July 12, 2019

T-Works introduce A319 optionals

T-Works have announced first option parts for the new Agama A319 1/8th scale nitro buggy. The range includes a lightweight 7-piece titanium turnbuckle set, a 150-piece UFO head titanium screw kit as well as 173-piece gold-colour steel screw set. The titanium parts are cut from high-quality 64-grade titanium for a low weight and high strength, ensuring a lower overall car weight and greater corrosion resistance. The gold-coloured steel screws however mainly add visual impact, allowing the ride to stand out.

View samples of the screw kits here

July 12, 2019

Bezerk T4 Mid optional top decks

Bezerk have announced the release of optional top decks for Zero Tribe T4 Mid converted Xray T4 touring cars. Available are slim and rear split design upper decks that help to fine-tune chassis flex to your liking. In addition two different thicknesses of 1.6mm and 2.0mm are available to further fine-tune the chassis’ torsional flexibility. The top decks are a direct fit, they come cut from high-quality glossy carbon fibre and they can also be customised to meet the customer’s needs.

View the split rear chassis here

July 12, 2019

Avid A800 limited edition titanium chassis

Coming from Avid are two new titanium chassis for the Awesomatix A800X series touring car. The chassis has been designed for high bite conditions and Avid widened the standard arm pivots in the rear 0.5mm on each side – arms further from the bulkheads – which stabilizes the car allowing to drive it harder with more confidence. The designers have also narrowed the long arm suspensions pivots in the rear 0.5mm on each side – arms closer to the bulkheads – to match the rear. Avid recommend using this chassis to increase performance on high to medium bite conditions with Kyle Klingforth, who helped develop the chassis, finishing 2nd in the Touring Modified class at this year’s ROAR Carpet Nationals, forcing other teams to fly in custom titanium chassis due to them offering quite an advantage. The limited edition chassis fits the standard motor position A800X and it is available in exclusive oil slick or standard black anodising.

View more images here

July 11, 2019

Exotek 22 5.0 LiPo tabs & posts sets

Made for the TLR 22 5.0 buggy is Exotek’s latest LiPo tabs and posts set. The easy bolt-on set for the use with the standard 22 5.0 LiPo cups bypasses the O-rings by way of easy to use carbon LiPo tabs and post spacers. Simply twist the tabs for quick battery access. The set includes carbon fibre LiPo tabs and alloy mounting posts for the use with standard shorty packs.

View another image here

July 11, 2019

Muchmore Impact 5600mAh 4S HV shorty battery pack

Coming from Muchmore is their unique Impact Silicon Graphene HV FD4 series 5600mAh 15.2V shorty hardcase battery. The 4S pack measures 95x46x46.5mm and weighs in at 423g. It is build using high-quality 140C capable cells and comes pre-wired with an XH balance connector and an XT60 power plug. The lightweight hardcase battery is ideal for 1/8th scale buggies and trucks where its use can greatly lower the overall weight.

Source: Muchmore [muchmoreracing.net]

July 11, 2019

Zero Tribe BD9 mid motor conversion kit – Teaser image

Following the world-wide success of their Xray T4 mid motor conversion kit Japanese company Zero Tribe have started to develop a Mid kit for the popular Yokomo BD9. “Mid” motor cars recently gained a lot of popularity as they are meant to offer greater cornering speed and improved balance and consistency over conventional “rear” motor designs. No word yet on a release date but we are keeping you up to date on the progress.

Source: Zero Tribe [zerotribejapan.com]

July 11, 2019

Yeah Racing 1/8th electric motor heat sinks

Yeah Racing have introduced their new add-on heat sinks for 1/8th scale electric motors. Designed for the use with motors of 40.8mm diameter and 57.9mm of length, the multi-piece aluminium heat sink wraps around the motor, making for an increased surface and thus better heat dissipation. In addition up to two optional 30mm cooling fans can be mounted to further increase cooling capacity. 10mm stand offs allow to raise the fans which further improves cooling at the expense of a higher centre of gravity and less body clearance. The hear sinks are available in red, black or blue colour.

View the colour variants here

July 11, 2019

Samix Enduro 5.8mm flanged brass balls

Coming from Samix and made for the Element RC Enduro trail truck are 5.8mm flanged brass suspension balls. A direct replacement for the standard 5.8mm plastic balls, the metal parts both offer greater durability and an increased weight, the latter being a bonus as it creates improved climbing performance in rough terrain. The set includes ten balls that are usable throughout the truck at locations such as the suspension and steering links as well as the lower shock mounting positions.

View the mounted parts here