November 1, 2021

Mon-tech Racing tease new TC bodyshell

Mon-tech Racing have sent us a teaser image of their soon to be announced new bodyshell for TC called the Zero. No further photos or information has been given but from the image provided we can see it is an extreme cab forward bodyshell. All will be revealed this Friday 5th November.

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October 28, 2021

Team Bomber pink & brown S-line side springs

Team Bomber have added two additions to their line up of HQ S-line side springs with the release of new pink and brown versions. The pink version is now the hardest spring in this range, with the brown the softest. HQ side springs are best suited for a wide range of popular carpets, high-grip road surfaces and conditions where a solid diff is used. The result of a close cooperation with a Japanese spring manufacturer with testing and technical capabilities they found that the taper of the springs helps reduce on power traction loss during cornering when using a differential. Made with high quality materials, the number of winds of each spring and all their dimensions have been carefully checked to ensure consistency and the best end product.

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October 27, 2021

OfficinaRC MTC2 -0.5mm bearing housing

After the great success of the aluminium bearing housings for the Mugen MTC2, OfficinaRC is pleased to present a new version. Following the requests of racers, they got to work and produced the brand new -0.5mm bearing housing for the MTC2. This version is lower, easily recognisable by the 3 dots. Made from Ergal 7075, it has been black anodised and will guarantee better stability, a smoother ride and consequently higher performance. Designed and manufactured in Italy by manufacturing experts with many years of experience in the sector.

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October 27, 2021

MXLR caster correction stickers

MXLR noted that there are a few 1/10 TC setup systems out there which have the incorrect caster scale engraved on them. If the scale is too narrow, its one of the incorrect versions, and your caster setting isn’t actually the number it displays. With these MXLR Caster correction stickers you are able to fix your caster scales without the need to buy a whole new system. They are precisely printed and cut for a perfect fit to the setup system. As a small extra, they added FL, FR and RL, RR marks on the stickers to increase the consistency of your setup procedure by using the same setup system part always in the same spot. Two versions for different Setup Systems are available, for Hudy 1/10 TC Alloy System and for the G-Force & SkyRC 1/10 TC Alloy System.

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October 26, 2021

Pirani RC carbon front body mount stiffener

Coming from Italian brand Pirani RC is this 4mm carbon fibre front body mount stiffener. It can be fixed in both front bumper and front body post of three different car brand, Shepherd Velox, Infinity IF18 and Mugen Seiki MRX-6 and newer models. The stiffener makes the body post and the bumper more difficult to bend so the front body is more flat to the ground.

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October 26, 2021

Orlowski crowned GT12 European Champion

This past weekend saw Italy hosting the GT12 European Championship at the beautiful indoor facility of RC Landia in Scandiano. The race was held under the auspices of ACI Sport, the Italian Federation of R/C Model Cars and member of the FIA, and saw a solid participation of competitors from several countries. The race was run with the traditional BRCA regulation for GT12, the most popular in many countries such as the UK and Italy with specific GT12 model cars homologated for the class, 1s batteries, 13.5T motors, no timing ESC and homologated body shells. Furthermore, the choice of the organisers was oriented towards the use of control tires for the class and control additive.

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October 26, 2021

T-Works BD10 6mm bearing wheel hub axle

From T-Works for the Yokomo BD10, is this 6mm bearing wheel hub axle set. Available in standard and +1mm offset they help improve traction by joining the wheel hub directly to the wheel axle. This setup requires a smaller bearing on the outside on the wheel hub to accommodate the new axle. The set includes the hubs, spacers, bearings and all parts to convert two axles.

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