November 12, 2020

SWorkz S35-4E aluminium servo mount

The kit standard S35-4E servo mount is made from plastic and now SWorkz have released a new option made from CNC machined aluminium. Hard coated, the new servo mount will provide the steering servo a more solid mounting and quicker steering response.

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November 11, 2020

Samix SCX10-3 brass inner & outer drive shaft set

Samix have released this brass inner & outer drive shaft combo set for the SCX10-3. Made of high quality brass material, with a black coating to avoid oxidation, they weigh a total of 97g and improve the rigidity and durability of the drivetrain. The Samix logo has been etched into the coating and both inner and outer shaft set are included

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November 11, 2020

Element RC Enduro Gatekeeper Buggy RTR rock crawler

Element RC have released a RTR version of their Enduro Gatekeeper Buggy rock crawler. Previously only available as a kit, it now comes in two different RTR sets, both with brushless electronics, transmitter and receiver, while only the LiPo combo comes with charger and battery pack. Packed full of performance features the Gatekeeper Suspension package consists of rear trailing arms that move the shocks forward, allowing a larger window for shock tuning and providing improved weight bias. The trailing arms are paired with a rear anti-roll bar for a more stable and consistent suspension when crawling on the rocks. An adjustable aluminium track bar mount firmly bolted to the chassis rail gives the Enduro GK more reliable and responsive steering without the flex. The shock mount inserts with multiple mounting positions allow for precise suspension tuning, whether it’s moving the shocks up, down, forward, or back.

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November 11, 2020

PR Racing longer truck shock shafts

PR Racing have produced these new optional front and rear shock shafts for the PR SB401R-T truck. Longer by 2mm compared to the standard versions, they are recommended for tracks with big jumps. The package includes two shock shafts, two shock piston washers and two lock nuts.

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November 10, 2020

JConcepts RC10 standard front axles

JConcepts continue with their vintage car part releases and one part that brings the originality of the RC10, RC10B2, and RC10B3 together is the original length front axle. While using the stock offset front wheel, having the standard length axle contributes to the original stance and performance of the iconic vehicles. JConcepts has re-created these parts in 7075 aluminium, anodised black, threaded on the outside for the original style nylon wheel nut and in addition, threaded inside for 4-40 set screws (not included).

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November 10, 2020

JConcepts RC10 Mono wheels

JConcepts supports the vintage RC enthusiast with the release of new Mono wheels. The original offset front and rear wheels for the RC10, RC10B2 and RC10B3 have been highly sought-after for years by drivers looking to outfit a restoration project or racers actively racing their vehicles. The 2.2” Mono wheels are inspired by the originals, feature the iconic dish shape with the rear wheels utilising the pin drive setup for 3/16” axles while the fronts accept a non-flanged 3/16 x 3/8” bearing. JConcepts has taken the liberty of increasing the wheel width to the inside in order to accommodate today’s race tires. The wheels include a vent hole on the outer diameter and an added outer “catch” to reduce the ability for glue to run down the face of the wheel during application and curing. Mono wheels are available in bright white and fluorescent racing yellow and packaged 4 pieces per pack.

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November 10, 2020

T-Works adjustable clamping servo horns

T-Works have introduced their new adjustable clamping servo horns. Available in two different versions, standard and +5 as well as for both 23T and 25T splines, the new horn features an insert to precisely locate the lever mounting hole. Between the two inserts there is a range of mounting position from 17mm to 20mm from the pivot point and with both the insert and servo arm made from high quality aluminium, as well as the use of a clamping screw, the entire arm assembly is rock solid.

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November 9, 2020

LC Racing LE lightweight pit mat

New from LC Racing to commemorate their 7th Anniversary, comes a limited edition lightweight pit mat. The mat measures 100x50cm and with a thickness of 1.5mm, it is made from a special durable fabric that will stand up to regular usage while looking new for an extended period of time. The pit mat is made of black material and it features LC Racing along with the outline of their LC10 B5 4wd buggy.

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