July 16, 2018

Muchmore Hybrid Touch Duo voltmeter charging lead

Muchmore have introduced their new voltmeter 2S balance charging leads for the Hybrid Touch Duo charger. The harnesses include a built-in voltmeter that allows to check the battery voltage without having to look on the display while also working as a stand-alone item to check battery pack voltage without the charger. The all-black wires make for a factory look and the leads are available for the left and the right charger output, ensuring good readability of the display. While being made for the Muchmore Hybrid Touch Duo charger the leads also work with other devices that use XH balancer ports and XT60 charge lead connectors.

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June 29, 2018

RC Concept 4S balance charge lead

Coming from RC Concept is their new balance charge harness for dual 2S LiPo battery packs. The 600mm long harness allows to charge two 2S LiPo packs from one charger output, saving a lot of time and making it possible to charge four packs at the same time using a dual output charger. The balance charge wire comes pre-soldered with 4mm charger and stepped 4mm/5mm plugs on the battery side as well as an XH balancer port and 2mm balance plugs. The harness is only usable with dual 2S packs but not a single 4S battery.

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June 7, 2018

RC Concept 4S balance charging lead

Coming from RC Concept is a new 4S balance charging lead. It was designed to be usable with most 4S brick packs on the market as it includes three adapters, doing away with he need to use additional balancing board adapters. Included are an XH female and XH male adapter for balancing as well as a 5mm female PK plug for charging. The hardness comes with protective net sleeves for looks and it is available now.

Source: RC Concept [rcconcept.net]

June 5, 2018

Muchmore Hybrid Touch Duo AC/DC charger

Muchmore have introduced their all-new Hybrid Touch Duo AC/DC charger. The device sports dual 200W power circuits for simultaneously charing battery packs with up to 20A of charge current while the 4.3 inch full colour touch display allows to access the charger’s extensive menu options. An integrated power supply allows to feed optional accessories such as tyre warmers, pit lamps etc. while the USB port powers smartphones, tablets and other devices. The charger is usable with 110 to 240VAC or 10 to 30VDC and it will hit stores very soon.

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April 19, 2018

SkyRC B6 Nano 320W DC micro charger

Coming soon from SkyRC is the B6 Nano 320W DC micro multi-chemistry charger. It measures a compact 76x85x37mm and weighs in at only 130g but packs a bunch of features such as a 50×37.5mm black screen display, touch buttons, up to 15A charging current, and 6S LiPo-compatibility. A LiHV mode allows to use the device with the latest generation of high-voltage LiPo batteries and thanks to Bluetooth connectivity the charger can controlled, monitored and upgraded using iOS or Android mobile device apps.

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April 17, 2018

VSR Products Team Orion Duo Charger stand

Coming from VSR Products and made for the popular Team Orion Duo Charger is a pair of stands to improve display visibility. Using the feet extensions in addition to the stock integrated feet allow the charger to stand at a more visible angle when sitting in the pit or shop area. The extensions slide over the stock stands and remain in place by the weight of the charger, allowing for extremely quick assembly and tear-down. The 3-D-printed parts are available now.

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February 14, 2018

ReVtech Team 2-cell & 4-cell Lightning charge leads

Coming from Trinity are two new ReVtech Team Lightning charge leads for 2S and 4S LiPo battery packs. The 2-cell variant is about 60cm long and it features Hi-Amp gold-plated 4mm bullets on the charger side and 5mm bullets on the battery side, both offering a tighter fit for higher amp carrying capacity. A black wire braid covers the wires completely and a custom logo shrink wrap makes for a custom look. Also new is a 4-cell variant with 4mm bullets on the charger side and a Deans-style T-plug on the battery side. The about 68cm long harness comes with a blue wire braid, custom logo shrink wrap and like the 2S variant it fits most high-end chargers.

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December 22, 2017

R1 Wurks Super LCG 80A brushless speed controller

New from R1 Wurks is the Super LCG 80A spec racing brushless speed controller. Developed using an advanced CPU technology and proprietary software combo, the ESC is meant to deliver smooth yet most responsive throttle feel. The controller offers the same advanced throttle and brake adjustability as R1 Wurks’ Digital 2 ESC to suit a wide range of driving styles and offers blinky mode (zero timing) for spec racing. All adjustable settings are easily programmed using a digital program box, designed with an intuitive, easy to use interface. The unit also features the A.C.L.C. Advanced Component Level Cooling system, this design allows individual Mosfets to transfer heat directly to the upper heatsink. The Super LCG saves up to 50 grams (including wire) of weight compared to R1’s full sized ESC, and has a nearly 30 percent smaller footprint.

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