December 26, 2006

Yatabe Arenas new drift track

Yatabe Arena drift track

The Yatabe Arena, one of Japans most famous and best racing facilities has today opened is new all weather drifting circuit. This is a great facility for an immensely popular class and we will hopefully see similar dedicated facilities pop up around the world as this class continues to grow. The first drifting event in this new facility will take place in February.

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December 25, 2006

Stocker and Dankel win Rd2 of German Nationals

Stocker and Dankel

Xray have a report on their site about the second round of the German Indoor electric touring Nationals which took place in Erlangen on December 9th & 10th. This event marked the first time that the racing took place with 5 cells in accordance to the new EFRA regulations. The modified class was won by Alexander Stocker who finished ahead of Dominik Fleischmann in 2nd with Felix Bishoff in 3rd whilst in Stock the class was completely dominated by Xray taking all 8 final placings with Erik Dankel taking the win ahead Florian Bernklau in 2nd with Staudinger Christian rounding off the podium in 3rd.

You can read the full report here.

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December 24, 2006

Atsushi Hara matched shock springs

Atsushi Hara matched shock springs

Atsushu Hara Racing Products have released these matched shock springs for use with 6 cell 1/10th scale electric racing chassis’. Available in a number of different colours/grades each set of 4 high quality steel springs is matched for best performance.

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December 23, 2006

OPS Super Track 14mm

OPS Super Track 14mm

OPS are back, at least i think they went away, and have now introduced this OPS Super Track 14mm. This motor is a 3.5cc engine for, as the name suggests, circuit racing and the 14mm is seemingly important as it allows an improvement in the flow of the fuel mixture. What is also unique about this motor is that to save weight and in turn aid the acceleration of the crankshaft they have milled many small holes in the outer diameter of the small end side of the crankshaft. Doing this instead of milling the center of the crankshaft and adding silicone as is currently the norm, does a better job at reducing the centerfugal weight and therefore effects the performance more significantly.

You can view lots more pictures of the inside of the engine here.

Source: RC Bazar [rc]

December 22, 2006

Xray T2’007 conversions sets

Xray T2'007 conversions sets

Xray have officially released 2 new conversion sets to enable T2 and T2R users to upgrade their chassis’ to the US or EU T2’007 specifications. The conversion sets are pretty large and seem to replace nearly 80% of the car, so it seems strange to release such a set. Our advice would be to just buy a new car.

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December 22, 2006

Adam Rogers win Rd3 of Rug Racers Championship

Adam Rogers

We reported previously on round 3 of the Rug Racers championship held at the Wodson Park Leisure Centre. Well Helger Racing have a more detailed report on the event that saw Adam Rogers take the win in the Modified class ahead of Elliot Harper in 2nd and Kit Jones in 3rd.

During this leg Adam charged hard and it was obvious to everyone that he was getting faster all the time with his new car; he led from start to finish and put in a time that was five seconds faster than his FTD time. His average lap time was faster than everyone, but Elliott Harper held onto the fastest single lap time.

You can read the full report from round 3 here.

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December 21, 2006

Xray NT1 first picture

Xray NT1 first picture

Our partners RC World have ‘obtained’ this image of the Xray NT1. I have an idea of how they got it too, i had the same idea but i didn’t have the correct tools. Anyway we can see a lot more of the car and from the looks of things its a pretty standard configuration but does look very low. Rumors are that this car will make its race debut at the Winternats prior to its launch in the Spring.

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December 20, 2006

Alex Lopez signs for Schumacher

Alex Lopez sings for Schumacher

Wow it seems everyone wants to get their driver announcements in before the holidays. Latest announcement is that of former Xray driver Alex Lopez, the multiple National Champion signing to race the Schumacher Mi3, but judging by the photo he will have to make do with the Mi2. Alex had this to say about the deal:

I am really looking forward to running a Schumacher. They have some pretty amazing things in the works. The Mi3 is going to blow a lot of people away. I also like that their team is very organized and works as a unit to make everyone go faster. I got my start with Schumacher so this is kind of like coming home. (Alex Lopez)

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