May 3, 2021

WellRC Racing WellProtected front bumper support

WellRC Racing present their WellProtected front bumper support for the Capricorn C04, Mugen MTX7 & Serpent 750. Created to prevent front body flex on nitro cars, these front bumper supports absorb most of the impact from front collisions resulting in far less damage to the car and body. An added handling benefit confirmed by team drivers is increased stability and predictability which allowed them to confidently push their cars harder, especially at high-speed where stability is incredibly important. Made from durable and flexible material with honeycomb design, they will always return to their original shape even after hard impacts.

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May 3, 2021

1up Racing B6.3 servo mount brace & MTC2 turnbuckles

From 1up Racing for the B6.3 is this HD carbon fibre servo mount brace. Instantly improve the rigidity and appearance of your RC10B6.3 or RC10B6.3D servo mount with this brace. Milled from high-quality 3mm thick glossy carbon fibre then finished with chamfers and an engraved 1up logo on the top side. A direct replacement for the stock piece, this bolts in place using your kit’s hardware. 1up Racing also now offer a set of their ultra lightweight turnbuckles for the Mugen MTC2. Beautiful silver chamfers shine bright when viewed from the side providing an outstanding visual effect against the satin black anodised finish. The complete MTC2 turnbuckle set weighs only 3.25 grams and includes steering and toe links.

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April 30, 2021

Bittydesign Hyper GT8 body

Bittydesign have released their second entry into the GT class following the previous release of the Seven65 shell back in October with the announcement of the Hyper GT8 body. Bittydesign have changed the proportions and shapes of their 1/10 project by designing a new version adapted to the needs of the 1/8 GT category, the phase of refinement took several months to optimise every detail. The Hyper GT8 is a GT body with a stunning look, the lowered front part generates an excellent cornering entry, the narrow cab and the modelled sides have been designed to stabilise the air flow that transfers onto the large rear wing making the model easy to drive, stable at the rear but with excellent steering.

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April 30, 2021

RC Maker MTC2 flex dampeners & tuning options

New from RC Maker these bulkhead/top deck flex dampeners are a must have to tune the flex of your MTC2. Restricting the lateral bulkhead axis of flex, they are a powerful tuning option which can be used on both the bulkheads, and the top deck. They also have some quick adjust body stopper shim plates to make changing the height of the body stopper a breeze, which is really handy for when you’re changing bodies or body heights on the fly. Finally they have got some accurate new caster tools and adapters, so you can measure your caster and ensure it’s spot on. This allows you to detect a misalignment and make any adjustments necessary to correct it, digitally, or with your setup station.

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April 30, 2021

Sonic 2021 PS.12 PSS engine

Sonic Nitro Engines have released the updated PS.12S 2,11ccm engine. The 2021 variant sports a new crankcase which is made by die-casting to avoid blowholes as well as an updated cooling head, piston-sleeve set and crankshaft to fit the new crankcase. As the engine is used as the mandatory engine at various events across Europe, like the McBest Cup in Switzerland or the Pro Stock Series and Nitro West Masters in Germany, they have kept the price at a very competitive level to attract beginners and amateur racers. The first batch is already sold out but the next batch is available very soon.

Source: Sonic Nitro Engines []

April 30, 2021

Xray GTXE’22 1/8th scale EP GT chassis

Having already announced the Nitro version of their 2022 GT chassis, the GT8’22, Xray have today announced the EP powered version, the GTXE’22. Sporting an electric specific layout, the low CG layout sees the electronics placed in front and saddle pack batteries in the rear with new composite battery boxes for each battery can fit short or standard packs Featuring a longer wheelbase chassis with updated layout, with the front and rear suspension holders now mounted directly to the chassis with new GT specific geometry. Aluminium spacers raise the front and rear diff heights for better drivetrain alignment and the front and rear gear boxes sport cooling cut outs for the differentials. A new rear diffusor helps increase stability at high speed while the front upper bumper brace matches to the front gearbox opening for improved diff cooling with the front lower bumper providing clearance for the new suspension mounts. Front and rear suspension arms in a softer materials that on the previous GTX and the front C-hubs sport 6° caster for improved steering characteristics. A 3-slot steering Ackermann graphite plate allows for more initial steering and more overall steering angle for the GT category with hard rear uprights giving improved stability and the graphite rear upright extensions give increased corner speed. A new centre layshaft adapter fits smaller 45T / 46T / 47T spur gears for expanded gear ratio choices and the front and rear shock towers are much lower with new shock positions and roll centre locations and aluminium lower shock mount extensions improve the corner seed and stability in corners.

View complete details and information here

April 29, 2021

Michal Orlowski joins Nemo Racing

Nemo Racing are very excited to announce that Polish super star and one of the Worlds fastest drivers, Michal Orlowski has joined the team to run the Agama A319P, A319EP & A215T cars. Michal and his father are known for their dedication to perfection and with hard work and a huge talent, Michal has already become European Champion in 1/10th as well as multiple EOS Champion. Now Michal takes his speed to the 1/8th scene and will be competing at as many events as the World allows us to get too safely as well as running the 1/8th Nationals in his home country.

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April 29, 2021

Associated RC8B3.2 G10 suspension arm inserts

Team Associated have introduced these new 2mm G10 suspension arm inserts for the RC8B3.2. G10 fiberglass is a great upgrade to increase arm stiffness and durability over the stock plastic suspension arm inserts. While G10 is a more flexible material than carbon fibre, these inserts are thicker than the current carbon fibre inserts (2.0mm vs 1.2mm), so these inserts are stiffer than the current carbon fibre parts. Perfect for the upcoming heat of outdoor season.

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