July 22, 2021

Cheat-Parts low viscosity bearing oil

Cheat-Parts Racing have introduced this low viscosity bearing oil. A 100% premium synthetic oil with ultra-low viscosity for low rolling resistance, it comes in a 10ml (.34 fl oz) bottle with needle tip for accurate application.

Source: Cheat Parts [cheat-parts.com]

July 21, 2021

NathoBuilds Associated buggy brass weights

NathoBuilds has released two new brass weights for Associated buggies, one for under the servo and another for under the ESC. Both have been designed and machined by NathoBuilds from 2mm thick brass with the servo plate adding 34g and the ESC plate 49g. Finished with a chamfered edge, it comes supplied with the required mounting hardware.

Source: NathoBuilds [nathobuilds.com]

July 21, 2021

Xray XB8E/XT8E graphite fan holder

From Xray for the XB8E/XT8E is this CNC-machined fan holder made from premium 2.5mm graphite material designed for saddle pack layout. The fan holder reduces vibrations from the chassis and thus increasing lifetime of the fan.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

July 21, 2021

RSRC carbon fibre setup board

RSRC are extending their line of products with this new carbon fibre setup board. Compatible for all 1/8 and 1/10 RC cars and trucks it has been produced from real 3mm carbon fibre, reinforced with fibre glass inside. Giving your pit area that racing/factory look, the board offers a flat surface to control all the settings of your RC car such as camber, geometry, ground clearance, droop etc. The board is finished off with the RSRC engraved logo and glossy finish.

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July 21, 2021

Hudy 1/8th GT aluminium setup wheels

Hudy’s popular aluminium setup wheels are now also available for 1/8th GT vehicles. Ideal for setup and tweak correction duties, the wheels bolt on just like normal wheels, however due to their high precision they help when adjusting suspension camber, toe setting and for tweaking the car. The wheels are machined from aluminium, they come black anodised and with white, laser-etched markings and they fit all standard GT axles.

Source: Hudy [hudy.net]

July 20, 2021

Arrowmax 10th anniversary tools new additions

From Arrowmax come more tools in their 10th anniversary limited edition tools line. The new additions include a 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm ball hex head. Sporting new features such as an improved CNC machined aluminium handle, smaller hexagonal holes and higher resistance materials used for the tips are designed for racers to work on their tasks on hand with maximum comfort. This ergonomic tool is designed to let racers engage in repetitive motions comfortably for long hours wrenching on their cars, be it before a race meet or after the race for maintenance. The sizes on the signature honeycomb holes have been reduced to provide a sleeker look, but also to provide better grip and comfortability. The use of these new materials for the tips have increased its durability by 300% with the exterior of the tips special-coated.

Source: Arrowmax [arrowmax-rc.com]

July 20, 2021

Völker wins big as ETS heads into season #14

The ETS started into season 14 last weekend at Arena33 in Andernach, Germany where last season ended in September 2020. With 200 entries it was a great turnout for the ETS as there are still some countries with very strict Covid-19 restrictions limiting people traveling to races. The free practice day (Thursday) started with a wet track at Arena33 but after the asphalt dried out, the weather stayed in good conditions during the whole weekend. The Matrix Modified class saw a dominant Ronald Völker winning all four rounds of qualifying ahead of Antoine Brunet who had a flawless weekend showing excellent driving and pace. Behind them, Lucas Urbain and Marc Rheinard lined up third and fourth with Christopher Krapp also in the mix starting from the fifth position.

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July 20, 2021

O.S. R21 Hasi Tuned nitro GT engine

Coming from Hasi Tuned is a new O.S. R21 GT based nitro engine intended for use in 1/8th GT cars. The power plant is professionally tuned and offers a differently timed crankshaft as well as modified case and sleeve. The specifications aim to increase top speed while giving extra power over the whole RPM range, with a special focus on fuel consumption. Optionally the motor can be pre-run-in in order to offer instant and exceptional performance on the track. The engine is also available separately or as combo including the T-2060SC and MB01-70 (M2003SC) exhaust system.

View the engine internals here