July 24, 2020

Smokem Racing XQ1/10 camber link shim set

Smokem Racing have introduced their new carbon fibre camber link shim set for the Xpress XQ1 and XQ10 kits. Made from 100 percent carbon fibre, their clever design allows racers to adjust the inner camber link position on the Xpress Execute chassis with ease. No longer is there a need to completely remove the upper link brace, add or remove spacers, then try to reassemble everything without dropping any spacers. With the shims racers simply loosen the screws, remove or add shims as needed, then retighten the screws. The set comes complete with four shims in 1.0mm thickness and four shims in 2.0mm thickness and it also fits the FT1 and XM1.

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July 15, 2020

Xpress XQ1S mid pulley conversion kit

Coming soon from Xpress is their new mid pulley conversion kit for the Execute XQ1S club level touring car. The set includes new upper and lower fibreglass decks, a red anodised aluminium motor mount, a redesigned servo mount plate as well as centre pulleys, main gear, belts and small parts. Using the conversion will improve overall balance in corners as well as car behaviour under acceleration. The design retains the 1-piece front and rear bulkheads of the original car and it will hit stores soon.

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June 1, 2020

Xpress XQ10 Flex Elimination set & carbon upper deck

Xpress have introduced their new Flex Elimination set and upper deck for the XQ10 touring car. The set was designed to be used with the Flex Elimination upper deck and it will allow to limit longitudinal chassis flex whilst retaining lateral chassis flex which can be helpful in specific track conditions. Using the included red anodised aluminium collar instead of the ball bearings will limit chassis flex in all directions if desired. To make use of the set, Xpress’ 2.0mm Flex Elimination upper deck is needed. Both the set and upper deck are available separately.

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May 22, 2020

Smokem Racing XQ10 MYD carbon fibre top deck

The latest vehicle to receive Smokem Racing’s MYD top deck treatment is the Xpress XQ10 mid-motor touring car. The MYD top deck design was meticulously developed with numerous designs and prototypes evaluated over a range of conditions by the Smokem team over a 4-month period. The designers settled on a design that features a narrow 9mm front section which we found to deliver balanced flex characteristics despite the asymmetric design. The result is improved traction, increased in-corner steering and corner speed. The MYD design ensures the top deck will never make contact with the motor or the spur gear as the chassis flexes. It also have plenty of clearance for large-pinioned spec class gearing. The 2mm carbon fibre MYD top deck can also be easily removed, making spur gear and belt changes a breeze. A distinctive feature of the MYD top decks is the large tuning hole that utilises a bearing to be fastened through to the top deck post. Using the Smokem MYD tuning kit, racers can tune the amount of “float” the top deck has to deliver different flex characteristics to best suit their needs.

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May 18, 2020

Xpress XQ10 & FT1 XOC rear toe control system

Available now from Xpress and made for the XQ10 and FT1 touring cars is the new V2 variant of their Xpress On-Power Control System XOC. The reactive rear toe control system was developed to change car behaviour at the corner apex by adding or removing toe from the rear wheels during chassis roll and thus suspension compression. The finely adjustable system can add in-corner stability or rotation if desired and it is easily adjustable. The set is usable with the Xpress Execute XQ1, XQ1S, FT1, FT1S, and XQ10 kits and it includes specially cut hard composite arms that allow for the same wheelbase adjustments as the regular non-XOC rear arms. Also included are red anodised aluminium rear steering hub knuckles, 3mm suspension pins and mounting hardware.

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May 15, 2020

Smokem Racing XQ10 soft-weave carbon fibre chassis

Smokem Racing have introduced their new 2.2mm soft-weave carbon fibre chassis for the Xpress XQ10 touring car. As the name suggests, the soft weave carbon fibre material used significantly increases chassis flex compared to the stock Xpress chassis. This increases the overall grip of the car and widens the tuning window, so the car is hooked up over a wider range of conditions. There are also minor changes to the profile and cutout shapes to further optimise the flex characteristics for the split bulkhead design of the XQ10, to offer greater stability and higher corner speed.

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May 15, 2020

Xpress 4mm wide 351mm drivetrain belt

Coming from Xpress is their new 4mm wide 351mm drive belt for their mid-motor touring cars as well as all touring cars that use 351mm long belts. Due to being wider than the stock belt, it will hold up the abuse of modified racing on ultra high grip tracks better, ensuring exceptional durability for that piece in mind. The belt is usable with Xpress’ own mid-motor touring cars and all kits that use 351mm long front or rear belts.

Source: Xpress [rc-xpress.com]

May 7, 2020

Xpress introduce new XQ1 FR suspension mounts

Coming from Xpress and made for all XQ1 series kits are new FR one-piece suspension mounts. They fit all Execute series cars and feature an enlarged slot for the front belt, allowing them to be used with the XQ1 Mid conversion kit as well. The mount is available in lightweight aluminium or a heavy brass variant both of which come with a black surface coating for wear and looks.

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