November 15, 2019

Coelho & Hagberg explain the all-new Xray T4 2020

Xray’s all-new T4 2020 electric touring car kit hit stores this week and since the 2020 variant of the IFMAR World Championship winning T4 platform is a whole new design, Xray have stitched together an informative video featuring IFMAR World Champions Bruno Coelho and Alexander Hagberg who dig deep to explain the car’s main features.

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November 15, 2019

MR33 steel under battery weights

Coming from Marc Rheinard’s MR33 brand are several new under battery weights that help to fine-tune the weight balance of 1/10th touring and off-road cars. The range includes a 28g 0.6mm weight for standard-length LiPos, a 20g 0.6mm shorty weight, as well as 50g 1.0mm, 75g 1.5mm and 100g 2.0mm weights for Yokomo’s YZ-2 range of off-road buggies. The latter three are available separately or in a convenient 3-piece set. Using the weights will help to optimise the chassis weight balance when using lightweight or low-profile batteries or when added weight is beneficial, such as running in high-bite or very bumpy track conditions. All weights are of a dark colour and they come laser-engraved for easy identification.

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November 15, 2019

Xray XB2 2020 2WD buggy kits

Following a series of teasers and insights on social media, Xray have finally introduced their all-new XB2 2020 2WD buggy kits. The popular buggy received a major make-over for the 2020 season with virtually no area being left untouched, be it the chassis, suspension or drivetrain. Two kits are available, the Carpet edition for high traction surfaces and the Dirt edition car for low grip conditions, with both sporting specific features in the drivetrain, suspension and weight balance area in order to maximise the cars’ performance in the given conditions. Both kits are already shipping and available from now on.

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November 15, 2019

Aigoin Racing 1/8th buggy carbon fibre side guards

Aigoin Racing from France have introduced their new carbon fibre side guards for many of today’s 1/8th competition buggies. Moulded from high-quality carbon fibre the side guards are a direct replacement for the standard plastic or composite parts, offering greater rigidity, a low weight and overall improved looks. The side guards are available for the Xray XB8, Team Associated RC8 B3 and B3.1, Mugen MBX8 and MBX7, HB Racing D81x, TLR 8ight-X, and SWorkz S35-3 and S35e kits from now on and they include the required mounting hardware.

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November 15, 2019

Infinity shock oil bag

Infinity has further expanded its accessories line-up with the addition of a shock oil bag. Made in the distinctive Infinity black and red colour scheme and printed with the Infinity World Champions logo, the cloth bag is a solution for storing silicon shock oil and silicon differential oil. With an inside dimension of 19x15x10cm, the bag can also easily be multi purposed to store and carry other RC related items.

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November 15, 2019

MR33 YZ-2CAL3 battery mount set

MR33 have introduced their new battery mount set for the Yokomo YZ-2CAL3 buggy. The lightweight LiPo mount consists of machined carbon fibre battery locators that utilise O-ring quick release mounts while the locators – and thus the shorty battery pack – can be shifted forth and back in order to fine-tune the car’s weight balance. Also included in the set is suitable mounting hardware.

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November 15, 2019

Tekno NB48 2.0 tall wing mount

Tekno RC have announced the release of a new tall wing mount designed to further enhance the performance of the new NB48 2.0 buggy. This wing mount raises the wing 10mm and moves it 12.5mm forward, helping to move weight more towards the front of the vehicle while improving roll characteristics. Intended to be used when racing on low grip conditions, this wing mount will reduce the mid-corner “pendulum” effect while keeping the rear more planted. The tall wing mount is a direct replacement for the standard wing mount and does not require additional hardware.

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