January 6, 2009

Kawahara Ultra cool brake disk

Japanese company Kawahara have released this new ultra cool 1/8th scale on road brake disk. Suitable for use inside Mugen, Kyosho and Serpent chassis’, the disk has been made from special steel and due to the many holes in the surface, has great heat dissipation and is super lightweight.

Source: Kawahara [kawahara-racing.co.jp]

December 31, 2008

VP Pro Xray NT1 Option parts

VP Pro have introduced a full line-up of option parts for the Xray NT1 200mm chassis. Positioned under the Pro-Cision name, the options include titanium CVD axles & pivot balls, aluminium rear anti-roll bar set, wheel adaptors and shaft spacers as well as new front anti-roll bars and a hard coated alu brake disc. Expect more products for the on road market in the near future.

Source: VP-Pro [vp-racing.com]

December 21, 2008

Carpicorn RC Exhaust system #2648

Capricorn RC have released their new 1/10th scale exhaust system. EFRA homologated (#2648), it has been designed to work with the new ruling that requires the use of an INS box on .12 engines. Available for sale from the 7th of January.

Source: Capricorn RC [capricornrc.com]

December 20, 2008

IDM Tuned 1/8th scale disk wheels

New from IDM, the brand from World Champion Daniele Ielasi, are these new 1/8th scale tires with aerodynamic disk. Made from Carbon, this system has been tested throughout the year, including almost winning the European Championships in Valencia, and is expected to make a big impact on performance at the high speed Lostallo track in Switzelrand, host of next years World Championships. They will be available after the Nuremberg toy fair next February.

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December 16, 2008

Protoform P909 1/8th scale body shell

Protoform have released a teaser image of their newest 1/8th scale on road body shell, called the P909. From the picture we can see it features a cockpit similar to the MLC 908, and the body appears to have high side walls and deep side indents behind the front wheel arch, like the European Championship winning Xceed Zytek, as well as stiffening ribs along the length of the top side of the shell. We will bring you more information upon release.

Source: Protoform [prolineracing.com]

December 15, 2008

Xray T2 52mm ECS Drive Shafts

The same concept as the previously available 50mm versions, Xray have released the new 52mm ECS drive shaft, designed with high-level racing in mind. These drive shafts were developed to decrease front wheel vibration when racing with a solid front axle, thus providing a much smoother and quieter ride and increasing steering. The drive shaft equalizes the speed between the drive shaft and the wheel, with a unique 2-piece joint between the axle and the wheel, the same extreme wheel turning angle is divided into two shallower angles without joint binding.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

December 13, 2008

Max Power MX 02649 EFRA pipe set

Max Power have released the new MX 02649 EFRA homologated pipe set for the 2009 season. Looking to the 2009 EFRA rules, were an INS box will be required for the 1/10th scale touring car races, Max Power have released this new pipe design. The long shape and slim volume make the engine rev free throughout all ranges, and while fast in the straights it retains super bottom end power, a popular characteristic for the touring class.

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December 13, 2008

Kyosho Inferno GT Alu uprights

Kyosho has released some new gear for your Inferno GT and Inferno GT2. Now you have the option of replacing the stock nylon rear hubs carrier with Kyosho’s new aluminium uprights. This will greatly increase the life in the rear bearing due to the nylon ring that encases the bearings, which helps decreases wear. Both front and rear hub uprights are made from high grade aluminium and finished in a cool blue finish. The aluminum steering blocks originate from the World Champion Inferno 777 line and are hard coated for extreme durability and long life.

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