April 12, 2007

M Mod parts for MBX5 and MTX4

M Mod Wishbone mount

We have shown you lots of parts from M Mod before, as well as All Mod, and today we have more parts to show you, this time only for Mugen. The first up, which you can see above is a rear lower wishbone pivot point for the MTX4 that has been made out of the trademark grey anodised aluminium and adds to the strength required around this area in the event of an impact. Also available from M Mod, for the MBX5 and the MBX5-T, is a part that combines the upper servo saver mount and the upper rear side front suspension pivot point in one part which adds greatly to the strength and stiffness of this entire area.

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April 9, 2007

Mugen MTX4-R touring car

Mugen MTX4-R touring car

Mugen have officially announced the release of their new MTX4-R, an updated version of the car that won last years 1/10th 200mm World Championships in Brisbane. The ‘R’ is more of a pro version than a new car and mostly comes with optionals as standard, as opposed to new parts or geometry. A full list of those new included parts can be found below.

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March 22, 2007

Mugen Seiki Limited edition Rucksack

Mugen Seiki Limited edition Rucksack

Mugen Seiki have released this rather nice rucksack, to commemorate the 10th year of MID Mugen Seiki being in business. Coming in a rather nice charcoal colour with red highlights, this bag sports a chest strap between the two shoulder straps to keep this bag firmly in place and sports the MID and Mugen Seiki logos in white on the back side.

Source: MID [mid-mugen.de]

February 19, 2007

Kawahara MRX4-R chassis plate PRO

Kawahara MRX4-R chassis plate PRO

Kawahara, the Japanese tuning company, have shown these drawings of their upcoming release for the MRX4-R. This PRO chassis is narrower than the standard version and features inserts for stiffening up the chassis, similar to the LCG chassis from Serpent. It mentions something about being able to use weights in place of the plates, which could make sense, and also they offer droop blocks with pins that correspond to holes in the chassis so you are sure that your car is always sitting flat when applying your setup. This chassis plate is available as a complete set or as individual parts and should be available in the middle of March.

Source: Kawahara [kawahara-racing.co.jp]

February 16, 2007

Mugen releases for February

Mugen Ride Height Gauge

Mugen have released loads of new products, specifically for their 1/10th 200mm MTX4, off road 1/8th scale MBX5 and MBX5-T as well as this nice ride height gauge above for all their on road cars. For the MTX4, they have released an adjustable rear anti roll bar as well as a new rear upper camber link mount with a number of mounting holes to allow you to adjust the cars roll center. Whilst for the Mugen off road guys there is a new teflon coated servo saver tower as well as new wheels in white and yellow to fit Proline rubber, new rear spoiler and 3 new complete sets of shock springs in blue grey and white.

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February 9, 2007

New M-Mod parts for Mugen MTX-4 and MRX-4

M-Mod parts MRX

MID in Germany, the Mugen Seiki importer for Europe, have released some new M-Mod parts for the Mugen MTX-4 and MRX-4. For the Mugen MTX-4 1/10th 200mm MID have produced a new backplate for the car as well as a middle shaft carrier, both pieces maching from high grade aluminium. For the MRX-4 and MRX-4R 1/8th scale circuit car they have the same parts available but of course made for the bigger car. All parts are grey anodised and sport the engraved M-Mod logo. In the near future expect to see similar parts available for different manufacturers cars under the ALL-Mod product line such as X-Mod for Xray, K-Mod for Kyosho, S-Mod for Serpent, C-Mod for Crono and U-Mod for universal parts.

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