February 12, 2007

Barry Baker wins 2007 Magma race

Barry Baker Magma race

I know this report is a little bit late, with the Magma race having taken place last month in Canada, but Xray have only now posted a report. Along with the local hotshots at the Fastcat R/C track, some top talent from the US made the trip up such as Baker, Easton and Dayger which made it a very special race. In the Mod and 19T class it was Baker who was setting the pace getting TQ for both and then managed to convert that advantage to wins in both classes. Billy Easton ended up in 2nd in modified followed by Keith Yu while in 19T Martin Crisp ran home 2nd followed by Keven Herbert in 3rd.

You can read the full report here.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

February 12, 2007

2007 Winternats, Florida – Sunday Day 1

2007 Winternats, Florida - Sunday Day 1

So we move from one big race in Florida to another with the Worlds best RC racers arriving at the Ft Myers track to the north of Orlando where we just had the Snowbirds. Many drivers from this race will make the Journey to race here including most of the Xray team who will give the NT1 its debut International race on this, one of the most unforgiving tracks in the World. As of Sunday, almost every one is there including the large Serpent team from Europe that includes Salven, Green, Keur, Cornella, Tomaschko and Kandelhart. The Mugen team is there already in force with previous multiple winner Mike Swauger ready to defend his 1/8th title and Kyosho will be present with Cyrul and Tosolini, both drivers yet to make it from the Snowbirds race on Sunday, but of course will be there today to get some practice in. The forecast for today is for it to rain but we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

In the meantime check out some images from Sunday… content

February 11, 2007

2007 Snowbird Nationals – Finals

Jilles Groskamp

All the on road racing at this years Snowbirds have been done and in the Touring Pro Mod category it was Xray driver Jilles Groskamp who won the event in dominating style after early leader Mike Dumas, driving for Losi, crashed out allowing Jilles to take the lead where he was never challenged for the rest of the race. Behind him fellow Xray racer LeMieux lost time after clipping a pipe allowing Tosolini, driving for Corally, to get past and despite Paul fighting back Chris was able to hold him off to take the runner up spot with LeMieux settling for the final podium spot.

In the other Pro mod category, 1/12th GTP it was German Corally racer Marc Fisher that dominated the event to win it with ease ahead of Mike Dumas in 2nd with Walter Henderson back in 3rd. In 19T Foam Travis Schreven won from the front spot on the grid ahead of Juho Levanen and Paul LeMieux whilst in 19T Rubber class, Martin Hudy converted his pole position into a win, finishing in front of Brandon Melton and Jason Ertrachter in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

UPDATE: Received some pics from our sponsor and Jilles sponsor, The Border.

To view all the A-main results click here… content

February 11, 2007

Toni Rheinard to quit Kyosho?

Toni Rheinard

According to a report by rc-car-net.de, German racer Toni Rheinard will quit his drive at Kyosho to apparentley race Hot Bodies. Toni had only signed for Kyosho, from Tamiya, last year after it was rumoured that the Japanese manufacturer couldn’t get their first choice, Toni’s brother and former World Champion Marc Rheinard away from his drive at Tamiya despite their deep pockets. This news hasn’t officially been confirmed but when we hear something more about this situation we’ll let you know.

Source: RC Car Net [rc-car-net.de] Image: Kyosho [kyosho.de]

February 10, 2007

2007 Snowbird Nationals – Update

Mike Dumas

Qualifying for the 2007 Snowbirds is now complete as is the bump up B-mains that sees the winner of the B-main take the final place in the A-mains. In Touring Pro Mod it was Mike Dumas that took the top qualifying spot driving for Team Losi finishing just ahead of Dutch driver Jilles Groskamp and Paul LeMieux in 3rd, both racing for Xray. Swedish driver Joel Myrberg, racing the Associated TC5 managed to bump up after a very tense fight in the B-main to take the number 10 spot in tomorrows A-main.

In Touring 19T Foam Travis Schreven took the pole away from Associated racer Juho Levanen with Pro Mod pole man Mike Dumas in 3rd for Team Losi. Chris Tosolini bumped up after a very close and fortunate run in the B-main to take the final starting position in tomorrows A-main. In 1/12th GTP modified it was German racer, and winner of last Decembers Swedish GP, Marc Fisher that took pole position from Mike Dumas, who once again shows his amazing consistency. Walter Henderson took the 3rd position and once more Chris Tosolini managed to bump up after another fortunate B-main in which he was knocked back into the field after a first lap incident.

To view the starting order for all A-mains click more… content

February 10, 2007

2007 Snowbird Nationals – Qualifying

Snowbird Nationals

As everyone in RC already knows, the planets biggest RC race is taking place this week in Orlando Florida, the 13th Annual Snowbird Nationals. We have already covered some news from the event but until now haven’t covered the happenings at the track itself. Our site sponsors, The Border, are present at the track to support their team driver Jilles Groskamp, who is 2nd in Pro Mod qualifying after 3 rounds, before heading on to next weeks Winternats in Ft Myers and they have sent us some images.

In the image above you can see the new Serpent electric touring car, as driven in foam class by designer Rene Cornella, who while having troubles adapting to his first electric event is improving the cars set up, whilst Rafael Angula, who is running rubber, is just outside the top ten in both 19t and Stock. At the head of the field after 3 rounds it is Barry Baker driving for Xray that tops Pro Mod followed by Jilles and Paul LeMieux both also for Xray whilst in 19T it is LeMieux for Xray thats in front ahead of Japanese HB racer Atsushi Hara with Juho Levanen with the new Associated TC5 in 3rd.

Check out the results, and a lot more pictures here… content

February 9, 2007

New M-Mod parts for Mugen MTX-4 and MRX-4

M-Mod parts MRX

MID in Germany, the Mugen Seiki importer for Europe, have released some new M-Mod parts for the Mugen MTX-4 and MRX-4. For the Mugen MTX-4 1/10th 200mm MID have produced a new backplate for the car as well as a middle shaft carrier, both pieces maching from high grade aluminium. For the MRX-4 and MRX-4R 1/8th scale circuit car they have the same parts available but of course made for the bigger car. All parts are grey anodised and sport the engraved M-Mod logo. In the near future expect to see similar parts available for different manufacturers cars under the ALL-Mod product line such as X-Mod for Xray, K-Mod for Kyosho, S-Mod for Serpent, C-Mod for Crono and U-Mod for universal parts.

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February 9, 2007

Team Checkpoint – Hara and Tebo edition modified motors

Team Checkpoint Hara and Tebo edition motors

O’Donnell racing have released these 2 new special Atsushi Hara and Jared Tebo edition Team Checkpoint modified motors. Available in a variety of different winds and configurations, these motors are ROAR approved and claim to be the same specifications as used by their champions drivers.

More economical than brushless while still designed to go more races between rebuilds and without sacrificing the performance drivers demand, the Checkpoint motor components are precision engineered using state-of-the-art materials. Also available are several new armature winds, “hard” motor springs and our newest modified motors designed especially for 4-cell racing.

Source: RCCA [radiocontrolzone.com]