May 31, 2024

MR33 Awesomatix A800R Organiser Box

MR33, the brand of multiple World Champion & current Awesomatix factory driver Marc Rheinard, has released this parts Organiser Box for the popular A800R Electric Touring Car.  The organiser is made with attention to detail and allows you to store everything in one box.  The box can fit stabilizers, PSS system, springs and top deck screws.

View parts list & more images here

May 31, 2024

Yokomo’s first 4WD Buggy set for Summer re-release

Following the successful re-release of its 1980’s ‘Super Dog Fighter’ 1:10 4WD Buggy late last year, Yokomo has announced that it is to re-issue its first ever 4WD Buggy, the YZ-834B Dogfighter.   Publishing CAD images of the buggy, which are ‘are of a product under development’, the Japanese manufacturer explained, ‘In response to requests from many users, we have decided to re-release Yokomo’s first 4WD off-road car, the YZ-834B Dogfighter!  Based on a resin main chassis, it features a distinctive chain-driven 4WD system, front and rear monoshocks, front double wishbone suspension, rear trailing arms, and more, allowing you to fully enjoy the atmosphere of the time. Of course, spare parts are also provided so that you can enjoy driving it properly, and you can fully experience the excitement of a representative off-road car from the 1980s, so please look forward to it!’   While no specific launch date is given, they have targeted a Summer time release for the YZ-834B Dogfighter saying they will release more information on the kit on their social media and newsletters from ‘time to time’.

View other CAD image here

May 30, 2024

R1 Wurks B7 Carbon Fibre Motor Mount Top Support

Another new aftermarket optional for Team Associated’s RC10B7 2WD Buggy is this ultra lightweight motor plate from R1 Wurks.  It enhance the stability of your motor by providing additional mounting support by relocating one of the mounting points to the top.  As a result motor flex at the mounting surface is minimised for a sturdier and more secure motor installation.  This motor plate not only offers the advantages of a cross-supported mounting configuration but also features multiple layers of high-strength carbon fibre.  The outer layer is made of forged carbon fibre in an epoxy matrix, creating an exceptionally stiff mount that significantly reduces weight.

View Motor Mount fitted here

May 30, 2024

Revolution Design B7 Machined Idler Gear 26T

Revolution Design Racing Products has released this Machined Idler Gear 26T (RDRP0672) for the Team Associated RC10B7 and RC10B7D as a premium upgrade compared to the standard injection molded idler gears. This option part is machined from white POM and offers improved durability while also lowering friction thanks to POM’s self-lubricating properties.

Source: RDRP []

May 30, 2024

MyCandy IF18-3 Battery Plate weights

More option parts from Italian brand MyCandy for the Infinity IF18-3 1:8 Onroad Chassis are these battery plate weights.   Offering two options of the weight for the the World Championship winning,  the tungsten versions is 100grams while the brass version weights in at 45 grams to give to two distinct balance set-up options.

View Brass option here

May 30, 2024

2024 Speed King Tour Rd2 – Report

After a successful opening round of the Speed King Tour 2024 at the Super RC Omiya indoor tarmac track, the popular and competitive electric touring car series sponsored by Rakusai Model moved outdoors for Round 2 at TM Circuit Wakayama in Wakayama prefecture.  Now in its 11th year, this race series travels to circuits across Japan to compete for the series championship through six rounds.  For the first time in the event’s history, the number of entries reached 100, Atsushi Hara among the line-up, and many racers came to the track a day early.  Considering the weather forecast that the next day would be rainy, the organisers decided to hold one round of qualifying for the top category TC0 (Modified) class on Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, it rained on the day of the event, and the decision was made to cancel the race.  The TC0 class standings were determined based on the previous day’s qualifying results.  The winner was Tamiya driver Ryoma Yoshida, a local junior high school driver, with Takara Sano also driving a Tamiya in second with the Infinity of Ryosuke Yamamoto completing the podium.  The next round, Round 3, will be held on 14th of July at the new Next Rush Circuit in Chiba prefecture.

Source: Speed King Tour []

May 30, 2024

Mugen Seiki MSB1 Friction O Ring & Shock Springs

Mugen Seiki has released new option Friction O Ring and Shock Springs for their MSB1 1:10 2WD Buggy which was released earlier this year.  The Soft option Friction O Ring is intended to be used for gear differential.  Sold as a pack of 10 pieces, they are made of softer material than the kit standard B2322C O Rings and provide a smoother action making the buggy drive easier.  Also new is a 5 Dot Front Shock Spring which is one stage harder than the previous strongest front spring offering.  A new 4 Dot Rear shock spring is one level harder than the current strongest Riya Spring.

Source: Mugen Seiki []

May 30, 2024

Ielasi Tuned EFRA 2701 Pipe and Manifold Kit

Former 1:10 Nitro Touring Car World Champion Daniele Ielasi’s Ielasi Tuned engine brand has released a new exclusive Pipe and Manifold Kit for the category’s .12 engines.   With this year a World Championship year for Nitro Touring Car, the title to be decided in Costa Rica in November, the new pipe mould which is exclusive to Ielasi Tuned offered improved performance over the older EFRA2688.  The kits are available in both a Polished or Hard Coated finish.

View hard coated finish here