April 18, 2022

Fenix Racing Classic Team Lotus 72 GL body

Fenix Racing are pleased to introduce another version of the Classic Team Lotus 72, which is fully licensed and approved by Classic Team Lotus. The previous release was based on the JPS version of the 72 while this latest release is fateful to the Gold Leaf branded version as driven in the 1970 and 71 seasons. This replica body shell is 1/10 scale and can be used on Fenix Racing Classique 2 and F1-70. as well as the Tamiya F103 & F104.

Source: Fenix Racing [fenix-racing.com]

April 18, 2022

2022 Speed King Tour Rd1 – Report

With the Speed King Tour in 2021 only managing to run two rounds because of Covid-19, the organizer decided to start the series again in 2022. The first round of Speed King Tour 2022 was held at Super Rajikon Saitama Omiya indoor tarmac recently. The race class names and regulations changed a bit, with the modified class becoming TC0, Stock class became TC1 and the TC2 class for amateur racers was previously the Super Stock class with only G Force ESC and motor being used. Following three rounds of Modified class qualifying, Rush/Axon driver Hayato Ishioka took TQ with his Yokomo/Axon TC10/2. Super Rajikon Saitama Omiya shop staff Kazuma Murai drove the same car as Hayato and got second position while Rush/Infinity driver Jin Sawada took third.

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April 15, 2022

Mon-Tech Racing Trofeo GT12 body shell

Mon-Tech Racing have introduced their latest bodyshell for the GT12 category, the all new Trofeo GT12. Featuring an extremely low profile, and therefore reduced roll, this makes it very easy to drive and very competitive. The body is produced in Italy using high-quality Lexan polycarbonate and comes with a detailed decal sheet including headlights and grille stickers, window masks and wing mounting hardware.

View more angles of the Trofeo GT12 here

April 13, 2022

Fenix Racing R14 Pro 10 body

Fenix Racing have introduced their new R14 235mm pancar body. A new path for Pro10 bodies, it uses the centre of the body to create most of the downforce. This design allows a minimal longitudinal flex of the body, improving the rigidity of the rear end. A ‘Gurney Flap’ is provided in the mould to further tune the rear end grip, while the front end can be balanced thanks to the front extractors, just behind the front axle. The body is made of strong yet lightweight 0.75mm Lexan polycarbonate and it will fit most 235mm pan cars.

View more angles of the R14 here

April 13, 2022

Infinity ultra low friction washers

Creation Model now offer these Infinity ultra low friction washers. By replacing the spacers in the front and rear of the lower suspension arms with these versions, the lower suspension arms will operate more smoothly leading to improved traction. Two types of spacers, 0.5mm and 1.0mm thick, are available and they are sold in packs of 8 pieces.

View the 1mm thick versions here

April 13, 2022

Arrowmax 4D setup system

Arrowmax is proud to present their all-new 4D setup system. Having the best and precise setup is one of the most important factors in winning races and setup systems allow you to comfortably measure and adjust camber, caster, toe-in/out, track width and steering throw symmetry. In the past year there has been a trend in touring car to move towards using the pivot ball system. With that in mind Arrowmax decided to innovate a completely new system to allow users to measure and adjust the caster angle comfortably. Another key element added is for users to measure the track width using the 4D setup system. The built-in ruler allows users to check the distance between the hexes, resulting in a much better understanding of their car setup. The reading of toe-in/out are now measured on the laser-engraved 7075 CNC body without the long and bulky acrylic plate. Giving a much precise measurement. The whole system is very small, light, and are designed with a purpose to improve the quality of life. Storage and transportation becomes less of a hassle.

View more images of the setup system here

April 11, 2022

Rêve D Revox RWD steering gyro

Rêve D’s first RWD drift servo gyro, called Revox, is finally ready for release. It features a new ‘gyro curve setting’ function, which following repeated tests in various situations with many different drift specific servos, enables the user to change the initial curve value in 6 stages according to skill, track surface conditions, track layout and so on. The optimum setting is simply made by clicking the setup switch. The aluminum case has a lightweight and compact design taking up very little space in the car. A programming card can be used to set all of the gyro curve functions, endpoint function and reverse switching.

View another image of the Revox here