December 8, 2021

Xpress Dragnalo DR1S upgrade parts

Xpress have released a number of upgrade parts for the Dragnalo DR1S, including some graphite upgrades and an aluminium motor mount which connects the rear end to the middle of the chassis. The motor mount which has the rear bulkhead integrated, removes the flex that might occur when delivering large amounts of power during your drag runs. This allows for better power delivery on startup. The new graphite chassis reduces the flex of the chassis and gives more consistent performance during hot weather when compared to the stock fibre glass chassis. A new motor mount plate is now also available in graphite, reinforcing the motor area to reduce flex when applying power to the car and is available for both 1/8 motors and 540 motors. A graphite shock tower, which also fits on our Execute XQ2S, enables you to run their short shocks. And finally, the new graphite top deck further controls the flex of your chassis, changing to this will give you a more consistent chassis similar to the effect of the graphite chassis as it deals with high temperatures better.

View the new upgrade parts here

September 16, 2021

Xpress Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 4wd EP high power TC

Xpress have introduced their Dragnalo DR1S 1/10 4wd EP high power touring car. Traditional touring cars are designed for use with a 2S LiPo in line with a lot of racing standards set by the racing organisations. But with the advancement in both LiPo and brushless power systems, the DR1S was designed to handle much larger amounts of power. The DR1S was designed with the goal to handle all of that power. From Circuit racing to drag racing and 2S LiPo to 6s LiPo, the drivetrain was designed to deal with all of these high powered systems. For Drag racing application, this car was designed to withstand the power which the current 1/8th power plants are able to generate. The height adjustable wheelie bar was designed to minimise launch times and stabilise the car after launch.

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July 9, 2021

X-Square XQ10 integrated shock mount upper bulkhead

For the Xpress XQ10, this integrated shock mount upper bulkhead from X-Square helps to lower the centre of gravity of the car. This results in a more flat cornering response, further increasing consistency. Also the shock angle adjustment can be very finely tuned through adding or removing spacers. Available as a set for the front as well as one for the rear, including the carbon rear lay down body mount.

View more images of the system here

January 4, 2021

Xpress 0.75mm offset suspensions mounts

For the Xpress line of touring cars comes these 0.75mm offset suspensions mounts. With the split versions you can choose either having a wider or narrower offset and paired with the sold RR mount you will be able to widen the entire width and keeping the same toe-in as you had before.

View the split mounts here

December 30, 2020

Xpress spur gear support plate

Designed specifically for Drift cars, mount your spur evenly with this aluminium spur gear support plate. The aluminium plate creates an evenly distributed load which allows for a more precise and quiet drivetrain. Comes in the signature black with red highlighted edges and laser engraved Xpress logo.

View the mounted plate here

December 15, 2020

Xpress XQ10 high flex shock towers

From Xpress for the XQ10 are these high flex front and rear shock towers. Produced in carbon the centre of the towers has had material removed which introduces more flex in the bulkhead which translates into more mid corner speed.

View the front tower here

December 8, 2020

Xpress Execute XQ10F FWD chassis

Xpress have released a complete FWD version of their Execute XQ10 featuring a FWD drivetrain combined with a more centrally located centre of gravity. By moving the centre pulley, the motor has been moved forwards as well, putting more weight forward and changing the weight balance. Combined with a purpose shaped chassis deck, which is the result of extensive testing, combined with shorty LiPos offer the best chassis flex. Retaining the screw holes which allow for the installation of the rear T-Plate, this lets you limit the amount of rear flex as well. The topdecks also have Xpress’ signature flex elimination design integrated which allows you to further fine tune the chassis flex.

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November 30, 2020

Xpress XQ10 high flex chassis

New for the Execute XQ10, Xpress have released this high flex chassis. Designed for use in low grip conditions, it will increase drivability as this chassis will generate more mechanical grip at the expense of some corner speed. Machined from 2.25mm thick carbon fibre.

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