March 7, 2022

T-Works MBX8R carbon front shock tower

Coming from T-Works and made for the Mugen MBX8R buggy is this carbon fibre front shock tower. Machined from high-quality 4mm carbon fibre the tower is a direct replacement for the standard aluminium version. Also suitable for the newly released MBX8R Eco.

Source: T-Works []

March 4, 2022

Mugen Seiki MBX8R Eco EP 1/8th buggy

With the success of the MBX8R kit, Mugen Seiki is now offering a MBX8R Eco that includes many of the same parts from the MBX8R. The team at Mugen Seiki spent a lot of time testing and developing the MBX8R geometry in race conditions throughout 2021, which lead to many major victories resulting in the MBX8R Eco having many new parts to increase stability, rear traction, improved jumping, and have a wide tuning range. The suspension has seen new suspension mounts and geometry, new longer box-shaped suspension arms and arm stiffeners as well as a new front shock tower and upper front arm mount that uses new pivot inserts for increased tuneability. The MBX8R Eco chassis features a slightly new design to accommodate the new suspension geometry while on top there is a new battery mount for 4S shorty and standard batteries. High Traction Differentials are included in the MBX8R Eco. The Mugen Seiki HTD provides increased acceleration, longer runtime, and more consistent handling. A lightweight high down-force wing allows more air to flow to improve jumping while a revised rear wing mount will provide additional downforce and increase durability. Other final updates include new sway bar collars to reduce sway bar movement, emulsion shock caps, aluminium wing button and updated centre diff cover with holes for lightening.

View more images of the MBX8R Eco here

March 2, 2022

T-Works MBX8-R arm stiffeners & engine screw set

T-Works have introduced new carbon fibre suspension arm stiffeners for the Mugen MBX8-R buggy. Available for the lower rear arms, they help reduce overall arm flex while preventing the built up of dirt. The stiffeners are available in 1mm and 1.2mm variants with the different thickness helping to further fine-tune the flex characteristics. Included with the sets comes suitable hardware. Also for the MBX8-R is an engine mount washer and screw set.

View the engine mount washer & screw set here

February 22, 2022

T-Works MBX8R flywheel tool

T-Works have produced this new flywheel tool for the MBX8R. One end of the tool features a general flywheel wrench, while the other end is specific to the Mugen, shaped to firmly lock onto their clutch assembly. The entire tool has been made from 7075 aluminium and has been black hard anodised for increased durability.

View the tools usage here

February 15, 2022

T-Works MBX-8R high density foam filters

T-Works have released this set of 10 high density foam filters for the Mugen MBX-8R. A direct fit for the MBX-8R, the high density foam allows for maximum airflow for the best performance without compromising protection. Sold in bulk as a more cost effective option.

Source: T-Works []

January 26, 2022

Pirani RC MRX-6 belt tensioner

Italian brand Pirani RC have produced this belt tensioner for Mugen MRX-6R and MRX-6X. It replaces the two original side belt tensioner of the car (one front and one rear) into only one new type in the middle of the car helping to improve the free movement of the drivetrain and increase the life of the side belt. The plate is made of high quality aluminium 7075-T6 and hard anodised in black colour and the kit includes screws and nut to fix it following instruction in the package.

View the complete set here