December 9, 2008

CRC Gen-X 10 upgrades & Flex wires

Team CRC have released a number of new items including some Gen-X 10 upgrades, Ultraflex wire and Super soft sensor cables. The Gen-X 10 upgrades include this optional wide body mount set that allows you to better mount the “hot” World GT bodies like the Protoform Corvette and Sophia by setting the posts much wider allowing them to avoid coming through the cockpit. Also new is a front stiffener plate, which is made from 2mm carbon fibre, and helps stabilize the car, reducing the tendency to traction roll on high grip tracks. Finally CRC have new softer, more flexible, Ultraflex 16 gauge wire for 1:12th and 1:10th pan cars as well as new super soft brushless sensor wires that are available in 3 different lengths.

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December 8, 2008

SMP lightweight Titanium RRR driveshafts

SMP Slide have a new addition to their line up of performance aftermarket parts with the release of these titanium rear drive shafts for the Kyosho V-One RRR Evo. Made from Swiss premium grade titanium they only weigh 9.9 grams, which is 40% lighter than the standard shafts that come with the kit.

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December 4, 2008

Hot Bodies Moorespeed 908 bodyshell

Hot Bodies, under the Moorespeed label, have released this new 908 bodyshell, which has been designed for 1/12th scale circuit racing. This totally new design was developed from the ground up to be the ideal bodyshell for a wide range of racers and tracks. The air rushing over the bodyshell starts at the ground-level splitter and is forced over the front wheels and around the closed cockpit by sculpted flow channels. Ridges over the front wheels disrupt the air just enough to break it loose over the wheel arches until it flows back down slightly over the middle section of the body. The closed cockpit area helps stabilize the air as it rushes over the midsection, which hugs the battery and electronics area of the car chassis as closely as possible. As the air meets the rear wheels, further ducting and vertical supports direct the air over the rear spoiler, where a huge amount of downforce is created. Molded from crystal clear polycarbonate, it features clear overspray film, a pre-cut vinyl window mask sheet, and a decal sheet with headlights and Hot Bodies logos. Also available in lightweight version.

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December 2, 2008

Shepherd Velox 2009 Chassis plate

Team Shepherd have announced the release of the new 2009 chassis plate for the Velox. It features a cutout in the front into which an additional 30g weight can be mounted as well as 4 holes on the sides for an additional 70g of weight. By mounting up to 100g on the very bottom of the chassis the centre of gravity is much lower and the performance is increased. It is highly recommended to use the new chassis with the 30g front weight as it increases the stability of the chassis.

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November 28, 2008

Cube Racing Black Low Friction Spurs

Cube Racing have been in contact to tell us about their new low friction black spur gear series. These 64 pitch gears are available in 88T – 106T, are well balanced, light and because they are very low friction they are perfect for 1/10th touring, 1/12th pan car as well as 1/10th buggy.

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November 28, 2008

Capricorn CL-9TE On road engine

Italian company Capricorn RC have announced the upcoming release of their CL-9TE .21 circuit engine. Featuring revised internals, the piston and liner timing has been revised and optimized for high performance, while the crankshaft has been hand modified and polished. Supplied with rear ceramic bearings the engine also has a very efficient new red anodized cooling head.

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November 25, 2008

Carson 210mm Group C shell

Carson Model sport in Germany have sent us the release for their 210mm wide Group C shell. Designed to fit a number of Tamiya chassis’, including the TA05-IFS, TB03 & F103, as well as all 200mm pan cars it is made from high quality lexan and sold clear.

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November 25, 2008

FXF conversion kit for HB Cyclone

We were contacted by the people behind FXF to tell us about a conversion set that they are making for the HB Cyclone. Made by a Thai company and based on HB Cyclone suspension, it made its debut at the IFMAR World Championship in RCS Thailand earlier this month. This chassis now claims to have symmetrical tweak from the new longer upper deck, as well as narrower bulkheads and a very low C of G.

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