November 11, 2020

Team Powers Cup double for Lex Tyler

The Team Powers Cup was held at Norcal Hobbies this past weekend in San Jose Ca. Normally this race happens in April but due to Covid 19, it has been extended to November which made racing a little more challenging since it is winter time. Racers got a late start on practice as track surface was wet the night before. For the 13.5 TC class it was a tie breaker between Xray driver Lex Tyler and Sean Guthrie to decide the title. This is a heads up format schedule for 6 rounds structured with Can-Am fixed motor timing and fixed gearing. The spec tires were Team Powers 34SU. Racers had to pick a motor for Saturday and give back to shuffle with a different motor on Sunday and this all keeps an even playing field.

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November 11, 2020

Hasi Tuned C804 & IF18 carbon body mounts

More new lightweight carbon body mounts from Hasi Tuned, this time for the Capricorn C804 and Infinity IF18. Compared to the standard kit versions this body mount is very stiff and due to its special shape makes the rear of your car very stable, especially on high speed tracks. The mount for both cars are available in standard height as well as an optional version that lifts the rear of the body by an additional 2mm (IF18) & 2.4mm (C804), improving the cornering even more. Made in Italy the set includes all the necessary parts to complete the conversion.

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November 10, 2020

Giyong Hong wins KARS 1/8 Onroad Champs

The first nitro race in 2020 in Korea was organised last weekend by local Shepherd distributor Ki Heung Kim (KARS). The venue was the new Inje Speedium track located in the Gangwon province with 45 drivers attending the event. In the 1/8 Open class it was Shepherd racer Jaekook Yoo who took the TQ in qualifying. In the main final however he had to retire due to problems and this allowed his Shepherd team mate Giyong Hong to take the victory with his Velox V8.2. Yangwon Jeon and Gyeongseon Lee completed the podium. In the 1/10 class it was Mooseong Kook taking TQ and the overall victory followed Jinhong Jung and Byeonghan Lee in third. The 1/8 beginner class saw Yeoreum Park taking the pole position but in the final it was Seongi Jung crossing the finishing line in first position followed by Omin Hwang with Chiyeong Ahn (Shepherd) completing the podium.

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November 10, 2020

Monaco RC low friction 351mm belt

Monaco RC have released this low friction white edition 351mm belt. Made in Japan by Bando, it is suitable for use on the Awesomatix A800X, Xray T4 2020, Yokomo BD10, ARC R12 and on Xray mid motor conversions like the version from Zero-Tribe. These low friction belts greatly improve the overall drivetrain efficiency over standard black belts.

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November 10, 2020

Team Zombie Evo 2.5T Drag motor

Team Zombie have released a first look at a version of their Evo motor for the popular drag racing scene. This 2.5T Pro Mod motor should provide the instant power required for super fast speed runs. Based on the company’s Evo motor which features a 1-piece aluminium can that covers most of the stator, it leaves open the large alloy insulator which ensures improved overall cooling. The endbell also sports cooling openings to further improve airflow through the can.

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November 9, 2020

Yokomo YD-2 hybrid front shock tower

Coming from Yokomo is this new hybrid front shock tower that fits all YD-2 series cars. The upper shock tower has been made from 3mm thick graphite to ensure rigidity and light weight, while the upper arm holder is machined from aluminium to increase rigidity and accuracy. The set is available in three anodised colours, black, red or purple to match the other available optional aluminium parts and together, the lighter weight and lower centre of gravity improves the performance and suspension response stability as well as looking great.

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November 9, 2020

STRC Limitless rear wing support & bellcrank plate

ST Racing Concepts have produced two new items for the Arrma Limitless with their new graphite high-downforce rear wing support and graphite steering bellcrank plate. The high-quality rear wing support with its CNC machined aluminium cross member provides the ultimate aero dynamic package for the rear wing of your Limitless. This package will drastically reduce any vibration and flex of the rear wing and support the wing for maximum rear traction during those insane high-speed runs. Available in red, gun metal and silver. The graphite steering bellcrank upper plate for the Outcast and Infraction/Limitless tightens up the precision of the steering bellcrank system and adds great factory looks to your Arrma vehicle.

View the bellcrank upper plate here