July 18, 2019

Gravity RC Eco 1/10th buggy tyre tube

Gravity RC have introduced their all-new Eco tyre tube for 1/10th scale buggy tyres. Whether it is RC or full-scale auto racing, tyres are king. In today’s landscape of aggressive chassis design and car set up, drivers spend a lot of time getting the tyres right to achieve the level of grip necessary on dirt for the car to perform. Often overlooked however is the correct storage of the black gold. This is where the Eco tyre tubes kick in. This controlled tyre storage system includes a cap on each tube that has an intergraded temperature and humidity sensor, allowing to monitor tyre conditions over long storage periods. Also included is a humidity pod which can be used to increase the humidity and the tubes are labeled so drivers can track their tyre’s life and usage, keeping them on top of their game.

Source: Gravity RC [teamgravityrc.com]

July 18, 2019

Ruddog RP691 1/8 sensored competition BL motor

Coming from Ruddog is their all-new RP691 sensored competition brushless motor for 1/8th scale applications. Developed and designed in Germany, it features a unique cooling system, which not only includes optimised cooling vents, but also a direct mount high-speed aluminium fan. The motor features a lightweight design of just 307g and is available in KV ratings of 1800kV up to 2400kV.

View lists of the features and specifications and more images here

July 18, 2019

RSRC 8ight-X carbon fibre chassis reinforcement

Coming from Renaud Savoya’s RSRC brand is a carbon fibre chassis reinforcement for the TLR 8ight-X buggy. Cut from 2.5mm material the brace replaces the standard aluminium chassis rib brace for a softer variant that improves grip while making for an easier to drive car – especially in bumpy track conditions. Not included with the brace comes the needed hardware in the form of four M3x10mm screws and four nylon stop nuts.

Source: RSRC [rsrc.biz]

July 18, 2019

BMT 016GT Evo short damper shock stays

BMT have introduced new short damper shock stays for the 016GT Evo kit. Cut from high-quality carbon fibre the front shock stay and rear lower damper mounts allow the use of short-type shock absorbers. The parts are available as a combo package but also separately for spares or repair.

Source: BMT [bmt-team.com]

July 18, 2019

Bowie Ginting wins Indonesian EP Onroad Nats Rd2

The second round of Indonesian EP Onroad National was held at Sunter International Speedway in Jakarta, with Touring Modified being the primary class. It was the current standings leader, Christian Mamesah who took the overall TQ spot ahead of Bowie Ginting and Suwardi Suliandy. However the main finals went into Bowie Ginting’s favour who secured the overall victory by winning A2 and A3, followed by pole sitter Christian Mamesah in 2nd and Ronny Suwarto in 3rd.

View the final results here

July 18, 2019

ARC R11 Mid chassis conversion kit

ARC have introduced their new R11 Mid middle motor chassis conversion kit for the 2019 and 2018 specification R11 touring car. The new layout moves the motor 25mm forward for improved weight balance, helping the car to gain steering and rotation mid corner. The updated motor bulkhead also ensures more event flex distribution between the front and the rear end which further helps with overall balance. The torsional flex of the upper deck and chassis is adjustable by two different flex plates and the new design upper deck can be mounted in two different directions to provide different setup options and a wider tuning window. The set includes the new upper and lower decks, flex plates, motor mount, centre pulleys, belts as well as mounting hardware and it is available now.

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July 18, 2019

RC Maker T4 GeoCarbon servo mount plate

RC Maker have introduce their new GeoCarbon servo mount plate for the Xray T4 touring car. RC Maker’s signature GeoCarbon finish gives a very sexy style to the car, whilst also being stiffer than the original plate. The original plate also has the extension for mounting the bellcrank in the floating position, however this is very rarely used worldwide, so the designers have decided to exclude this for added aesthetics. The plate mounts directly onto the original servo mount bulkhead and fits all models from 2017 to the latest 2019 model. It is more rigid than the original, especially on the 2017 and 2018 models which are thinner than the standard 2019 bracket.

Source: RC Maker [rcmaker.com.au]