June 7, 2022

Prümper wins ETS Rd1 in the Netherlands

Season #15 of the Euro Touring Series kicked off this past weekend with AMCA Apeldoorn in the Netherlands playing host to Rd1 of the series. The race saw 198 entries in six classes and the event started with a free practice day on Thursday. A solid weather forecast for the weekend made all drivers looking forward for great ETS racing action. As always at the ETS, the race included 4 rounds of qualifying followed by triple mains for everybody on the amazing racetrack in Apeldoorn. During the weekend, the forecast for Sunday was changing and showing the possibility of rain on the radar. The ETS crew changed the schedule and raced two complete rounds of finals on Saturday, and only one on Sunday and it paid off with all races in dry conditions.

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June 7, 2022

Core RC Star Series brushless motors

Schumacher have introduced the Core RC ‘Star Series’ high performance, yet cost effective, fixed timing brushless motors. Available in 10.5T, 13.5T and 17.5 variants, they are ideal for spec classes and are the new control motor for BRCA F1 Stock Cars. The motors incorporate a slick looking design with simplicity in mind, providing great performance time after time. Supplied with a 160mm flat sensor lead they are rebuildable and use a strong 12.5mm rotor and high performance bearings.

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June 7, 2022

Avid B6.4 & B6.4D chassis protectors

Avid have released a line of chassis protectors for the Associated B6.4 & B6.4D, manufactured by Stickit1Racing. Available in white or black for either the B6.4 or B6.4D, the decals are easily applied and help protect your chassis from scratches. The set also includes an extra removable tailpiece for when the first one gets worn out.

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June 5, 2022

2022 Speed King Tour Rd2 – Report

The second round of Speed King Tour 2022 was held at TM circuit Wakayama outdoor tarmac track recently. The race catered to hree different electric touring car classes, TC0 class cars using modified motor, TC1 with boosted stock motor and only GForce ESC and motor can be used in the TC2 class. Tire manufacturer Rush became main sponsor for Speed King tour from this event and supplied hand-out tires for all classes. Kazushige Tomita is not only TM circuit track manager but also top class driver in Japan took TQ in the TC0 class with his brand new Tamiya TRF420X. Masayuki Kawada took TQ in TC1 and Hidekazu Fujino became top qualifier in the TC2 class. The TC2 class A final race was chaotic but Hidekazu made top finish from pole position with Makoto Ando in second and Shigehiro Odawara tsking the final place on the podium. Masayuki won the TC1 class with TRF420X and Masaaki Honda took second while Atsushi Yamaguchi finished 3rd. Kazushige Tomita was unbeatable on his track. He finished first and his disciple Takara Sano was second. Takara also drove TRF420X. Rush Infinity driver Jin Sawada finished third only 0.4 seconds behind Takara. Next round of the Speed King Tour will take place at the New Next Rush Circuit in Chiba prefecture on 19th of June.

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June 5, 2022

Roche Rapide F1 offset steering knuckle

Roche have produced this new offset aluminium steering knuckle for the Rapide F1. The new part offers smoother initial steering response and more mid corner steering. Featuring a clamp type design for fine adjustment, the tighter it is clamped the more stability while the looser, the more aggressive steering. The part is also less tall at 2.5mm allowing for a wider droop and ride height adjustment.

View an image of the knuckle set here

June 3, 2022

1up Racing Pro Duty titanium lockdown M4 wheel nuts

1up Racing have introduced their latest generation of professional-grade hardware, the Pro Duty Titanium Lockdown M4 wheel nut. Featuring a sleek new design inspired by smooth lines found in the World Famous SoCal Hot Rod scene, these bring a taste of California to wherever you are. These wheel nuts are finely machined from the strongest Grade 5 Titanium possible and are made to out-last this car and your next one. Low-Profile at Only 4mm Tall they have and oversized 11mm flange that provides excellent wheel support and are sold in sets of 4.

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June 3, 2022

Xray release the GTX8 & GTX8E’23

Xray have released details on their all new for 2023 GTX8 platform. The new GT nitro and EP chassis feature an all-new aluminium bulkhead framework which increases reliability, strength and allows for much greater airflow to cool the drivetrain as well as more convenient maintenance from the super easy diff access. Front & rear aluminium diff pinion adapters maintain proper gear mesh and allow for significantly improved cooling of the pinion gear bearings aluminium eccentric bushings for the rear differential allow for a new diff height tuning adjustment. A redesigned chassis plate to match the aluminium bulkheads features extra cutouts around the engine and rear driveline to promote airflow and increased cooling of the drivetrain. The front & rear shock towers now feature a second row of shock absorber positions for super fine adjustments. Additionally, to accommodate the latest low profile racing bodies, the rear shock tower features an additional wing mounting position to place the wing mount as low as possible. A redesigned front upper carbon top deck reinforces the new aluminium bulkheads and chassis. In the drivetrain, the all-new high-acceleration clutch bell features an independent clutch housing with a separate one-piece machined 2-gear 14/18T pinion gear module. New diff crown gears and pinion gears use specially designed profile of the 46T and 13T gears for a perfectly matched engagement that ensures smoother operation, less drag and significantly longer lifespan. All this plus a a whole lot of other updates.

View the GTX8 23 presentation here & GTX8E 23 here