November 18, 2020

1up Racing 6S LiPo battery

Unleash the full performance of your Pro Pit Iron with the super compact 1up Racing 6S LiPo battery. Replacing the previous version, this new battery offers super fast heat up and recovery times and enough capacity to power the iron at full temp for over 2 hours. With 1000mAh and 130C burst output, it features a XT60 plug & 6S balance plug and fits in the 1up Racing Travel Case for Pro Pit Iron for convenient storage.

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November 18, 2020

Matrix updated Five 1/8th scale rims

Matrix have introduced their updated 1/8th scale rim called the ‘Five’. Maintaining the same overall look and main characteristics of its predecessor it has some really important innovations. Firstly it is more rigid on the outside to ensure greater cornering, better balanced for better handling and has increased stability to prevent any nervousness. The introduction of holes around the outer edge allows the insertion of tungsten headless screw with calibrated weight for perfect balancing. Matrix say the rim is only the first part of a new, more complex and articulated concept, which will take balancing to a higher level, with more information on the system coming shortly. The wheels are available for front and rear in Light, Carbon, Precision and Flex versions.

View the front rims here

November 18, 2020

Exotek Racing DR10 motor plate & clamping hexes

More new options for the DR10 from Exotek Racing who have produced a new motor plate and clamping hexes. Starting with the vented motor plate which features aggressive slot cuts for less weight that also helps lower the motor temps faster. The extra machining brings the weight down to 13grams (7grams lighter than stock) but the critical motor mounting areas are still intact to minimise flex for solid motor mounting and gear mesh. The precision machined heavy duty alloy rear clamping hex set has looser steel cross pin tolerance to allow you to tighten the wheel nuts without binding the bearings. The hexes do not lock onto the bearings, unlike the stock plastic hexes. They use heavy duty M2 alloy steel screws for the clamping.

View the hexes here

November 17, 2020

Team Associated RC8B3 44/13 gear set

Back by popular demand, the Team Associated RC8B3 44T ring gear and 13T pinion gear have returned as a combined packaged to include both gears as a set. Used as a tuning option in RC8B3 V3 differentials, the 44/13 gearing has a lower gear ratio for more top end speed over the 42/12 gear set.

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November 17, 2020

Schumacher team up with Markus Mobers

Schumacher Racing have added legendary German LMP12 Racer Markus Mobers to their team. Markus has been running with the Double World Championship winning Eclipse 3 for some time, but the UK are pleased this is now a permanent arrangement for future races. Markus brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to the team, and we wish him well for future events when we can enjoy them again.

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November 17, 2020

Xceed Allen wrench combo set

Xceed have introduced a design update to their range of tools, with a new handle shape and colourway. Previously coming in anodised green as a base colour together with a machined raw aluminium colour, the new design uses gun metal grey as a base and features green highlights. The handle is now lighter due to additional holes, and the centre core of the handle has also gone on a diet resulting in a comfortable and lighter feeling. The tool tips themselves remain the same, made from HSS, and the tools will be available individually or as sets like this Allen wrench combo set, which includes a 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm & 3.0mm.

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November 17, 2020

Scorpion multi-bit hex driver

Scorpion have released their convenient and versatile new multi-bit hex driver as part of their high performance tool line. This single tool contains 4 different hex sizes, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm & 3mm, plus it has an adjustable shaft length for compact storage and use, as well as extended use for those hard to reach bolts. With Scorpion’s hollow core design, and knurled grip surface, you have an ultra lightweight tool with fantastic grip and feeling in the hand. When you pop the top off you then have access to the 4 x tool tip holder and your choice of hardened steel hex driver tips. If the tool in the short configuration is not long enough, then pull up on the locking latch and the tool extends to a locked longer position, no other tools needed for adjustment. When you are finished the tool easily retracts back to its original configuration, and the tool tips magnetically slide back into the tool tip holder.

View more images of the tool here

November 17, 2020

Onisiki 120A Limited Edition brushless ESC

Onisiki have announced an update to their Hellblaze ESC. This new limited edition version has been revamped to provide a smoother throttle response and added adjustable timing to suit different tracks. Rated at 120A, it is more than you will ever need in drifting and this will keep performance consistent throughout the run. The ESC sports Onisiki’s signature markings that match their other accessories such as fans, gyros and capacitors.

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