September 9, 2020

Xpress Execute lower suspension mount spacers

From Xpress for their line of Execute touring cars, including the XQ10, comes this set of 0.5mm thick lower suspension mount spacers. Further fine tune your roll centres with these easy to install spacer shims for your lower suspension mounts. Also included is a shim for the one-piece optional FR mount. Suitable for the Xpress Execute XQ1S, XQ1, XM1S, XM1, FT1, FT1S & XQ10.

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September 2, 2020

Xpress V2 Shock set

Xpress have released this V2 shock set for use with their Execute XQ10 touring car and FT1 FWD touring car with the short shock conversion kit. These V2 shocks offer an extra 1.5mm of travel over the standard versions, which translates in to more mechanical grip on track.

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August 27, 2020

Xpress sign Felix Law

Xpress have added all-round nice guy and multi-class talent, Felix Law to their factory team. Felix is known for his vast touring car knowledge and will attend all major races in the U.S. while also helping racers with track-side tech support.

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August 25, 2020

Bezerk RC Execute FT1 front bumper

Available now from Bezerk RC and made for the Xpress Execute FT1 front-wheel drive touring car is a carbon fibre front bumper. Machined from 4.0mm carbon fibre, the option part adds much added stiffness to the front body mounts. It comes in a set with two 14mm standoffs that fit between the lower and upper mount and it is usable for all FT1 specifications.

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August 19, 2020

Xpress FM1S FWD M-class touring car – Coming soon

Xpress have released first images of their forthcoming new FM1S mid-motor front-wheel drive M-class touring car kit. The design allows for more stability and increased corner speeds with adjustable flex options for the top deck enabling the driver to fine-tune the chassis to a wide range of track conditions. The chassis supports the traditional 210mm wheelbase and 160mm width, allowing for plenty of bodyshell options. The kit is set for a release in September.

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July 27, 2020

Xpress titanium spool outdrives

Xpress have announced the soon release of new lightweight titanium spool outdrives for their XQ1 and XQ10 series of touring cars. The couplers feature a redesigned shape and their lightweight yet strong material ensures instant power delivery and exceptional durability. The outdrives come in a natural finish and include mounting hardware and a set of C-shaped driveshaft blades.

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July 24, 2020

Smokem Racing XQ1/10 camber link shim set

Smokem Racing have introduced their new carbon fibre camber link shim set for the Xpress XQ1 and XQ10 kits. Made from 100 percent carbon fibre, their clever design allows racers to adjust the inner camber link position on the Xpress Execute chassis with ease. No longer is there a need to completely remove the upper link brace, add or remove spacers, then try to reassemble everything without dropping any spacers. With the shims racers simply loosen the screws, remove or add shims as needed, then retighten the screws. The set comes complete with four shims in 1.0mm thickness and four shims in 2.0mm thickness and it also fits the FT1 and XM1.

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