February 7, 2012

Capricorn options & accessories

Capricorn have released a number of new option parts for their car including this set of hard coated aluminium suspension pivot balls. The balls are also suitable for the Mugen MTX-5, MRX-5 and Xray NT1. Other new items include an aluminium servo saver with a new 13mm ackermann, new -0.75mm or 0mm offset wheel hex hubs, a 13.1 gram tungsten weight and a new 1/8 or 1/10th wheel adapter for the Brain Stuff additive applicator machine. Source: Capricorn [capricornrc.com]…

February 5, 2012

KM Racing NT1 spur gears

KM Racing continue to release parts for the Xray NT1 with the introduction of their own range of 2-speed spur gears. Made from a durable high grade plastic, they are available in 53T, 54T & 55T for 2nd gear and 58T, 59T & 60T for 1st gear. Source: KM [km-rc.com]…

May 19, 2011

Capricorn LAB C801 & C01 options

…the C01, is the new front anti-roll bar system that allows you to use a wire in place of the regular blade system. The wire is available in 3 different diameters, 1.3mm, 1.5mm and 1.7mm. For the C01 200mm chassis there is new ultra lightweight spring steel wheel axles that use the traditional nut mounting for the wheel. Also for that car, with some parts fitting the NT1, is a range of plastic parts that have been made in a new white plastic compound for a longer life. The parts include shock caps, ball joints and more. Source: Capricorn [capricornrc.com]…

February 3, 2011

Toy Fair 2011 – Xray

Xray have a larger booth this year to accommodate their growing range of products the featured one being their all new 1/8th scale on road chassis. As told in their previous column and as you saw in the previous story to this one, the RX8 is a pretty standard affair for a car in this class with its only stand out feature being the legendary Xray quality. Using Hudy spring steel for the drive train and front oneway it also carries over some parts from its World Champion brother, the NT1, with the shock absorbers and receiver box the same….

September 14, 2010

Xray NT1 World Champion Limited edition

To commemorate the winning of their first World title in the hands of Ralph Burch at the 1/10th 200mm World Championships in Houston, Xray have released this NT1 World Champion Limited edition. The car comes loaded with all the option parts used by Ralph to capture the crown. NT1 World’s Specs: 33 1215 – Graphite Upper Holder For Bumper 33 2401 – Downstop Independent Alu Front Anti-roll Bar 33 5511 – 2-speed Shaft – Lightweight 33 5711 – Front Middle Shaft – Lightweight 33 5250 – Alu Wheel Hubs 33 5072 – Lightweight Diff Outdrive Adapter – Short 33 5073…

August 19, 2010

European 200mm Championships practice update

…from Xray for the NT1. Super lightweight, this two piece set reduces rotating mass which not only helps the overall weight of the car but helps with the responsiveness of the drivetrain. Shepherd also had a number of new parts including new lightweight rear drive shaft axles and pivot balls. Combined with previously released parts such as the brass battery plate and lightweight wheel axles and it helps bring the weight more to the centre for better car response. View the event results here. Image Gallery (roll over image for description) Thanks to Ruben D’arco for the report and photos….

April 20, 2010

Jerome Renaux joins Capricorn RC

Italian company Capricorn RC have announced that top Belgian driver Jerome Renaux has signed a deal to be part of their team. The European 200mm Championship direct qualifier will use Capricorn’s full range of optional parts on his Xray NT1 for the 2010 season as he competes at this year’s World and European Championships. Source: Capricorn RC [capricornrc.com]…

March 12, 2010

Capricorn RC report from IFMAR Pre Worlds

We already covered last week’s IFMAR Pre Worlds, but TQ Hobbies and Capricorn RC were in touch and sent us their report from the event. At the start of the week, Capricorn RC and Chris Tosolini prepared his LAB-C01 chassis with some newly engineered parts, designed and engineered by company owner Patrizio Rossi, in conjunction with Tosolini. The new parts consisted of a new motor mount made of barillium, which adds 60 grams of extra weight directly under the motor. Ralph Burch also used Capricorn parts on his Xray NT1 later in the week to help him drop his lap…

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