April 7, 2022

Schumacher Icon 2 1/10th Competition F1 car

Schumacher have introduced their new Icon 2, 1/10th Competition Formula car. The Icon platform is BRCA National winning and MICC championship dominating. Thanks to this and a vast amount of racing experience from their strong team of drivers and engineering team, the Icon 2 is the natural evolution of an already fantastic chassis. It boasts a wide range of new refinements to increase performance, reduce lap times and improve durability beginning with a new gear differential offering improved cornering ability in the majority of conditions. On power steering is improved along with corner entry stability. The car will also drive much flatter and have more predictability in high traction conditions. The ball differential can still be used and is likely to be an improvement only in very low traction conditions. The is also a new left hand rear wheel clamp design. This new one piece, rotationally balanced design is lighter, simpler and the perfect match for our new gear differential. It may also be used with the ball differential. An all new design for the rear wing mounting assembly, features 7075 Aluminium lower, and C/F upper components. Style, centre of gravity, durability and stiffness has been improved in this area. Other new items include V2 damper rods with a much larger internal hole diameter, new side link mounts for increased durability, new front end chassis posts for increased durability, and a new simplified and stylish front wing mounting using thread inserts.

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April 6, 2022

Yokomo Drift Package 2WD

Yokomo is pleased to announce the release of the ‘Drift Package 2WD’, a complete set of products ideal for beginners who want to start drifting RC cars. Based on the latest RWD drift chassis, the YD-2Z, this complete set includes the body and electronics and 90% or more of the parts are used in common, so there are plenty of optional parts for upgrading as well as parts replacement due to damage or wear. Only the AA batteries for the transmitter are sold separately, but the package is easy to recommend to beginners as they can start driving right away.

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April 5, 2022

Infinity titanium screw pins

Creation Model have released these M3x5mm titanium screw pins for your Infinity chassis. By replacing the M3 screws used for mounting shock towers and motor mounts, the chassis flex characteristics can be fine-tuned. Made from 64 titanium, they are very lightweight and strong.

Source: Creation Model [creationmodel.net]

April 3, 2022

FSEARA Rd6 Valkaria RC Raceway – Report

Racing was back once again at the Valkaria RC Raceway for Rd6 of the FSEARA series last weekend. Due to the increased interest and popular demand in order to practice this year’s ROAR Regionals and Nationals, FSEARA revisit Valkaria for the 2nd time this season. This race is also considered the warm up event for the ROAR Regional due to the timeline of the event. With a solid 104 entries for the event, it was once again a successful turn out for this round. The highlight of the battle for the weekend was for sure in 17.5 TC. Infinity Driver Dave Vera, also our series director, leading the pack with his strongest performance yet. TQ both rounds of the qualifier without a sweat. With a brand new setup to his car, he was able to reset the qualifying record for this track hitting the first 27 lap run in Valkaria. A famous old school nitro racer also driving the Mugen MTC2 Danny Horta also joined the EP scene. Having an excellent weekend and able to qualify just ahead of series veteran Brian Larkin.

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April 1, 2022

Team Associated DR10M drag race car kit

The mid-motor, 4-gear transmission in the all-new Team Associated DR10M drag race car offers the advantage of using motor torque rotation to apply downward force to the rear tires. These forces generate additional rear end squat for that off-the-line acceleration which offers more tire-to-surface area contact, giving the DR10M additional rear traction. The mid-motor set up shifts the weight distribution forward, reducing front-end lift. Additionally, the motor and tires share the same rotational direction, which produces quicker forward momentum to help you get a faster time across that finish line. Based on the successful DR10 drag race platform, the DR10M Team kit features a rear anti-roll bar, 28 precision ball bearings, fully adjustable suspension, vertical ball ends for roll centre adjustments, 2.6:1 ratio gearbox with heavy-duty sealed gear differential and externally adjustable V2 slipper clutch. The new Octalock spur gear and 11mm Octalock pads provide maximum consistency and higher torque capacity.

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April 1, 2022

Hasi Tuned performance clutch spring

Hasi Tuned have announced their exclusive performance clutch spring for high performance .21 on road engines. Following 2 years of testing to create this new clutch spring, it has been made from a special steel and fits perfectly on all clutches, for very durable and super consistent performance.

Source: Hasi Tuned [facebook.com]

April 1, 2022

RC Maker TC body height adjuster set

RC Maker have released their brand new carbon body height adjuster set for touring cars. Featuring a simple and effective design, these super lightweight adjusters make it easier than ever to find tune the height of the bodyshell, without having to remove any pins, clips or o-rings. The adjusters feature 3 different height settings at 0.75mm increments (2.25mm of movement). They slide over the body post and locate on a 2mm pin and the assembly is then held in place by an o-ring which is slightly recessed into the top of the adjuster. To adjust the height, simply slide the adjuster and o-ring up, rotate it to a different slot and seat it back down. The adjuster can also be used on horizontal rear posts, and with their HRP System. This provides the body the perfect stopper to prevent excessive movement in the rear or damage when hit from behind. The adjusters are very light-weight coming in at only 0.5g and fit all popular touring cars with a 6mm post.

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April 1, 2022

Exotek 22 5.0 alloy drag gear box set

For TLR 22 5.0-3.0 drag racing builds, Exotek have produced this high performance heavy duty gear box, motor plate with shock tower and alloy idler gear set. All alloy gearbox construction keeps your gears in perfect alignment for true mesh and no gearbox flexing that causes binding at high rpm’s. A direct bolt on for the TLR 22 5.0-3.0 series it has a raised diff setting for improved cvd axle angles, +1mm higher diff than on the 5.0 laydown gearbox’s highest setting. An extra long slotted motor plate gives larger gearing range options and the heavy duty alloy motor plate is designed to minimise flex (unlike carbon fibre) to maintain proper gear mesh. The included 4mm thick carbon fibre tower features optimised geometry for proper ride height and shock angles and it is drilled out to accept optional Exotek pro body mount plate or the stock wing mount. The set includes a hard anodised 7075 alloy idler gear for better durability.

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