC10


Another JConcepts video, this time of Chad Due’s Associated Factory Team SC10 with which feature JConcepts SCT Barcodes and Ford Raptor Body and which was used to TQ round 1 at this week’s ROAR Nationals.

August 20, 2010

Video – Ryan Maifields SC setup


This video from JConcepts gives us a quick look at the short course setup of Ryan Maifield from this weeks ROAR electric off road nationals that are being held at the Leisure Hours track in Joliet, IL.

August 16, 2010

JConcepts Green Goose Bumps & Orange Double Dees

JConcepts have announced some new tire updates including the release of their new super soft green compound for their SC Goose Bumps. This new super sticky compound excels on dusty surface conditions. The U.S. company as also released their Double Dees in orange compound making them perfect for a variety of track surfaces and in particular black groove abrasive tracks. The Double Dees design is a world leading tire combination right out of the package, the unique technology combined with abrasive specific compounds like orange allow the flexibility necessary to compete on even the most demanding surfaces for an extended period of time.

View the Double Dees here

July 10, 2010

JConcepts Illuzion Kyosho Ultima SC overtray

Also new from JConcepts is this Illuzion Kyosho Ultima SC overtray which helps protects chassis from excessive debris. When racing on a loamy or top soil track surface the inside of the Ultima SC chassis can become loaded with dirt or debris which creates extra weight. With the JConcepts over-tray these worries are minimized with the simple and functional item. Fitting nicely under the body it hugs the outside dimension of the SC chassis protecting the inside from unwanted excess dirt and debris build-up during racing conditions. The over-tray is snug around the entire chassis structure while being attached with hook and loop tape around the sides and a slide-in fit in the front for easy access. The over-tray is built with extra height and rake to provide extra room for various electrical and battery configurations.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

July 10, 2010

JConcepts Manta for Hyper SC & Jammin SCRT-10

New from JConcepts is their Manta body for the Hyper SC or Jammin SCRT-10. The Manta begins with the latest in short course truck detail by incorporating the latest treatment from JConcepts in grill and headlight design with a racing influenced front bumper. Front and rear fender flares provide the clearance necessary to run an assortment of short course tires. Extended cab design with recessed side windows, louvers along the front hood area highlight a number of the front-end styling cues. Short course inspired bed area with incredible detailed finish off the design. In addition, JConcepts has included an optional rear spoiler which gives the ability to alter the look and function of the Manta by simply adding or removing the rear spoiler.

View another image of the shell

June 22, 2010

JConcepts Ford Raptor SVT SCT-R body

JConcepts has reached new ground with the Short Course version of the popular Ford Raptor SVT body for competition Short Course racing, hanging the acronym SCT-R on the new body with the R giving it racing credibility. Officially licensed by JConcepts, the Ford Raptor SVT body is inspired from the ground up as an all-out SCT race body. Beginning with the latest in 1:1 truck detail by incorporating the latest treatment in grill and headlight design, adding street appeal, the front and rear fender flares provide the clearance necessary to run an assortment of tires and wheels while maintaining that exclusive design and look. Extended cab design with recessed side windows, louvers along the front hood highlight a number of the front-end styling cues, while deep recessed trim-out locations along the hood and bed area provide ample space for air relief cut-outs which reduce the parachute / blow-over affect that is so common in Short Course racing.

View more images of the body here