June 5, 2022

Roche Rapide F1 offset steering knuckle

Roche have produced this new offset aluminium steering knuckle for the Rapide F1. The new part offers smoother initial steering response and more mid corner steering. Featuring a clamp type design for fine adjustment, the tighter it is clamped the more stability while the looser, the more aggressive steering. The part is also less tall at 2.5mm allowing for a wider droop and ride height adjustment.

View an image of the knuckle set here

June 3, 2022

1up Racing Pro Duty titanium lockdown M4 wheel nuts

1up Racing have introduced their latest generation of professional-grade hardware, the Pro Duty Titanium Lockdown M4 wheel nut. Featuring a sleek new design inspired by smooth lines found in the World Famous SoCal Hot Rod scene, these bring a taste of California to wherever you are. These wheel nuts are finely machined from the strongest Grade 5 Titanium possible and are made to out-last this car and your next one. Low-Profile at Only 4mm Tall they have and oversized 11mm flange that provides excellent wheel support and are sold in sets of 4.

View more images of the wheel nuts here

June 3, 2022

Xray release the GTX8 & GTX8E’23

Xray have released details on their all new for 2023 GTX8 platform. The new GT nitro and EP chassis feature an all-new aluminium bulkhead framework which increases reliability, strength and allows for much greater airflow to cool the drivetrain as well as more convenient maintenance from the super easy diff access. Front & rear aluminium diff pinion adapters maintain proper gear mesh and allow for significantly improved cooling of the pinion gear bearings aluminium eccentric bushings for the rear differential allow for a new diff height tuning adjustment. A redesigned chassis plate to match the aluminium bulkheads features extra cutouts around the engine and rear driveline to promote airflow and increased cooling of the drivetrain. The front & rear shock towers now feature a second row of shock absorber positions for super fine adjustments. Additionally, to accommodate the latest low profile racing bodies, the rear shock tower features an additional wing mounting position to place the wing mount as low as possible. A redesigned front upper carbon top deck reinforces the new aluminium bulkheads and chassis. In the drivetrain, the all-new high-acceleration clutch bell features an independent clutch housing with a separate one-piece machined 2-gear 14/18T pinion gear module. New diff crown gears and pinion gears use specially designed profile of the 46T and 13T gears for a perfectly matched engagement that ensures smoother operation, less drag and significantly longer lifespan. All this plus a a whole lot of other updates.

View the GTX8 23 presentation here & GTX8E 23 here

May 31, 2022

Xray X4 hard horizontal rear body mount posts

From Xray for the X4 & X4F are these new hard composite horizontal rear body mount post set. These are harder posts made from a super-tough composite material with less flex which improves stability of the body mounting.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

May 31, 2022

Exotek DR10 & Slash heavy duty drag bumper set

Add protection to your Associated DR10 & DR10M and Traxxas Drag Slash and 2wd Slash based drag cars with Exotek’s heavy duty alloy, carbon fibre and foam bumper set. This bumper set may just pay for itself in your first crash. Allows for optional mounting of SkyRC GNSS GPS modules safely protected inside of the foam bumper and can be simply removed via 1 screw from the carbon hold in brace. You may use this bumper set with our without the GPS module. Details include a heavy duty alloy and carbon fibre mounting base that secures the extra wide high density foam bumper. The same high impact foam used in touring car racing. Inside the foam bumper are 2 alloy posts for extra secure foam bumper mounting and the carbon plate has 3 hole positions for mounting the foam forward or back to fit in certain bodies. This design also allows you to experiment with adding nylon body posts onto the bumper or perhaps a lexan body lip (splitter) on the under side of the bumper (body posts or splitter not included). Designed to work with most street eliminator bodies. You may opt to add extra foam layers to the front of the bumper for longer nosed bodies like the Malibu etc.

View more images of the bumper sets here

May 29, 2022

ProCircuit green tire cleaner

This is the ProCircuit green tire cleaner, a quick and safe method for cleaning tires and wheels before gluing. The specialised formula has been developed by ProCircuit R&D department and contains a mix of different degreasing products that ensures perfect cleaning for a strong and long-lasting bond. Supplied in a handy 100ml spray bottle.

Source: ProCircuit [modelixracing.com]

May 26, 2022

Xpress Arrow AT1 1/10 Competition shaft drive TC kit

A new series of shaft driven 1/10 touring cars from Xpress, the Arrow series takes the best from the Execute series of touring cars and incorporates it in a shaft driven system. Sporting floating gearboxes to not interfere with the chassis’ flex, a specially designed motor mount makes adjusting gear mesh a breeze. Also bringing various modern designs that brings this car fit for racing straight from the box. To keep the centre of gravity low, separate shock mounting bulkheads were chosen.

View more images of the AT1 here