May 18, 2022

Awesomatix flexible ball stud, wrench & ceramic bearings

From Awesomatix, their new FBS set is a very unique design of a dynamic acting ball stud for the suspension. The O-Ring inside the capsuled steel housing allows a movement of the actual ball stud into every direction. Furthermore the O-Ring provides the needed damping effect. It can be beneficial in certain conditions, such as lower grip or on very special asphalt/carpet surfaces. Additionally, it reduces the peak load on the suspension link at crashes. Depending where the studs are installed, there are different effects. Basically, the Ball Studs can be used in every position of the car where normal ST24 is in use. Also new is a 5,5mm / 6,5mm / 7,0mm multi tool wrench which is made from high grade stainless steel with laser engraved logo. Highly recommended for the FBS (Flexible Ball Stud) assembly as well as for AT21/AT21ST-A installation on the chassis. Finally there are new high quality ball bearings with Si3N4 ceramic balls. The optimum to reduce the friction of your A800 drivetrain. Especially useful for any stock class competition where the lowest friction of the drivetrain will result in higher top speed and more consistent power for the runtime. Featuring a black rubber seal on one side and metal seal on the other side.

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May 17, 2022

MR33 A800 FX brass bulkhead weight set

New from MR33 is this brass bulkhead weight set for the Awesomatix A800FX or FX Evo. The set includes 4 individual pieces which get screwed onto the front bulkhead, each pair with 1 screw. The set will line up directly under the differential and features 90g of overall weight. Compared to other, more forward mounted Bumper weights, it will create a little more aggressiveness to the front end of your Awesomatix A800FX or FX Evo front wheel drive car.

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May 16, 2022

T-Works BD11 bumper plate & bulkhead support plate

For the Yokomo BD11 touring car, T-Works have produced these two new option parts. Made from carbon fibre the first new item is a replacement for the composite upper bumper plate. The set comes supplied with body post tubes that are inserted into the carbon plate to support the body posts and mounting hardware. The second item is a carbon front bulkhead support plate that allows you to fine tune the flex at the front of the car.

View the bulkhead support plate here

May 15, 2022

Gimar Saturn 9 Evo .21 nitro on-road engine

Gimar have introduced their all-new Saturn 9 Evo .21 nitro on-road competition engine built from OS. The power plant utilises the new patented M.E.S. (multi exhaust system) sleeve, which has 9 ports with 4 exhaust booster ports and the special shape ensures maximised performance. The crankcase is specially machined from OS to work perfectly with the 4 booster ports sleeve and the crankcase has been hard black coated to increase hardness and stability. Also new is the DLC-coated crankshaft with triple tungsten balance weights and silicone insert. The updated design optimises internal mixture flow while the lightweight shaft improves agility. While the 3-needle carburettor allows for better idling and quicker returning to low RPM after throttling. The engine’s features are rounded out by a new combustion camber insert specially developed for the use with 16 percent nitro fuel. A 25 percent insert is available separately.

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May 13, 2022

Xray X4F front wheel touring car

Following some teasers, Xray have released the complete details on their next generation X4F front wheel touring car. It utilises the X4 platform, with advanced upper/lower arm suspension mounted to a new mid-motor chassis layout for improved balance and handling. Like the X4 it uses the unique CFF upper and lower suspension arms for outstanding handling & durability with all suspension components mounted directly to the CFF arms without any additional brackets, inserts or bushings for accuracy and reliability. This car is not just a update, its a completely new platform.

View the complete presentation here.

May 13, 2022

Maclan Racing DRK 10000mAh drag race battery

Fresh from Maclan Racing is this DRK 10000mAh 2S6P 200C graphene extreme drag race battery. This battery is developed specifically for No Prep Drag Racing with highest grade cells that offer higher power output for less voltage drop. It provides the best voltage retention over the whole race. Supplied with 8AWG output wires and a QS8 connector.

Source: Maclan Racing []

May 13, 2022

LC Racing low profile shock conversion kit

LC Racing have released this low profile shock conversion kit new product for our 1/10 4WD Rally platform the PTG-2 and 2R. This extensive set, which includes new shock towers, new front and rear shocks as well as new body post system, essentially lowers the height of the shock towers to accommodate various low profile bodies.

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