February 4, 2020

Xpress XQ1 & XQ10 aluminium main chassis plates

Xpress have introduced new bi-colour aluminium main chassis plates for their XQ1 touring car in mid-motor configuration as well as their forthcoming new XQ10 mid-motor tourer. The chassis are machined from high-quality 2.0mm aluminium and they feature flex cut-outs to optimise their torsional flex characteristics. As with all aluminium main chassis, they are recommended especially for medium to high-bite traction conditions as they increase overall stability while lowering the centre of gravity due to their limited flexibility and higher weight compared to a carbon fibre chassis. The XQ1 specific chassis comes in a black and silver finish while the XQ10 alloy chassis sports red anodised edge details.

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February 3, 2020

Xpress introduce new grey colour ball ends

Xpress have introduced their new grey colour 4.8mm ball ends that are moulded from a new material. The updated composite material makes for smoother suspension action while preventing play to build up over time, keeping the suspension more precise for longer. The ball ends are of a flat design which allows to run taller camber link positions without having to fear wheel rubbing and they are available in 15mm, 13mm and 10mm variants.

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January 22, 2020

Xpress FT1 series 2mm aluminium main chassis

Xpress have announced the soon release of their new 2.0mm aluminium main chassis plate for the Execute FT1 and FT1S FWD touring cars. Machined from high-quality alloy and coming with a black and red surface finish for wear and looks, the chassis will improve overall handling of the cars in medium-high to very high-traction track conditions. The main plate comes strategically machined for optimised flex characteristics and it is a direct fit.

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December 17, 2019

Xpress Execute XQ10 touring car – Teaser image

Xpress have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming all-new XQ10 4WD electric touring car kit. The image reveals that the vehicle will make use of a mid-layshaft layout and it seems to utilise ultra-low profile shock towers as there are no shock absorbers visible in the image. Full details of the all-new XQ10 platform will become available in time of the release that however isn’t scheduled for now.

Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]

December 2, 2019

Xpress Execute FT1S club-level FWD touring car kit

Xpress have released first images and information of their new club-level Execute FT1S FWD touring car kit. Based off of the recently introduced FT1 competition touring car, the “S” variant will be a more cost-oriented offering, featuring the same geometry as the full-blown race kit, however the use of fibre class chassis and shock tower components as well as moulded composite bulkheads and suspension mounts are keeping costs down. The kit is still very race-worthy though thanks to the addition of front and rear anti-roll bars, threaded aluminium shock absorbers, alloy shock mounts as well as alloy chassis stiffeners. Other features include a front bumper with intogegraded low CG fan mount, 3 degree toe in rear suspension mounts, a ball-raced steering rack, single joint universals, adjustable steering geometry and a rear bulkhead stiffener. All parts are compatible with the FT1, meaning owners can upgrade the FT1S over time if desired. The kit will hit stores very soon.

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November 29, 2019

Smokem XQ1 split lower aluminium bulkheads

Available soon from Smokem are new lower split design aluminium bulkheads for the Xpress XQ1. Offering vastly improved flex characteristics, the parts allow the car to generate improved grip while offering a wider tuning window. Another key difference to the stock bulkheads is the use of flanged bearings for mounting the swaybars to the bulkheads. This allows the bearings to be inserted from the centre of the car for easier installation and smoother operation. The bulkheads will be available as a complete set of four with bearings included as well as separately, and they suit both the standard XQ1 and mid-pulley converted XQ1.

Source: Smokem Racing [smokem-racing.com]

November 8, 2019

Xpress XQ1 2.0mm mid motor high-clearance top deck

Coming from Xpress and made for their XQ1 series mid motor conversion kit is a 2.0mm carbon fibre high-clearance upper deck. The top deck is a direct fit and allows the use of large motor pinion gears as they are needed to achieve the desired gear ratios when competing in 21.5T stock motor classes. The top deck is machined from 2.0mm high-quality carbon fibre and it is available now.

Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]

November 5, 2019

Yeah Racing XQ1S & Egress titanium screw kits

Coming from Yeah Racing are new titanium screw kits for the Xpress XQ1S touring car and the Tamiya Egress 4WD vintage buggy. The screws are machined from high-quality titanium material for a low weight and exceptional durability and they come with a reusable small parts box that allows to store additional fasteners for having them at hand quickly and easily. Both the XQ1S and Egress specific kits are available now.

Source: Yeah Racing [yeahracing.com]