May 23, 2022

R1 Wurks DC1 drag car

This is R1 Wurks’ flagship product, the DC1 drag car is a top of the line race car. This kit has been tested and proven on the track and its winning reputation speaks for itself. There are two kit options to choose from, either kit #1 which includes the US Made V1 shock kit which has more spring options, or kit #2 which includes R1’s V2 shock kit. Also you have a choice between our aluminium standup transmission or the B6.3 plastic laydown transmission. There is no price difference between these last two options. These kits do not include shock oil, diff oil, wheels, tires, electronics or a body.

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May 11, 2022

R1 Wurks DC1 carbon motor mount

For the R1 Wurks DC1 B6 conversion, is this carbon fibre motor mount for the AE lay-down transmission. Made from 4mm carbon fibre, it is a direct replacement for the standard aluminium plate, offering a very stiff and lightweight alternative.

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January 28, 2022

R1 Wurks Volta line of motors

R1 Wurks have announced their all new Volta line of motors. The Volta motors lines up right next to their proven V21-S with 13.5, 17.5, 21.5 and 25.5 turn options. This motor produces a ton of punch, mid range and top end and its sleek can design is made for maximum cooling characteristics which helps with this motors efficiency during the longer runs. When testing these Volta Motors with team drivers, they were jumping triples that nobody else could consistently with minimal fade during the run. These motors come with the all new Volta long rotor for maximum torque/overall performance out of the box, no need for any upgrades.

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August 30, 2021

R1 Wurks AXXISS DC1 B6 conversion

R1 Wurks have introduced their AXXISS DC1 B6/.1/.2/.3 drag conversion. This is a prototype of their upcoming chassis that has been developed and tested by team drivers over the past 6 months. With that in mind this kit will be utilising Industrial 3d printed parts with MJP, SLS processes. This kit will require a donor Team Associated B6 or any variety of the B6 Chassis and modifying of suspension components may be required on earlier B6 Chassis. The set will include the AXXISS DC1 carbon fibre chassis, battery mount with rubber bands & holder, servo mount, servo horn, anti-bump steer plate, front knuckles, carbon fibre front suspension riser plates, electronics mounting plates, motor mount/rear differential riser and finally the wheelie bar mount.

View more image of the AXXISS here

June 29, 2021

R1 Wurks low profile digital drive servo Gen2

R1 Wurks have released Gen2 of their low profile digital drive servo. With an input voltage of 4V to 8.4V it can be used across a multitude of platforms. Featuring a super smooth coreless motor and enhanced servo centring technology, this makes for a high speed and high torque servo (14kg at 6V / 17.5kg at 7.4V). Set inside a lightweight aluminium case with all metal gears, this version comes with a 80mm short wire for tidy installation.

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April 8, 2021

R1 Wurks Mega & Micro capacitor for Digital 3 ESC

R1 Wurks introduce their new line of Mega and Micro capacitor for the Digital 3 ESC. The Mega cap was designed to maximise the performance of the Digital 3 ESC with more than 30x the capacity of the built in capacitors while delivering ultra low ESR performance. This means that these capacitors respond to the ESC ripple current faster for better overall performance. Our 60 grams Mega cap also balances the side by side weight of the ESC, while sitting on the same footprint. This acts as a balancing ballast next to the Digital-3. This means you can also optimise the side by side weight balance, for harder launches. The 30 grams Mega capacitor fills in the gap for space constrained setups. The 30 grams Mega capacitor delivers maximum capacity on a smaller footprint, low ESR and unrivalled performance to weight ratio. The Micro capacitor is an excellent improvement over the stock Digital-3 capacitor, this is a smaller footprint, lower profile and delivering 3x the capacity of the built in Digital 3 capacitor. All the new capacitors will ship with a custom built cradle made of carbon fibre nylon filament and 3M very high bond tape.

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November 30, 2020

R1 Wurks 10000mAh LiPo battery

R1 Wurks have released this 10,000mAh 130C 2S Graphene battery. Aimed at those needing the absolute highest power, this pack is focussed towards the drag racing segment where the high capacity equates to lower voltage drop under load. This in turn allows you to cool down and do multiple runs and expect close to consistent times.

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September 16, 2020

R1 Wurks 6 spoke aluminium RC motor fan

R1 Wurks have upgraded their best selling fan, the result being this high performance 6 spoke aluminium RC motor fan. Built for the best possible cooling with the added durability of their new 6 spoke frame, it also has improved magnetic shielding to minimise interference from the motor. This 8.4v motor works with 1/10, 1/8, 1/6 & 1/5th scale electric powered motors.

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