July 19, 2021

Team Associated T6 hard material side rails

New from Team Associated’s Factory Team for the RC10T6.1 and RC10T6.2 are these ‘hard’ material side rails. These side rails feature the added fan mount location which has been made standard on the RC10T6.2. The hard material is stiffer than the standard material version.

Source: Team Associated [associatedelectrics.com]

July 19, 2021

MonacoRC heavy duty electric screwdriver

The new MonacoRC heavy duty electric screwdriver is everything you need to work faster and more efficiently. Now more powerful with a brand new design and an extended battery life it has been designed for greater torque, in particular for the nitro and big scale categories. Thanks to its small size it fits in almost all tool boxes and does not take up much space on the work bench. It has a non-slip rubber handle and an LED light that helps to illuminate the hidden work area of your model. The 1/4″ drive quick release chuck will accept any 1/4″ drive tip, and prevents the tip from pulling out of the driver when you try to pull the tool out of the fastener. It also has a built in USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery that will deliver up to 80 minutes of constant run time.

View the screwdriver specs here

July 19, 2021

Rêve D UL12 competition wheel in gun metallic grey

Rêve D have introduced this luxurious gun metallic colour to their UL12 competition wheel which is popular thanks to its stylish design, lightweight and high traction. While the new colour is the big change, the wheel itself maintains it 6mm offset, and the adoption of a large inner diameter & thin rim that avoids interference with the suspension is the same as the current UL12.

View another image of the wheels here

July 19, 2021

Mon-tech Racing BlacKollection setup plates & cases

Mon-tech Racing have expanded their recently introduced BlacKollection line of cases and accessories. Starting with two glass plate setup boards for the 1/8 onroad and offroad categories, the version for onroad is 360 x 450mm while the slightly large offroad version is 405 x 550mm. Both plates come with a transport sleeve while the boards themselves sport a decal with handy measurement lines. Also new is a handy sleeve/case for transporting and safely storing your setup system’s toe measuring plate. Like the other items in the range, it sports the Mon-tech logo in white and has the Italian flag along the seam and while the setup board sleeves use a zip, the toe plate case is secured with a velcro flap.

View the other new items here

July 19, 2021

WellRC WellCut Nitro TC fueling hole template

Introducing a must-have tool for Nitro onroad racers, the WellRC WellCut Nitro TC fueling hole template. Four outer gripping surfaces ensure the WellCut stays put when in use and the included holes can be marked for easy alignment once you’ve found the perfect position. Made from a flexible material to easily contour to any body for repeatable results every time they come available in 50mm (EFRA) and 60mm (ROAR) sizes.

View the two templates here

July 16, 2021

Axon BD10 conversion kit

Axon have introduced a new conversion kit for the BD10 called the ‘TC10’. Developed to take the best of the high performance Yokomo BD10 and push it to its limits, the first area of focus was the front and rear shock towers that have been redesigned with a new lower profile design. Axon have also developed a new big bore type super short damper specifically for this project as well as a new carbon main chassis and top deck to optimise chassis roll and pitching rigidity. Also included with the kit are new lightweight double joint bushings, new front and rear anti-roll bars, Fusion turnbuckles, Fusion aluminium screws, new spring titanium screws, low friction suspension arm pins and Teflon slider shims.

View more images of the TC10 here

July 16, 2021

MR33 A800FX brass bulkhead weight set

New from MR33 is this brass bulkhead weight set for the Awesomatix A800FX or FX Evo. The set includes 4 individual pieces which get screwed onto the front bulkhead lining up directly under the differential and adds 90g of additional weight. Compared to other, more forward mounted bumper weights, it will create a little more aggressiveness to the front end of your car.

View the set here

July 16, 2021

7075.it MP10 aluminium rear uprights

From 7075.it, these new aluminium rear uprights for Kyosho MP10. Made from high quality T6 7075 aluminium, this new part is anodised with a hard black surface treatment for more durability and with an attractive style. These new MP10 rear hubs are compatible with the original eccentric inserts and bearings.

Source: 7075.it [7075.it]