July 14, 2022

Carten T410FWD competition 1/10 electric TC kit

The Carten T410FWD competition 1/10 electric touring car kit is based on their T410R touring car but developed for competitive FWD racing. This chassis uses a front motor layout to get the best weight distribution and the shaft drive enables a very low friction drive train. This is supported by ball bearings in every part of the drive. Ball differentials ensure that a perfect set-up is possible for all track conditions.

View more images of the T410FWD here

July 14, 2022

JConcepts B6.4 Fin titanium stand-offs

Strength, performance and luster runs deep with the titanium stand-offs from JConcepts. The Fin Titanium items replace the standard parts and feature a light-weight design and with built-in threads are more easily adjustable than their counterparts. The 7mm hex based design allows adjustment with the most popular wrench in the RC arsenal but also tapers down featuring the Fin treatment found on the JConcepts turnbuckles. Included with the stand-offs, the white in colour Delrin pivot bushings are top-notch. The bushings are precision machined to slide on and off the titanium and allow the shocks floating freedom and just the correct amount of fore and aft movement. The 2-piece set includes two 3x8mm BHCS to secure the stand-offs to the shock tower and a standard 3mm locknut is used to finalise the assembly and secure the shock into position. This “medium” stand-off is a direct bolt-on part to the Team Associated B6.4 rear shock tower and also fits the B74.1 vehicle on the front and rear.

View the complete set here

July 14, 2022

Ruddog air filter oil

The Ruddog air filter oil is a premium air filter oil developed for the needs of your rc car engine and air filter. This air filter oil is sticky enough to stop dirt and dust, while still allowing airflow to ensure no loss of performance. It comes in a handy 50ml bottle for easy application.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]

July 14, 2022

Rêve D Type TK suspension mount

Rêve D have introduced the new ‘Type TK’ for the rear (RF) in their lightweight and highly rigid aluminium suspension mount series. ‘Type TK’, which was developed by Takahiro Kawakami and the team, has two rod end ball mounting holes on the upper surface of the suspension mount. By attaching the upper arm to the suspension mount, a direct feeling is created in the movement of the rear suspension, and traction performance and control performance are dramatically improved. There are two types, #6 (57.2-60.4mm) and #7 (60.8-64.0mm), which can be used not only for MC-1 but also for YD-2 series.

View both suspension mounts here

July 14, 2022

JConcepts RM2 1/8th insert bands & tire bands

Two new items from the JConcepts RM2 brand with the release of new 1/8th buggy & truck tire bands and new red hot tire bands. The new RM2 buggy and truck insert bands are designed to fit in to the slots on inserts and resist insert expansion and shifting which leads to tire expansion. The band’s material construction is undersized and dimensioned to hold inserts firmly to the wheel and can be placed in any location on the insert that falls or locks into an existing groove. Next up, JConcepts together with Ryan Maifield have adapted a new style tire band to the arsenal for simplicity, purpose, and a tidy pit area. The moulded rubber bands feature some of the design details and construction and made the Satellite rubber bands so successful. For the RM2 version, the diameter has been tightened and handles removed to reduce storage space and increase snap for a variety of tires. The RM2 logo is embossed on the design, rotated about the centre and appear in Red Hot colouring.

View more of the new items here

July 13, 2022

S-Power B7TT Factory tuned .21 racing engine

SWorkz have introduced their new S-Power B7TT Factory tuned .21 racing engine. It is a long stroke engine that offers quick response at low speeds with more torque in the mid range, with consistent idling. It comes in a conventional 3-port configuration which provides smoother torque throughout the power range. The engine’s crankshaft is DLC coated and has 2 tungsten counterweights contributing to a consistent idle and quick RPM response and it also has the latest back plate with surface treatment embedded in the cover plate. This is to reduce friction against the connecting rod and to extend its life. The crankcase of the B7TT has also been redesigned with a new boost port and a new exhaust port for optimum air flow. To accompany the engine there is the latest EFRA #2155 exhaust that has been tested and carefully selected to give your B7TT engine maximum performance and run time. It comes standard with a 80mm exhaust manifold. There are also optional 75mm and 85mm manifolds also available.

View the exhaust system here

July 13, 2022

Infinity IF15 rear tower & camber plates

New for the Infinity IF15 and IF15W, Creation Model have produced some new options beginning with this new rear shock tower that features a body mounting position 3.5mm lower than std, contributing to a lower centre of gravity. By using the T266 Alu HBP mount it is also possible to utilise a horizontal style body mounting style. The shock mounting positions have also been reduced to 3, offering increased strength and crash resistance. There is also a new carbon camber plate that can be adjusted in fine steps. The diagonal direction of the holes incorporates the latest setups for the IF15. The bottom hole is the same original hole 2 (lower), the more you raise it, the more calm the rear will be. Finally, the carbon camber plate that can be adjusted in a diagonal direction that incorporates the latest setups for the IF15. In addition, the A-arm type camber link enhances rigidity and is a set of parts that greatly support rear grip. The bottom hole is the same as original hole 2 (lower), the more you raise it, the more calm the rear will be.

View the camber plates here

July 13, 2022

JConcepts Landmines pre-mounted for Arrma Mojave

JConcepts designers have opened the imagination to create an all-new performance scale tire for the Arrma Mojave. The Landmines, available pre-mounted, developed after tuning and analysis have reached the summit and now available to the Mojave enthusiast. The design starts with a robust carcass carefully shaped and sized for a multitude of conditions and capable of bashing those difficult courses while being down-to-earth enough to carry a scale appearance. The team spent considerable time with the split-block centre design which has been sliced, stepped, and recessed for flexibility and contortion over sharp, loose, and polished surfaces. The Landmines have alternating solid and cavity pads which is ideal for transitioning from smooth dirt or pavement into dirt, mud, and rocky terrain. Moving toward the edges of the carcass, the tire has horizontal grippy pads with edge and channels to provide additional forward bite.

View the set of premounted Landmines here