June 15, 2022

Exotek B6 HD laydown gearbox & gearbox spacers

New from Exotek is this high performance heavy duty laydown gear box with motor plate for AE B6.1-B6.4 drag racing builds. All alloy gearbox construction keeps your gears in perfect alignment for true mesh and no gearbox flexing that causes binding at high rpm’s. A direct bolt on for AE B6.1-B6.4 drag racing builds, the high diff setting for improved cvd axle angles (flatter axles for less binding and more rpm’s), +1mm higher diff than on the stock plastic laydown gearbox’s highest setting. There is also integrated bearing supported sway bar mounts offering super accurate sway bar function, yet easy to use. The heavy duty alloy motor plate has extra long slot mounting slots for larger gearing range options. Another option are these 2.5mm thick carbon fibre spacers that raise the AE B6.1 – B6.4 series laydown/layback gearboxes up so that the dog bone angle sits straighter when at ride height and gives you extra room to install larger spur gears so that they don’t touch the chassis.

View more images of the new items here

June 14, 2022

Ielasi Tuned GP5GTR22 engine

Ielasi Tuned are pleased to announce the new GP5GTR22 engine which is making its official debut this week at the GT European Championship in Lostallo. This engine has been improved in performance, as fuel consumption has always been comfortably above 7 minutes with the old GP5GTR. Now you can expect more acceleration and more speed on the straight line meaning that this engine raises the level even more in this category that is increasingly gaining ground and is in full evolution. This upgrade also includes the new, 15 gram lighter cooling head which will optimise the handling of your car.

Source: Ielasi Tuned [ielasituned.com]

June 14, 2022

Xtreme Mach1 190mm TC body

Xtreme Aerodynamics have shown a first photo of their all new 190mm touring car body, which they are calling the Mach1. The new body sports a much more aggressive front end compared to others on the market with a large front lip and newly shaped wheel arches that allow the airflow to be channeled to the rear of the car which itself has gotten lots of attention with fine details. Bruno Coelho did a video on the new body which best explains the new details and how that translates to on track performance. You can check it out below.

Watch Bruno’s video here

June 14, 2022

Reds Racing 521 GTS Gen2 engine

Reds Racing have introduced the new 521 GTS Gen2 engine specifically developed for 1:8 nitro GT class. The new 521 GTS Gen2 engine features high power, tuning stability and great fuel mileage. Combined with specific technical changes at the carburettor, combustion chamber and front bearing, this 5 port engine features higher power and better fuel efficiency compared to any other engine. They have developed 3 different combinations for this engine: 521 GTS with steel bearing, 521 GTS with ceramic bearing and 521 GTS Pro Tuned by Mario Rossi with ceramic bearing. You can order all of them with or without pre break-in service.

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June 14, 2022

RC Maker MTC2 carbon upper bulkhead set

RC Maker introduce their brand new carbon upper bulkheads for the Mugen MTC2. These 2.5mm CNC Machined Upper Bulkheads allow more flex on the caster axis and provide improved traction for your MTC2 Chassis. 3 Different Versions provide different caster settings for all tuning options front and rear. Front Caster is a great tuning option to balance between high and low speed steering. Less caster provides more low speed steering for technical tracks, while more caster provides more high speed steering for fast, flowing tracks. Rear Caster on modern chassis’ defines the rear wheelbase. More rear caster shortens the wheelbase for smaller, more technical tracks where rotation from the rear is required. Less rear caster lengthens the wheelbase which provides support and stability for more open, high speed tracks where confidence in the rear is required to push. The plates use the original pill inserts and also feature the same thickness, leaving all geometry unchanged.

Source: RC Maker [rcmaker.com.au]

June 13, 2022

Reedy Sonic 540.DR competition BL Drag racing motors

After months of work by their engineering and racing team, Reedy have announced the release of the Sonic 540.DR competition 1:10 brushless drag racing motor. Externally, the 540.DR looks much like its cousin, the 540-M4. But the heart of the motor is where the major changes can be found. A new stator with an updated profile, thicker laminations, and unique material has been crafted specifically for the requirements of drag racing. Ample torque off the line with heavy pull through the pass improve ET and consistency. A balanced, high-strength 13.5mm rotor suspended between precision ball bearings provides powerful performance pass after pass. To fine-tune for varying track conditions and surfaces, a variety of optional rotors are coming soon.

Source: Reedy [associatedelectrics.com]

June 13, 2022

T-Works MTC2 ECS driveshafts

T-Works have released new ECS driveshafts for the Mugen MTC2. Made from high-quality spring steel for maximum durability, the dual coupling shafts reduce the chattering of the front suspension in corners and are a direct replacement for the stock parts. Sold as a pair, they sport a 40.5mm shaft length.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

June 10, 2022

Capricorn C8 Classic 1/8th nitro pan car

Italian brand Capricorn have introduced their all-new 1/8th nitro flat pan car to race in the classic class, the C8 Classic. This car provides a whole new concept to the flat pan category and has been in development for some time and is now ready for release. Designed to be fully adustable in both the front and rear, as well as user friendly, the new platform is highly durable and manufactured in Italy from the best quality materials.

View more images of the car here