February 12, 2021

Mugen MTC2 progressive shock springs

New from Mugen for the MTC2 are a pair of new progressive shock springs. Compared to the standard springs, the steering and stability will be improved, especially on tracks with bumpy surface conditions. By using A2540 (7.0P) for the front and A2539 (6.5P) for the rear, the car rolls more smoothly and it increases the accuracy by turning into corner entrance. A2540 (7.0P) can be used for both front and rear, as well as for small tracks and also for stock motors.

Source: Mugen [mugen.eu]

February 12, 2021

JConcepts Mini-T 2.0 Carver & Sprinter tires

JConcepts introduce a number of new items for the Losi Mini-T 2.0 & Mini-B starting with their new Carver front tire. Perfect for a variety of track surfaces. The sharp angular and directional ribs provide the ultimate in control and direction on the most common dry and wet condition surfaces. The compact tire body combined with the JConcepts firm foam inserts allow for precise steering input and response for the most consistent laps times available. Available unmounted and pre-mounted they come in ‘sticky green’ dirt compound and ‘pink’ carpet compound.

View details on the new Sprinter tires & mono wheels here

February 11, 2021

Infinity titanium UFO screws

From Creation Model, come these titanium M4x10mm UFO head screws. Sold in a set of 6 pieces, the design and material used offers a lightweight design while maintaining sufficient contact surface area.

Source: Creation Model [creationmodel.net]

February 11, 2021

RDRP T6.2 & SC6.2 hard front anti-roll bar set

Revolution Design have released this hard front anti-roll bar set for the T6.2 & SC6.2 (1.5/1.6/1.7mm). Although today’s stadium and short course trucks are based on low-centre-of-gravity platforms, available options still focus on dirt tracks. As a consequence, racers are either to improvise or will be unable to unlock their trucks’ full potential on high-grip surfaces. With their wide front tires, trucks can be a handful on carpet and Astroturf, because the anti-roll bars on the market are not up to the task of taming down your front end, until now that is. RDRP has come up with a set of three anti-roll bars with high-grip racetracks in mind. Available at an economic price, this is a welcome option for everyone racing an Associated 6 series truck on carpet or Astroturf.

View the full set here

February 11, 2021

RC Maker A12 LCG weights & bumper brace

For the Awesomatix A12, RC Maker have produced some LCG weights and a GeoCarbon Bumper brace. The GeoCarbon bumper mount is made from 2mm carbon and helps secure the bumper firmly with the supplied plastic supports. This provides a nice platform for the body to sit on, as well as supporting the bumper at the same time. In terms of weights, there is a brass LCG Front Weight (10g) that replaces the AM1206 for increased weight at the front of the car. This makes the car less responsive and easier to drive. There are also brass LCG rear weights (6.5g ea) that attach to the rear of the chassis and increase the unsprung weight at the rear of the car. This increases the cars rotation, particularly handy for very tight tracks.

View the other products here

February 10, 2021

Avid 22X-4 chassis brace support tuning set

Avid have announced the release of this chassis brace support tuning set for the TLR 22X-4. Designed to make the TLR 22X-4 steering more predictable to drive while providing more confidence, it does so by stiffening the front end with a thick 3.5mm carbon brace and softening the rear with a 1.5mm carbon brace. The set comes with a pair of 1.0mm shims to maintain rear chassis and gearbox gap.

Source: Avid [avidrc.com]

February 10, 2021

Ruddog Crawler 550 5-slot brushed motor

Made for all crawler enthusiast are these Ruddog Crawler brushed motors, which are now also available in 550-size. Coming in 5-slot specification and two different winding variants, 10T & 15T, the dual ball-raced motors feature adjustable timing, plated end bells, replaceable motor brushes and springs, brush heatsink towers and they are fully rebuildable if needed. The adjustable timing allows to adapt and optimise the motors for drivetrains that require reverse motor rotation operation.

Source: Ruddog [ruddog.eu]