November 8, 2023

JConcepts Silent Speed 27T 550 motor

New from JConcepts is the Silent Speed brushed motor aimed at crawlers looking for drivable power.  One of the best aspects of brushed power is the ability to perform on a budget while performing at a high-level.  The 27-turn Silent Speed motor with 550 can has a fixed end-bell featuring the stealth, black appearance is great for consistent performance.  The output side of the motor features a ball bearing while the outer brush hood is bushing supported.  Simply install the pinion gear back to the motor, align to form proper gear mesh and drop the Silent Speed motor back in to place in the vehicle.  Install or solder motor wires back in to place for proper rotation and place the vehicle back into service.

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November 7, 2023

Martin dominates Round 2 of EssexCarpetClash

Round 2 of the popular EssexCarpetClash series took place at the end of October, where drivers had a mix of both an open and tight track. The grip seemed a little lower than the first round, so a little tweak to setup was needed, but this didn’t effect any of the fast and close racing throughout the day. In 2WD it was the mega quick Lee Martin that set the timing sheets alight taking top spot in all his qualifying runs with his Schumacher LD3. Ed Kerry had a great start to the day with some great early qualifying runs, putting his Serpent 2nd on the grid ahead of Will Venables in 3rd.Harley Eldridge would have a consistent qualifying and would line up 4th ahead of Demetri Panayides. The pole man Martin, would continue his dominance and never look back in the finals, and would make it a perfect 3 leg finals taking all leg wins and the meeting overall. With a few errors and mix ups in the field all finals, it would be Eldridge that would make the most of things and constantly finish in the top spots and getting her 2nd overall for the day with her Xray. Venables would keep his grid position and finish 3rd overall.
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November 6, 2023

T-Works MP9/10 Steel Front Universal Driveshaft sets

T-Works has released a range of Steel Front Universal driveshaft sets for Kyosho’s 1:8 Offroad Buggy and Truggy kits.  The driveshaft are offered for the MP9, MP10 and MP10T and are made from high-quality steel which has been coated for extra hardness.  The 93mm shaft set is intended for the MP9, 95mm for the MP10, while the MP10T Truggy driveshafts are 132.5mm.

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November 3, 2023

Reunited after 15 years – Hara, Miura & the D8

15-years ago one of the icons of our sport claimed a race win that to this day he describes as the ‘highlight’ of his illustrious racing career.  That driver was Atsushi Hara and the race in question was the 2008 IFMAR 1:8 Offroad World Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As anyone who races nitro well knows, it is very much a team sport.  Today here in Japan, on the penultimate day of the 1:8 Onroad Worlds, that World title conquering combo of Hara, legendary race mechanic Masayuki Miura and the winning Hot Bodies D8 buggy were reunited for the first time in a decade and a half.  As Red RC was in its infancy and didn’t cover its first 1:8 Offroad World Championship until 2-years later in Thailand, it was an opportunity to recreate the winning team photo of 2008 with our good friends Hara and Miura and do a ‘Retro Chassis Focus’ on the historic buggy.

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November 3, 2023

Pro-Line SCX10 Twin I-Beam Pre-Runner Suspension Kit

Pro-Line has released a Twin I-Beam Pre-Runner Suspension kit to transform your SCX10 I/II into a 2WD Desert Truck.  In the early days of offroad desert racing, I-Beam trucks became the standard suspension setup due to their uncompromised durability, easily attained long-travel, and overall simplicity.  Now, you can capture that desert racing sprit using your SCX10 kit as a base to build a 1/10 scale pre-runner. The Twin I-Beam front suspension consists of two long “I-beam” arms that cross one another in an X-pattern. These arms control the lateral forces applied to the wheels, while radius arms reach backward toward the centre skid plate to stabilise each wheel in the fore-aft direction.  This super scale conversion kit utilises the same geometry setup as 1:1 trucks with true swingset steering and centre-mount radius arms to optimise handling throughout the entire suspension travel.  The kit includes everything you need to easily convert your rig and completely change the driving experience of your SCX10.  Stainless steel links and steel pivot balls provide dependable endurance, while the new battery tray moves the battery to the rear of the vehicle for optimal weight bias and performance.  The new front shock tower features holes for dual shock mounting, and the new rear trailing arms have 3 wheelbase options for added adjustability and versatility.

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November 3, 2023

STRC SCX10 Pro 4×4 option parts

In their final wave of Axial SCX10 Pro 4×4 competition crawler option parts, ST Racing Concepts has added two vital components to add more overall weight to the lower part of the vehicle.  First is the front weight brass steering knuckles, with a combine weight of nearly 140 grams for the pair.  Second is the rear axle tube, which adds nearly 70 grams of weight to the rear axle.  These two option parts combine for almost 200 grams of weight at the lower part of the vehicle to help with steep incline and overall vehicle crawling capabilities.

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November 2, 2023

VP Pro 1:8 Offroad Coloured Rims

VP-PRO has extended the range of colours in their 1:8 Buggy and Truggy rim range.  Adding the option of pink, green and orange, the rims are made of high-quality plastic, lightweight, high rigidity which adds to better stability during turns and conforms to IFMAR standards.

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November 2, 2023

JConcepts S2 Schumacher LD3 body

JConcepts has released its popular S2 body for the recently introduced Schumacher LD3 1:10 2WD Buggy.  The S2 is a performer straight out of the package and includes the Carpet | Turf rear wing to help deliver results on any racing circuit.  Slammed overall height allows the S2 to whisk through the turns with a low centre of mass while the progressive cab design provides plenty of front-end force for superior balance and steering.  A channeled roof directs the flow through the center of the body while also increasing the rigidity of cockpit.  The dual side-window design that has become famous on the JConcepts bodies remains to bring a traditional feel to the layout.  The upper side-pods feature distinct vents used to help relieve hot air build-up inside the body for those high-powered runs or hot days at the track.  Carved and detailed side-pods edge the body giving the highly aero unit a stylish look with a tight fit and finish.

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