July 24, 2007

Rony T-530 & Serpent 720 parts

Rony T-530

Japanese company Rony have released a number of new parts today, first of which is the new thicker version of the T-530 1/8th scale CanAm body that we showed you previously. Meeting customer demands, this new version is made from 1.0mm thick polycarbonate, as opposed to the original 0.8mm thick that the original version was made from, thus making it more stable and stronger. Also released by Rony is a number of carbon fiber optional parts for the Serpent 720 such as a new radio plate, front and rear shock towers, top rear anti roll bar plate, brake plate and rear camber link plate. All new parts are super light and where applicable they sport more tuning holes and machining too.

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July 24, 2007

Much More Luxury Ride Height Gauge

Much-More Luxury Ride Height Gauge

Much More have released a new ride height gauge for measuring the ground clearance of all types of circuit cars. Made from aluminium, the stepped gauges are available in the usual black, blue and purple colours and sport the Much More logo on the side as well the measurements which range from 1mm to 15mm.

Source: Pit Work [pitwork.co.kr]

July 24, 2007

Xray NT1 Graphite Battery Plate

Xray NT1 Graphite Battery Plate

Xray have released details of neat looking new graphite battery plate for the company’s NT1 200mm touring car chassis. Made from premium-quality woven graphite material, this CNC-machined plate has recessed slots for 5-cell receiver pack. Smart design and strong material increases the chassis’ longitudinal stiffness, complementing the cars ‘Multi-Flex Technology’ engine mount.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

July 23, 2007

Kyosho X312T now available

Kyosho X312T now available

We wrote a month ago that the new Kyosho X312T, the .12 motor based on the Team Orion CRF .12, would be made available in Europe on the 10th of July. Well its almost the end of July now, and although its 2 weeks late we have been told that the shipment of engines is now in Europe ready to be sold. The engine, when it was originally badged by Team Orion made quite a splash when it was released, and now that Kyosho has its name on it, and with the engine features some upgrades, expect to see it also making waves, especially when it makes its big time debut at next months European 1/10th Championships in Spain.

Source: Kyosho [kyosho.de]

July 22, 2007

Kawada – New wheel for M300

Kawada - New wheel for M300

We wrote about the new Kawada wheels back in May when they were just CAD images, now over 2 months later and they have the final production samples which you can see above. These wheels are suitable for the company’s M300RSX 1/12th scale and they have a larger diameter than the original versions and are also made very true, for precise handling. Expect them to go on sale on the 25th of July.

Source: Kawada [kawadamodel.co.jp]

July 20, 2007

HB Moore-speed 2006 Mazda 6 MPS

HB Moore-speed 2006 Mazda 6 MPS

Another product from Hot Bodies that we had written about previously is the Moore-speed 2006 Mazda 6 MPS, which will soon go on sale, after being announced at the start of February. From its new air splitter to the revised rear spill plates, the Moore-speed 2006 Mazda 6 MPS is all-new and all about speed and handling. The front bumper, splitter, winglets, and the new bonnet bulge all enhance steering at high speed. A deep aero-channel from the windscreen to the rear deck improves air flow to the rear wing and new lip spoiler, while new bumper spill plates aid the exit of air from under the body.

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July 19, 2007

Atomic RC parts for Xray NT1 – 2

Atomic RC parts for Xray NT1

Atomic RC have released yet more parts for the 200mm of the moment, the Xray NTI. First off we have this rather cool looking aluminum servo saver, which adds extra strength as well as extra bling to your car. Also new and made from aluminium is a right side chassis brace, for more stiffness between the radio plate and rear assembly, and also some lightweight pulley spacers. Atomic RC have also created their own front and rear CVDs made from spring steel and finally they have produced a new front carbon fibre shock tower, with additional shock mounting positions, and a new rear upper camber link with lots of new optionals positions.

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July 18, 2007

Team Losi JRXS Type-R – Options

Team Losi JRXS Type-R - Options

Team Losi have announced the release of 2 new options for the companies 190mm EP touring car, the JRX-S Type R. First off we have the new front one way assembly which includes a precision machined and lightened aluminum housing with one-way bearings in either side and comes supplied with outdrives, shafts, one-way pulley and the dogbones. This type of one-way system is a popular tuning item for racers who like an aggressive set up and/or run in extremely high grip conditions. Also new for the JRX-S Type R is a steel LiPo battery tray, that allows existing JRX-S Type R owners to easily fit standard LiPo battery packs. The tray adds an additional 120 grams, to the lowest point in the car, to offset the reduced LiPo battery weight and has been finished off with an attractive gloss black, and engraved with the Type-R logo.

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