November 7, 2023

Yokomo Drift Package 2WD Pandem GR86 RTR

Yokomo has released the Drift Package 2WD Pandem GR86 RTR 1:10 drift car.  Coming complete with painted body and pre-assembled adjusted chassis, all you need to go drifting is 4 AA batteries for the transmitter.  Rear 2WD drive produces cool counter drift while the latest steering gyro system allows for highly stable operation.  Drifting on asphalt surfaces, short-hair carpets, and P-tile floors is easy, and the latest 2.4GHz digital controller can also be used to produce delicate movements.  In addition to the controllers, a battery for driving and a USB charging adapter are also included, making this a truly complete Ready-To-Run package.

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November 6, 2023

Capricorn LAB GT2 pivot bushing kit

Capricorn has released their their 2024 pivot bushing kits for its 1:8 GT chassis the LAB GT2.  It kits come in 4 different options – the 4 piece LAB GT2 Pivot Bushing kit 5MM, Pivot Bushing kit 4MM, Upper Rear Arms Pivot Busing kit, and the 20 piece Pivot Busing Full Kit.  The new pivot bushing is made up of an Ergal 7075 hard coated sphere and a PA66 reinforced bushing.  The benefits of the new kit is it’s lightness and, most importantly, it is maintenance free.

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November 6, 2023

Bittydesign ARES-1 bodies

Bittydesign has announced a unique project with its ARES-1 bodyshell with the Italian company releasing the new body for 3 categories at same time.  The Hypercar design ARES-1 has been creates for the 1:7 Armma, 1:10 GT and 1:12 GT.  The ARES-1 for ARRMA was born out of the desire to create an extraordinary product developed specifically for Arrma, with the main aim of designing aerodynamics for top speed.  Designed with the desire to create an unconventional body thanks to highly refined and extreme aerodynamics; to achieve maximum performance, we tested the body several times and made radical changes to the original design, we wanted to make sure we could offer an absolute performance product that would become the new benchmark for the GT category.   1:10 body shell is universal and mounts on all 190mm models, the wing complies with the measures as per USGT regulation and can therefore be used at any race.  1:12 body is compatible with SupaStox and SupaStox GT plus any other 1:12 scale model in the GT12 category.

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November 4, 2023

Roche optional 1:12 alu servo horn

New from 1:12 brand Roche is this optional aluminium servo horn for the Xray servo saver for use in their recently released P12V and other brands of 1:12 chassis with a front mounting servo.  It provides an extra 2mm space for steering linkage position to make more ackermann adjustment.

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November 4, 2023

Phat Bodies M.A.D. Mini 1:12 bodyshell

British 1:12 Mini Stock bodyshell specialists Phat Bodies has released their new M.A.D. Mini shell and wing.  The race inspired Mini is designed for the popular Mardave and Kamtec 1:12 Mini stock class measuring 160mm wide and 175mm wheelbase.  Moulded in 0.7mm race weight Lexan polycarbonate for superior quality and durability, it comes complete with pre cut vinyl window masks and light/grill stickers sheet, external overspray film and ‘Phat Bodies’ stickers.  The bodyshell and wing come clear and require cutting, trimming and painting to fit and finish.

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November 3, 2023

Iris ONE Internal Shock Spring and Piston Set

Iris Racing has released an Internal Shock Spring and Piston Set for their range of 1:10 Electric Touring Car kits.  Specially engineered for the Iris ONE, ONE0.5, and ONE.05 FWD, this kit enables a customisable spring setup to elevate your car’s performance and give enhanced control and adaptability.  The set features a Spring stiffness curve allowing you to achieve a progressive effect thanks to four distinct springs available in two stiffness levels and two lengths of 3mm and 5mm, allowing for fine-tuned control.  The springs are securely attached to the piston plate using a small screw, with the capacity to accommodate two springs on each piston plate.  Ideal for high-grip tracks, the progressive spring rate is especially beneficial as the grip on the race track increases, ensuring a more stable and controlled ride.  The kit includes all necessary components for both left and right shocks.

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November 2, 2023

Hong Nor X3GTS height-adjustable anti-roll bar

Hong Nor has released a new height-adjustable anti-roll bar for its World Championship winning X3GTS 1:8 GT chassis.  Used by newly crowned World GT Champion Toni Gruber in Sydney last month, it not only allows the car to maintain a better balance but also allows for more delicate adjustments of the car set-up.  Hong Nor offer four front anti roll bars for the car, 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 and 2.8mm, and four rear anti roll bars, 2.3, 2.5, 2.8 and 3.0mm.

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November 1, 2023

3Racing Cero FWD Sport 1:10 Touring Car

3Racing has released a new entry level 1:10 FWD Touring Car chassis, the Cero FWD Sport.  Featuring pivot mounted suspension, the car shares suspension geometry and key components with the popular Cero Ultra.  Suspension knuckles are common across all Cero models, reducing required spare parts, as well as allowing upgrade to aluminium.  The Lower suspension arms are molded in composite GA, featuring integrated pivot ball mounts.  Fully adjustable ARS rear suspension, infinitely adjustable to adapt to changing track conditions. It has a quick change spur gear mount and the motor mount provides a wide range of adjustability to cater for all blinky motor applications.  The Sport gets comes with a honeycomb TPU front bumper included as standard and the front lower bumper and body mount assembly has been redesigned for increased durability.  A one piece bulkhead cover maintains alignment and rigidity.  Horizontal rear body mount system, lowers centre of gravity and reduces body roll and risk of body tucks.

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