January 30, 2019

R1 Wurks V21 25.5T brushless motor

R1 Wurks have announced the release of their V21 25.5T brushless motor. Using proprietary R1 stator laminate material, specially designed stators, epoxy-bound end winds as well as ultra low resistance collector rings, the motors offers greatly improved resistance compared to the previous V16 for increased performance and lower running temperatures. The motors come including an aluminium timing ring and they are BRCA and EFRA approved with the ROAR approval pending.

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January 23, 2019

R1 Wurks V21 1650 torque tuned rotor

R1 Wurks have announced the launch of the new 1650 option rotor for the V21 line of motors. The selected rotors offers 1625 to 1650+ Gauss reading, which is slightly higher than the company’s stock rotors for improved torque. The ROAR-approved rotor, much like the 1650 for the V16, includes the needed shims, as well as a printout of the rotor’s gauss reading.

Source: R1 Wurks [r1wurks.com]

January 8, 2019

R1 Wurks 5500mAh 7.4V Super Slim LiPo pack

R1 Wurks have announce the addition of a 5500mAh 7.4V Super Slim pack to their Enhanced Graphene line up of batteries. This all-new battery boasts a pack height of only 19mm and weighs in at 232g, about 3.5mm lower and 58g lighter than the company’s 6000 LCG pack.

Source: R1 Wurks [r1wurks.com]

October 30, 2018

R1 Wurks V21 brushless stock motors

R1 Wurks have introduced their new V21 brushless stock motors. Improved in three key points over the V16, the Version 21 offers further increased speed, optimised cooling and better tuning, meaning owners can extract more performance from the motor in a broader range of both gearing and timing. The stator is built from proprietary R1 laminate material, the end wind is epoxy-bonded and an ultra-low resistance collector ring is used, all resulting in improved punch and top speed. Included with the motor, that is available in 13.5T, 17.5T and 21.5T variants, comes an aluminium timing ring.

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October 9, 2018

R1 Wurks AE 6.1 laydown fan shroud

Coming from R1 Wurks are their new laydown fan shrouds for Team Associated’s 6.1 series of off-road vehicles. Specifically developed the fan mounts are a drop fit foe the specific vehicle with a highly efficient 3-D-printed captured cooling body ensuring maximised cooling which is crucial especially for stock racing classes. The pre-assembled units utilise 30mm low-profile cooling fans and they weigh in at 18g. Available are a B6.1 laydown, T6.1 layback and T6.1 laydown configurations.

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October 2, 2018

R1 Wurks 7.6V 10000mAh Graphene LiHV battery pack

R1 Wurks have introduced their new 7.6V 10000mAh Graphene LiHV battery pack. Build using high-performance 50C cells the high-voltage LiPo battery pack offers a monstrous 10000mAh of capacity at a somewhat low weight of only 330g, comparable to a 8400mAh pack, making it ideal for demanding and power-hungry classes such as 1/8th electric on-road. The Graphene technology ensures very low internal resistance, high discharge rates, enhanced punch and maximum top speed.

Source: R1 Wurks [r1wurks.com]

February 5, 2018

RCSS R1 V16 Beast-Mode performance kit

Coming from RC Speed Secrets and made for the R1 Wurks V16 stock brushless motors is the Beast-Mode motor performance kit. The set includes three titanium motor can screws, three endbell screws as well as a titanium motor ring and RCSS Next-Level hybrid ceramic motor bearings. As the stock steel screws and ring interfere with magnetic fields in the motor, causing drag on the rotor and holding it back from its full potential, the included titanium screws allow the motor to rev higher and perform better, something that is further helped by the free-spinning ceramic bearings. The set is best used with the V16 13.5T and 17.5T motors and it is available with “Bada Bling” oil-slick design or stealth black screws.

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December 22, 2017

R1 Wurks Super LCG 80A brushless speed controller

New from R1 Wurks is the Super LCG 80A spec racing brushless speed controller. Developed using an advanced CPU technology and proprietary software combo, the ESC is meant to deliver smooth yet most responsive throttle feel. The controller offers the same advanced throttle and brake adjustability as R1 Wurks’ Digital 2 ESC to suit a wide range of driving styles and offers blinky mode (zero timing) for spec racing. All adjustable settings are easily programmed using a digital program box, designed with an intuitive, easy to use interface. The unit also features the A.C.L.C. Advanced Component Level Cooling system, this design allows individual Mosfets to transfer heat directly to the upper heatsink. The Super LCG saves up to 50 grams (including wire) of weight compared to R1’s full sized ESC, and has a nearly 30 percent smaller footprint.

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