August 10, 2022

O.S. SPEED B21 Adam Drake Edition 3

O.S. Engines has introduced its newest offroad engine with the release of the O.S. SPEED B21 Adam Drake Edition 3.  The engine is the latest offering from the Japanese company’s collaboration with Offroad racing legend Adam Drake. By adopting a boost bypass processing for the crankcase, the engine runs more smoothly, and making it even easier to drive. Adam Drake’s signature colour, blue anodized aluminium is applied to the cutting part of the new outer head, and two-colour anodized aluminium with new design is used to reduce weight and lower the center of gravity for improved driving performance. You can make a choice of two different carburettor restrictor, 6.5II for buggy and 7.5 mainly for truggy.

View spec and more images here

August 4, 2022

Hudy Onroad Starter Box Hard Case

Hudy have released this full colour HUDY graphics hard case for its popular onroad starter box. Made from high quality materials and to a high level of workmanship, the case’s durability with ensure a long life of travelling to races and providing protection for your starter box. The upper lid features inner net pocket with a zipper.

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August 4, 2022

New Picco Oval venturi

Italian engine manufacturer Picco have released a new oval shaped venturi for use with .21 sized engines.  First seen as part of their recent P3TT Limited edition buggy engine release, the venturi is now available for use in all engines.  The ‘Oval’ venturi offers a progressive opening: the surface of a horizontal ellipse evolving more gently than the round opening of a regular restrictor. The result is that on a low traction track the engine has smoother acceleration for improved drivability and fuel consumption.

Source: MW RC Cars []

July 26, 2022

Ultimate MTS Ceramic competition engine

Ultimate Racing have released their new 3 port .21 Off-Road Ultimate MTS Ceramic competition engine. Made by O.S. Engines and based on their long stroke Spec II configuration, the MTS features a DLC coated crankshaft with two balanced tungsten, modified backplate and 21J3 carburettor to improve performance. The MTS is a great choice for use in nitro buggy and truck applications. This engine provides amazing power and great fuel consumption. It has exceptional low to mid-range torque and a great idling. Also available as a MTS ‘Team Edition’ version. The ‘Team Edition’ concept uses the same Ultimate engines that are for sale, but the engines are assembled directly in our factory, completely broken-in and then thoroughly checked by our competition team to extract 100% of the performance of Ultimate engines. Available as stand alone engine or in a combo set with either a #2141 or a #2142 exhaust system.


July 18, 2022

Nova Engines glow plugs

Following the recent announcement of the establishment of Nova Engines, the Italian brand have released the complete info on their first product, glow plugs. Available for both the onroad and offroad categories they come in 5 or 6 for offroad and 6 or 7 for onroad. Nova plugs have a guaranteed airtight seal, are made from controlled expansion materials and feature a new filament resistant to pressure and high temperatures. Automated assemblies allow for greater precision and all plugs are tested for functionality. All these details have allowed Nova Engines to optimise their glow plug for different uses, ensuring greater performance and longevity to safeguard engine reliability and durability. Sold in a handy package that contains 2 plugs in order to allow you to always have a spare on hand.

View a close up of the plugs here

July 13, 2022

S-Power B7TT Factory tuned .21 racing engine

SWorkz have introduced their new S-Power B7TT Factory tuned .21 racing engine. It is a long stroke engine that offers quick response at low speeds with more torque in the mid range, with consistent idling. It comes in a conventional 3-port configuration which provides smoother torque throughout the power range. The engine’s crankshaft is DLC coated and has 2 tungsten counterweights contributing to a consistent idle and quick RPM response and it also has the latest back plate with surface treatment embedded in the cover plate. This is to reduce friction against the connecting rod and to extend its life. The crankcase of the B7TT has also been redesigned with a new boost port and a new exhaust port for optimum air flow. To accompany the engine there is the latest EFRA #2155 exhaust that has been tested and carefully selected to give your B7TT engine maximum performance and run time. It comes standard with a 80mm exhaust manifold. There are also optional 75mm and 85mm manifolds also available.

View the exhaust system here

June 17, 2022

Ruddog Racing RNX22.3 offroad competition engine

Never resting on their success, the engineers behind the Ruddog RNX21.3 nitro engine have revised the engine in several crucial areas to provide customers with an even more reliable, economic and powerful package. The RNX22.3 features a new backplate, combined with proven ceramic bearings. While retaining basic features such as DLC coating and tungsten balancing weights, the crankshaft was redesigned to increase reactivity. Together with the new revised 3-port sleeve to improve air flow in both the boost and exhaust sections and offers more torque throughout the engine’s wide power band. The updated carburettor ensures smooth and economic operation and, as before, temperatures are held in check by a full-size gold anodised cooling head.

View more details on the RNX21.3 here