November 8, 2021

Yokomo YD-2 ‘Teams’ lightweight Flex chassis set

Team Yokomo’s competition drift brand, Teams, have announced the release of their new light weight flex chassis set for the YD-2 series. The lightweight graphite main chassis plate and special lightweight battery holder provide the right amount of rigidity and traction for a more balanced and controlled feel. While the design is slim and stylish, the weight and rigidity has been carefully balanced with bold cut-outs and milling on the bottom chassis plate. The flex balance not only improves rear traction, but also the load on the front tyre, ensuring better response of the steering. The chassis is also designed to take advantage of the inherent flex of the chassis material, with separate FR/RF suspension mounts to allow for unobstructed flex. The battery holder is also compact and separate, maximising the use of the whole chassis plate and allowing the car to keep constant traction on uneven surfaces and extreme throttle input.

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November 5, 2021

Bittydesign Hiberya 1/10 FWD 190mm body shell

Bittydesign have introduced the Hiberya, the Italian company’s second release for the FWD category following the HC-F. Following several months of outdoor and indoor testing, the new body has demonstrated exceptional lap times. This has been possible thanks also to several modifications made to the original project as we wanted to be sure to offer a body that could excel in the FWD category and reach an optimal level of performance and balance. Made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan, the body includes a complete set of screw, nuts and large plastic washers to fix properly the rear wing. Produced only in light weight version, it fits all the 190mm electric chassis on the market with 257-260mm wheelbase.

View more images of the Hiberya here

November 5, 2021

Mon-tech Racing reveal their new Zero TC bodyshell

Following extensive testing and having teased us earlier in the week, Mon-tech Racing is pleased to present their new TC bodyshell named Zero. The main characteristics of this new body are extreme ease of driving, precise steering both on and off power, excellent traction in acceleration as well as being very quick in direction changes. It comes supplied with screws for the rear wing, window masks and decals for headlights and air intakes and will be available in both standard version (80gr) as well as the “La Leggera” version (60gr).

View more images of the Zero here

November 5, 2021

OfficinaRC X4 titanium upper arm & 6mm pivot balls

OfficinaRC have presented their new titanium 4.9mm upper arm balls and 6mm pivot balls for the new Xray X4. Machined from solid titanium and 100% made in Italy, they offer a 40% weight saving over the original parts and will give a unique and factory touch to your car. Thanks to the titanium it will significantly reduce the masses of weight at the highest point of the car, making it more robust, in a point exposed to shocks. Both items are direct replacements for the originals.

Source: OfficinaRC []

November 4, 2021

OfficinaRC X4 titanium turnbuckle

OfficinaRC adds a new piece to the collection dedicated to the Xray X4. The new turnbuckle, produced entirely in titanium and 100% made in Italy, will soon be a must have for all X4 drivers. With their excellent manufacturing, they combine lightness and efficiency, dedicated to those who want to maximise the performance at extreme levels. Thanks to the titanium this turnbuckle is about 40% lighter than the original while being more resistant.

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November 4, 2021

Rêve D MC-1 rear A-arm conversion set

After a long period of engineering and evaluation, Rêve D are excited to announcement their new rear A-arm conversion set for the MC-1. This conversion set enables total setup freedom for the rear end, with track width, camber angle, caster angle, roll centre and lastly it’s possible to fine tune the toe and bump toe angle change throughout the suspension stroke. You can try various settings according to the road surface conditions, layout of the course and driving style. The set includes upper and lower arms, uprights, turnbuckles, inserts, ball ends and suspension brackets.

View more images of the conversion here

November 4, 2021

David Ehrbar joins Xray Factory team

Xray have announced that one of the top German onroad drivers and National Champion David Ehrbar is joining their factory team to race the X4 platform. The former ETS Champion in the Formula class, said of his new deal ‘I am happy and proud to come back to Xray to give my comeback in the touring car class. It just feels like coming back to old friends again. Xray has always been very professional in every aspect, and the X4 is an exceptionally well designed and produced car. Assembling it put a smile on my face many times. There are so many well engineered small little details in this car. You can literally feel the passion that went into this project everywhere. The X4 has proven its speed already in the ETS modified class, and I really look forward to building a strong team with all the Xray drivers and help to develop it even further in the future with some innovative ideas. Together we will have a lot of fun and make sure the car will be a great success in all touring car categories.’

Source: Xray []

November 4, 2021

T-Works X4 titanium pivot balls & camber screws

More new titanium parts for the all new Xray X4 from T-Works, starting with these 4.9mm upper arm pivot balls with hex. Like all these newly released parts they have been machined from high quality titanium and provide high strength with low weight. Also new are the 6mm lower arm balls with hex, the adjustable 4x15mm camber screws and the 4.9 x 4mm anti-roll ball studs. All items are sold in a set of 2 pieces.

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