February 15, 2021

Xray XB2 ultra-lightweight Gamma 2C body

From Xray is this ultra-lightweight version of the XB2 Gamma 2C body, designed especially for high traction conditions. The profile of the body improves stability in fast corners, chicanes and helps with rotation in tight corners. The high-performance, low-profile aerodynamic body for XB2C is designed to perfectly fit the car and work in most track conditions especially for higher grip tracks. More downforce was added to the middle to increase rotation in slow corners with less downforce in the rear and front giving more corner speed without diving too much. Made from high-quality premium Lexan material.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

February 15, 2021

Carisma RC GT24 4wd RTR

Carisma RC have introduced a new model in their range with the release of this GT24 RTR 4wd model. The GT24 RS is a 1/24th retro micro rally car that’s inspired by the classic era of 70’s and 80’s rally car history. The body is a nostalgic nod to the classic RWD rally pioneers, but our version stays firmly in 4wd territory, offering the best in retro looks and a modern RC driveline. With brushless power as standard, and sporting features like 2.4Ghz radio gear, a fast responsive hobby grade steering servo, rally pin tyres and a fully ball raced 4wd transmission, these 1/24th rally cars not only look the part, they perform way beyond peoples perception of a ‘Micro’ vehicle.

View more details & images here

February 15, 2021

DeadFly MTC2 narrow fully adjustable LiPo holder

From DeadFly for the Mugen MTC2 is this narrow fully adjustable LiPo holder. Designed for the latest generation of narrow LiPo battery packs, it incorporates 2mm of back and forth adjustment in the lower spacer to ensure a perfect fit, while maintaining the factory’s left to right movement within the L-shaped hooks for the perfect weight balance. The 15mm post fits perfectly into the recess within L-shaped hooks, with a low profile M3 nut in the other ensuring the whole system can be tightened and not move. The carbon fibre DeadFly twist clamp, featuring an integrated o-ring, eliminates the need to loosen/tighten the clamps every time.

Source: DeadFly [deadflyrc.com]

February 15, 2021

OfficinaRC ‘Bella Vita’ Titanium ball studs for MTC2

These new OfficinaRC ‘Bella Vita’ Titanium ball studs are designed for the Mugen MTC2. Made in Italy with TiAl6V4 Titanium to ensure the best possible product on the market these studs enable the user to get rid of the set screws as both the ball and threaded screw are combined into one practical piece. Available in two different kits, the suspension kit replaces 16 of the 24 A2814 balls with practical ball studs made of titanium, while a full kit includes all three set designed by OfficinaRC to replace A2813 and A2814 balls present on the model.

View the different size ball studs here

February 12, 2021

JConcepts analog quick reference calipers

Quick reference dimensions and size considerations are common place in the RC pit area. Racers have asked over and over for a small footprint item that is able to measure small spaces accurately and quickly. The quick reference callipers from JConcepts are analog based and capable to be locked into place to secure or save dimensions for later or to copy side-to-side. The all-aluminium built and anodised item, built from 4 pieces, is a very technical and precise piece. The quick reference tool has the ability to measure inside surfaces and outside surfaces depending on which end is chosen for use. A graduated scale is laser etched onto the item to allow the user to measure in .5mm increments. A thumbscrew allows the sliding plane to be locked into place for quick comparisons and reference distances. A display window is machined into the upper slide where dimensions are shown up to an overall length of 80mm.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

February 12, 2021

Bittydesign Robox 1/12 Pan-Car body

Bittydesign have launched the Robox, an all new 1/12 Pan-Car body, the first from the Italian for this class. Making reference to a real LM race car, they took inspiration to design the lines of the shell and adapted them to the production needs, the phase of refinement taking several months to optimise every detail. Robox is a 1/12 Pan-Car body with a breathtaking look, the front nose so lowered with n new style never seen before, generating excellent cornering entry, while the lowered cabin and sides offer a modern and futuristic design.

View more images of the Robox here

February 12, 2021

Mon-Tech Racing MT21 1/12th GTP bodyshell

Fresh from Mon-Tech Racing comes their latest 1/12th GTP bodyshell, the MT21. Developed using the basis of their multiple World championship winning M20, following months of extensive testing they arrived at the new MT 21, faster and better performance. Providing excellent cornering with greater traction and stability, the body is available in two versions, standard and ‘La Leggera’.

View another angle of the M21 here

February 12, 2021

WRC Racing F18.4 1/10th EP formula chassis

WRC Racing have introduced their new F18.4 1/10th EP formula chassis. Sporting a large number of changes over its predecessor, the car has an all new servo saver, servo mounting plate and new front lower arms for improved steering. A new carbon chassis plate accommodates the updated battery mounting system with quick battery adjustment with the adjustable battery stop. A new rear chassis pod, adjustable transversal shock absorber and an all new ball differential complete the updates.

View more images of the F18.4 here