September 11, 2019

Rebellion-RC TRF103 WTC wing-to-chassis mount

New for the Tamiya TRF1903 formula pan cars is the WTC wing-to-chassis mount from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand. The carbon fibre and aluminium assembly will ensure increased rear end grip, better handling, improved stability on bumpy tracks and more predictable cornering. The mount moves the rear wing mount from the power pod to the centre chassis area, reducing unsprung weight. The design ensures only 20g of added weight and the set includes the WTC mount as well as a U-shaped connecting brace for the left and right side motor mounts.

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September 10, 2019

Mon-Tech Montecarlo 190mm touring car body shell

Mon-Tech Racing from Italy have introduced their all-new Montecarlo body shell for 190mm touring cars. The body is of the latest high-downforce design to offer improved steering response, rear traction and ease of driving both at high and low speeds without compromising in-corner rotation, overall stability and looks. The lid is available in ETS legal standard thickness and also as a lightweight variant and it includes window masks, a decal sheet and lightweight wing mounting hardware.

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September 10, 2019

RDRP B74 aluminium bellcrank arm

Ruddog Distribution have introduced the new RDRP aluminium bellcrank arm for the Team Associated B74 buggy, a direct replacement for the standard carbon fibre part. Machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and coming black anodised for wear and looks, the bellcrank arm offers improved strength and greater durability as it replaces the somewhat weak original carbon fibre part that can break in heavy crashes or when touching track boards. The arm mimics the original steering geometry and it comes with machined silver edge details for factory looks.

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September 10, 2019

Vogl & Mächler win at Austrian EP On-road Nats Rd7

The 7th and final round of the Austrian Electric On-road Nationals was held at the 1. MRC Wiener Neustadt track in Vienna last weekend. Mixed weather conditions challenged the drivers of the Touring Modified, Touring Stock, Formula and Pro10S classes and in the end it was Sascha Klug with the overall TQ in the Modified class from Dominic Vogl in 2nd. After the triple A-mains however it was Dominic who would hold the upper hand, leaving behind Sascha in 2nd while Patrick Gollner rounded out the top 3 results.

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September 10, 2019

WRC NTX 60 brass chassis weight

WRC Racing from Italy have announced the release of a new 60g brass chassis balance weight for their NTX 1/10th 200mm nitro touring car. Designed for the use on high-grip tracks the weight not only ups the car’s overall weight, it also increases the chassis torsional stiffness which comes in handy when running in high-bite racing conditions.

Source: WRC Racing []

September 10, 2019

Yeah Racing M-08 alloy chassis braces

Yeah Racing have released a new option part for the Tamiya M-08 M-chassis kit in the form of two aluminium chassis braces. Machined from high-quality 7075 alloy and coming black anodised the braces stiffen the front end up for increased initial steering and more consistency throughout the run compared to the stock plastic part. The braces are a drop in upgrade.

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September 10, 2019

Frederik Brolos Mikkelsen crowned Danish TC Champ

The third and final round of the Danish DASU Electric Touring Car Nationals was held at the Glostrup track over the weekend. In the Super Stock class it was Awesomatix’s Frederik Brolos Mikkelsen with the overall TQ and he also came out on top in all three A-main events for the day’s win and also the overall championship. Steven M. Olsen (Awesomatix) would end round 3 on the 2 spot from Infinity’s Soren Boy Holst in 3rd.

Image: Frederik Brolos Mikkelsen

September 10, 2019

SWorkz S35-3 pre-painted body shell

Coming from SWorkz and made for the S35-3 1/8th buggies is a pre-painted body shell. Factory painted and pre-cut the body is ready-to-mount for the electric buggy with some minor prepping being required to make the lid fit to the nitro-powered car, such as cutting the pre-marked fuel tank and cooling head openings. Included with the body comes a nose cone and a pre-cut decal sheet.

Source: MW RC Cars []