July 20, 2022

T-Works BD11 aluminium CVD shafts

T-Works have released new CVD shafts for the Yokomo BD11. Suitable for both the front and rear of the car, they are available in 44.5mm and 45.5mm versions. The CVDs have been machined from 7075 T6 aluminium for light weight and hard coated for increased durability. Can also be used with the BD10 and BD9.

View the 45.5mm version here

July 19, 2022

Marcus Kaerup joins Ruddog Racing Team

Marcus Kaerup has joined the Ruddog Racing team. Marcus’ Team Associated RC8B4 buggy will be powered by the Ruddog Racing RNX22.3 nitro engine, and the newly crowned EFRA 4WD European Champion will tap into the wide range of Ruddog accessories to prepare and maintain all his cars.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]

July 18, 2022

Nova Engines glow plugs

Following the recent announcement of the establishment of Nova Engines, the Italian brand have released the complete info on their first product, glow plugs. Available for both the onroad and offroad categories they come in 5 or 6 for offroad and 6 or 7 for onroad. Nova plugs have a guaranteed airtight seal, are made from controlled expansion materials and feature a new filament resistant to pressure and high temperatures. Automated assemblies allow for greater precision and all plugs are tested for functionality. All these details have allowed Nova Engines to optimise their glow plug for different uses, ensuring greater performance and longevity to safeguard engine reliability and durability. Sold in a handy package that contains 2 plugs in order to allow you to always have a spare on hand.

View a close up of the plugs here

July 18, 2022

Associated Apex2 Hoonicorn RTR

Team Associated is excited to partner with Hoonigan once again to bring you their world-famous Hoonicorn in radio-controlled form. Built on the new Apex2 chassis, the Team Associated Hoonigan Hoonicorn is a tire-slaying beast. The engineers at Team Associated spent countless hours capturing many of the details synonymous with the 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonigan Hoonicorn. Features including officially licensed American Racing VF503 Wheels, rear diffuser, moulded intake and turbos, scale brake rotors and more. The Hoonicorn Apex2 chassis is equipped with the latest features for on road racing. A front and rear independent suspension with threaded, oil-filled shocks and active rear toe give the Apex2 the ultimate in handling on an uneven tarmac. This makes it a perfect platform for the Hoonicorn and tire-shredding action.

View more details & images here

July 16, 2022

RC Maker BD11 carbon options

RC Maker has released a ton of new option parts for the new Yokomo BD11 in the same vein as that of previous car releases. There is RC Maker’s well now slimflex top decks in both 1.6mm and 2mm variants as well as their centraflex top decks in the same two thicknesses. There is a front carbon bumper mount with 5mm brace that not only looks great but is very strong. For the steering of the BD11 there is the very durable carbon RTC steering arms and they also have a handy steering limiter set which allows for 3 different steering lock angles. There are also the full line of flex options with flex dampeners for the front bulkhead as well as the front of the top deck, a rigid flex brace for the front bulkhead and a rear bulkhead stiffener shim plate to complete the set. There is also a a carbon top deck flex reduction insert and finally RC Maker’s Tweak stick set has been updated for the new car with update end plates.

View the other new items here

July 15, 2022

ARC A10 competition EP touring car

The A10 is ARC’s latest generation 1/10 electric touring car and it’s ready to hit the track. Built on a completely new platform, the A10 was developed with some key goals in mind – a lower centre of gravity, increased mechanical grip, easy maintenance & setup and full adjustability. The car features a new one-piece upper deck, helping the A10 to be super easy to drive out-of-the-box and suiting a wide range of track conditions. An optional two-piece design is available to independently tune the front and rear flex for racers looking to get the most out of their A10. The new one-piece motor bulkhead caters for both upper deck designs, allowing different flex options via both the chassis and top decks. The bottom of the motor bulkhead now also features a 3mm centre alignment pin to better locate the chassis when less chassis screws are used. This allows extra chassis flex to be dialled in with less likelihood of tweaking. The brand-new lower arms of the A10 are made from 3mm thick, high-quality carbon fibre plate and are stronger and lighter than traditional composite arms. The design of the new lower arms allows the arms to be moved further inboard for an even longer arm than the R12. Back-to-back testing has confirmed this new design to be even easier to drive while achieving greater corner speed.

View more A10 information and details here

July 14, 2022

JConcepts Slash & Rustler 4×4 motor plate & fan mount

The JConcepts team has designed a new motor plate and fan mount set for the Slash 4×4 and Rustler 4×4. First, the motor plate is machined from billet aluminium, has added honeycomb machining and is a durable update option over standard parts. Black anodising comes standard with silver chamfered high-lighted edging. Attaching to the motor mount, the fan mount is just as important with billet aluminium construction with lightweight and lower open design, angular mounting geometry, black anodised with silver chamfered high-lighted edging. The included hardware pieces the item together and provides an incredible platform for included fan. The included 30x30x10 aluminium housed fan has a medium-length wire with industry standard JST plug that can plug into many receiver combinations. Depending on the location of the receiver, a JST extension wire might need to be used (not included).

View the motor plate & fan mount set here