June 21, 2022

Capricorn LAB C8 Classic 1/8th EP pan car

Following the release of the nitro version of the LAB C8, Italian brand Capricorn welcome the release of the electric version of the 2-wheel drive pan-car. Able to be used with two configurations of battery, 2 shortie batteries or 2 stick batteries depending on the race you are attend. This is so you always have the right compromise for more battery power and speed depending on the race you are attending were the rules could be different so you can be competitive with all formats. The new platform is super lightweight to give the best power to weight ratio, the car also generates a lot of traction to make it fast and easy to drive as well as being made of the finest Italian materials. The C8 has some very nice unique adjustable options to give the best performance and most accurate setting.

View more images of the C8 here

June 20, 2022

Exotek Racing B6 HD front bumper set

Add protection to your Associated B6.3, B6.2, B6.1 drag cars with Exotek Racing’s heavy duty alloy, carbon fibre and foam bumper set. Allows for optional mounting of SkyRC GNSS gps modules safely protected inside of the foam bumper and can be simply removed via 1 screw from the carbon hold in brace. You may use this bumper set with our without the gps module. Details include a heavy duty alloy and carbon fiber mounting base that secures the extra wide high density foam bumper. The same high impact foam used in touring car racing. Inside the foam bumper are 2 alloy posts for extra secure foam bumper mounting. The carbon plate has 3 hole positions for mounting the foam forward or back to fit in certain bodies. This design also allows you to experiment with adding nylon body posts onto the bumper or perhaps a lexan body lip (splitter) on the under side of the bumper (body posts or splitter not included). Designed to work with most street eliminator bodies. You may opt to add extra foam layers to the front of the bumper for longer nosed bodies like the Malibu etc.

View the complete set here

June 17, 2022

JConcepts Pontiac Firebird 2 drag racing body

JConcepts have released an update to their Pontiac Firebird drag racing bodyshell with the release of the Firebird 2. Refined on the FB2, a wider rear-end provides more clearance to an assortment of tire combinations or wider track width vehicles, also the FB2 now has more room below the cutline for alternate mounting heights and maintains the ability to trim closer to the racing surface. Perhaps one of the greatest features of the new FB2 is the use of light-weight materials. High-end racers have asked for a lighter overall weight and the #gojconcepts team delivers with material usually reserved for only the highest performance on-road vehicles. The new FB2, comes standard as lightweight and shaves off approximately ~3% over the previous generation.

Source: JConcepts [jconcepts.net]

June 17, 2022

Serpent Medius X20 ‘23 EP touring car

Serpent have introduced their latest, and they claim best, EP touring car yet, the X20 ‘23. New and improved suspension front and rear geometry help improve the car’s rotation. Featuring a beautifully engineered aluminium rear diff, along with a completely newly designed rear upper arm link setup provides increased adjustability. New shocks are also included with a larger 13mm bypass system. The Serpent X20 ‘23 is more adjustable, more refined and gives more performance.

View more details and images here

June 16, 2022

ProTek RC 8800mAh & 7100mAh drag spec packs

The RC drag racing community spoke and ProTek RC listened and is now launching its own line of drag racing specific LiPo batteries. The ProTek RC 2S 200C 2s5p 7.6V/8800mAh shorty pack and ProTek RC 2S 200C 2s4p 7.6V/7100mAh shorty pack are designed with a moulded hard case for added protection. Both ProTek RC batteries are outfitted with large 8mm output bullets for low IR connections between the ESC and battery, eliminating weight and clutter within the chassis of the car by not having plugs. Both batteries feature a 200C burst cell rating and the 2s4p and 2s5p cell configurations drastically help with the voltage drop from high amperage experienced in drag racing. The 8800mAh and lighter weight 7100mAh both have been rigorously raced and tested by ProTek RC Pro Race Team member Frank Ulbrik, and have posted some of the fastest recorded NPRC passes this year.

Source: ProTek RC [amainhobbies.com]

June 15, 2022

Infinity 1/8th wheel reamer

Creation Model have released this Infinity wheel reamer to widen the hole diameter of 1/8 GP racing car wheels to the optimal size (12mm). If the wheel and axle shaft are too tight, it can cause problems such as not being able to install the wheel correctly or not being able to change tires efficiently during pit stops. This wheel reamer is used by threading it through the hole in the wheel while turning it.

View the reamer here

June 15, 2022

Rêve D 7-spoke JD7 wheels

Rêve D introduce their sharp looking 7-spoke JD7 wheel to their competition wheel series, which is popular for its light weight and high traction. There are two colours available, matte black and matte white and a new 8mm offset is also available, which has received many requests in addition to the conventional 6mm. This new design maintains the highest performance criteria of light weight, about 11g per piece, and high traction, all with a large inner diameter & thin rim.

Source: Rêve D [teamreved.com]

June 15, 2022

Exotek B6 HD laydown gearbox & gearbox spacers

New from Exotek is this high performance heavy duty laydown gear box with motor plate for AE B6.1-B6.4 drag racing builds. All alloy gearbox construction keeps your gears in perfect alignment for true mesh and no gearbox flexing that causes binding at high rpm’s. A direct bolt on for AE B6.1-B6.4 drag racing builds, the high diff setting for improved cvd axle angles (flatter axles for less binding and more rpm’s), +1mm higher diff than on the stock plastic laydown gearbox’s highest setting. There is also integrated bearing supported sway bar mounts offering super accurate sway bar function, yet easy to use. The heavy duty alloy motor plate has extra long slot mounting slots for larger gearing range options. Another option are these 2.5mm thick carbon fibre spacers that raise the AE B6.1 – B6.4 series laydown/layback gearboxes up so that the dog bone angle sits straighter when at ride height and gives you extra room to install larger spur gears so that they don’t touch the chassis.

View more images of the new items here