April 26, 2022

Holthuis wins Dutch 1/10 Nitro nats opener

The first Dutch national race for 1/10 nitro cars was held at the Sluis track in Gouda. Wordl famous for cheese, in the RC world the Gouda event is known for the tight twisty and unforgiving layout. Combined with strong winds the challenge was on for the racers. After qualifying we had Milan Holthuis on pole with some margin to the rest. For the final the battle looked to be for the lower podium positions. The higher than expected tire wear would also come into play for the 30 minute final. Would a tire change be necessary and if so, all four or only outside? Plenty of options…

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April 25, 2022

Martinelli & Fonzar win at Swiss Nats season opener

The first round of the Swiss Championship took place last weekend in Lostallo. Unfortunately the weather forecast was not good, especially for Saturday and Sunday. Simon Kurzbuch and Silvio Hächler were not present, as they preferred to prepare for the upcoming first round of the ENS in Fiorano. Fortunately on Friday the weather was nice and this allowed everyone to find that feeling lost during the winter months. Mattia Pesenti made his return after more than 2 years of absence, debuting with the new FX engine, still in the testing phase.

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April 25, 2022

Exotek 22S HD alloy servo mounts

From Exotek come these precision machined heavy duty alloy servo mounts for the Losi 22S series drag cars. Solid design that installs easily onto your chassis and provides for easier maintenance and consistent steering action. Polished and anodised in factory black.

Source: Exotek [exotekracing.com]

April 22, 2022

Roche Rapide F1 Evo3 chassis

Roche have introduced their new Rapide F1 Evo3 chassis. Featuring a newly designed graphite main chassis, rear pod plate, front lower arm, caster adjust plate, top deck and chassis brace, the updates don’t stop there with new aluminium rear bulkheads and lower pod plate with centering pins. The motor mount rear bulkheads come with plastic axle ride height adjusters and are finished in red/black two tone anodising. Up front there is an all new 7075 aluminium floating servo mount which is lower thanks to the chassis plate being machined out below the servo. The graphite multi-flex top deck features adjustable chassis flex using tweak free screws and the centre damper positions are selectable on the top deck. Finishing off the many updates is a new centre pivot system with high / lower pivot position selectable, new DVS-V3 centre damper with quick rear droop adjustment and aluminium easy adjust side spring holder.

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April 22, 2022

Schumacher Atom GT12 gear differential

Schumacher’s new Atom GT12 gear differential offers several great improvements over the ball differential design. Firstly is consistent and easy setting with less frequent maintenance, with very little change from race to race. It also has improved handling ability with more stable cornering entry, and improved mid and particularly exit rotation. The diff is fully ball raced for high precision, performance and lower maintenance while the axle is steel for strength and reliability. Comes supplied with 60T 48dp spur gear.

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April 20, 2022

Serpent Viper 990 1/8 GP chassis

Serpent have announced the release of the Viper 990, the successor of the successful 989. The team have spent a lot time testing and development to improve the 989 platform and have put a lot of emphasis on the flex characteristic since that showed very promising results. The main new features include the ultra-narrow chassis which has been milled down to allow the lower radio plate as well as to improve flex. The central hole underneath the tank is narrower, as a consequence of the narrower chassis and so the central weight bridge is now mounted from underneath and allows for a quick change of the weight. The front weight bridge is now also mounted from the bottom to allow easy access to the weight and is now also adjustable from the bottom. There are 2 additional locations to put a small weight, just behind the servo-saver and in front of the engine. The engine has been lowered 1mm for improved flex as well to lower the CG.

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April 19, 2022

Reedy Zappers DR 8250mAh 130C LiPo pack

Reedy Zappers DR 8250mAh batteries have been designed specifically for the demands of drag racing and feature high capacity and C ratings to minimize voltage drop at launch while their inherently heavier weight aids in achieving the ideal front/rear weight distribution. Performance is not restricted by typical plugs and skimpy wires thanks to a heavy-duty QS8 plug with beefy 8-gauge wires in a 2S-5P configuration. Like all Zappers batteries, the 8250mAh variant is constructed using cells featuring the latest advancements in LiPo chemistry and construction techniques to maximise power output without sacrificing durability. Reedy’s engineering team strives to improve all aspects of battery performance in the increasingly popular and competitive world of RC drag racing.

Source: Reedy [associatedelectrics.com]

April 18, 2022

Exotek high performance Flite spur gears

Exotek have introduced 4 new high performance machined POM spur gears for all Exotek slipper eliminator hubs. Available in 104T, 99T, 94T and 89T, they are 100% machined POM to insure true roundness, with extra interior machining to reduce overall weight for reduced rotating mass. Much stiffer and truer than moulded nylon spur gears, they require three M3x6 button head screws (not included). These sizes are best suited for stand up or raised transmissions as they may be too big for most laydown transmissions.

Source: Exotek [exotekracing.com]