March 11, 2022

Hasi Tuned 2022 R21 5-port GT nitro engine

Following the release of their 2022 R21 onroad engine Hasi Tuned are happy to introduced their new 2022 R21 5-port GT nitro engine intended for use with 1/8th GT cars. Based on the 5 port O.S. R21 engine, the new Hasi R21 GT5 has updated timing and new improvements on the cylinder, these upgrades necessary for perfect adjustment with the new fuel rules from EFRA. Also available with many options, such as break-in service, Hasi backplate, high performance venturi or rear ceramic ball bearing.

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March 9, 2022

Haheim & Johannessen win Norwegian Nationals

For the first time Bergen was the host of the Norwegian National Championships in the onroad category. They did a great job giving the racers a perfect event with a super nice layout on the very familiar ETS carpet. This was a 2-days event with 4 qualifiers on Saturday and a 5th qualifier on Sunday, followed by the triple A-mains. In TC Mod it was a pre-race favourite Nikko Haheim who managed to grab the TQ honours, followed by the youngsters Sindre Undheim in 2nd and Ola Lovbrekke in 3rd. The finals were pretty uneventful with Nikko grabbing the first two mains again followed by Sindre and Ola.

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March 8, 2022

X-Grip 32 shore rubber tires

Following a very long period of testing, in various tracks in Europe, X-Grip is really pleased to present their new X-Grip 32 rubber tires. X-Grip focussed on having a product that performed well but was easy to get the most out of while also being durable. The shape of the tread has been specially designed to have a gradual support that avoids abnormal behaviour, while the rim thanks to its internal design has been made sturdy and reliable.

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March 7, 2022

MonacoRC Race of Champions – Announcement

MonacoRC have announced their Race of Champions event that will take place at the MonacoRC Arena in Ciserano, Italy from the 26th to 27th of March. Set to be a highly competitive event across 5 classes (Mod, Stock EFRA, Stock N22, FWD and Formula), the race has already confirmed a number of top racers in each class with Bruno Coelho, Alexander Hagberg, Antoine Brunet & Michele Manzo heading the Mod entries along with Stefan Schulz (FWD), Àdàm Izsay (Stock), Jitse Miedema and Renè Kölbel (F1) also confirmed. While first of all it is a race, the main focus is on helping racers with their setup and technical understanding and so to that end Jürgen Lautenbach from LRP, David Loppini from Xtreme, Nicola Marrone from Hot Race and Martin Hudy from Xray will be present and on hand to help out anyone with tips on how to improve your performance. Entries are now open and more information can be found at the link below.

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March 5, 2022

FSEARA Rd5 Tampa FL SS Raceway – Report

For round 5 of the FSEARA the series returned to asphalt, this time at the Tampa FL SS Raceway. This is a brand new track for this season and is one of the most famous RC tracks in Florida offroad having last year hosted the ROAR 1/8th E buggy nationals. But many didn’t know they also have an on road track as well. Sharing the same driver stand as the off road track, it’s best of both worlds to be able to have a ‘covered’ on road track. Due to the dust and dirt around the track, many found this track to be challenging. Having a very narrow driving line, staying in the groove was the key to this track. The surface turned out to be one of the most consistent matching with the series Control Xpress 40x V3 tires. Just with a few packs of break in, 1 set of tires would be enough as the tire will get faster and faster throughout the run. It was surely never seen before from any other asphalt track.

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March 5, 2022

Xray X4 aluminium caster bushings

For their X4 platform, Xray have introduced 2 new optional aluminium caster bushings. Together with the kit standard version, these new items allow for 3 different caster settings on both the front and rear of the car. Quick and easy to make the adjustment, they have been precisely machined from lightweight aluminium, are easy to recognise with their machined dots, and come in a set of 4 pieces.

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March 4, 2022

Power HD sign Kyle Branson to their team

Power HD has announced the signing of top British driver Kyle Branson to their team. The multiple IFMAR and EFRA finalist, and Vice World/European champion will be using Power HD high-end low profile S15-X servo in his Xray X4 touring cars and S15 servo in his Nitro NT1 cars in major races for 2022, including 1:10th IFMAR ISTC world championships, EFRA 1:10th EP/GP championships along with all BRCA Touring car nationals and other major events.

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March 3, 2022

Exotek DR10 HD pro style rear body mount

New from Exotek comes this heavy duty pro style rear body mount for the Associated DR10 Drag car. Constructed of stiffer 3mm carbon fibre plate that attaches to an alloy mounting base for reduced body bouncing and flex. A simplified design makes it much much easier to remove your transmission for servicing by eliminating the stock bracing and extra gear box screws. Requires Traxxas body mount posts.

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