May 9, 2023

HoBao EX10 Spur Gear Mount & Motor Mount Spacer

HoBao Racing has released two new optional parts for their recently released EX10 1:10 2WD Drag Car.   The first part is a hard anodised aluminium direct spur gear mount which is compatible with other brands.   The second part for the EX10 is the hard anodised alu motor mount spacer.  Both are made of high‑quality aluminium alloy for great durability.


May 9, 2023

Rêve D RDX Aluminum Front Post for Magnet Mount

RC Drift specialists ReveD from Japan has new aluminium front posts for magnet mount for their popular RDX 1:10 drift chassis.  By attaching it to the body mount base used at the base of the RDX bumper and mounting it on the upper bulkhead mount, the heavy magnet can be installed in the centre of the chassis instead of at the edge of the chassis, it will also contribute for weight reduction at front section. The bottom part of the lightweight aluminium post is SE (shiny edge) processed to create a luxurious appearance.

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May 5, 2023

T-Work’s BD12 Titanium Upper Deck Screw

T-Works have produced a new titanium upper deck screw for Yokomo’s newly released BD12 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  Machined from high quality titanium and sold as a pair, these lightweight yet extremely durable screws replace the kit standard steel versions and help reduce the cars centre of gravity.

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May 4, 2023

Hasi Tuned 7 & 9 port .21 Onroad engines

Hasi Tuned, the engine tuning brand set-up by top international Swiss onroad racer Silvio Hächler, has released two new .21 Onroad engines.  Available in 7 or 9 port variations, the engines are totally new with the key difference over the previous version being new high dissipation and low density aluminium cooling head, to combine functionality and lightweight.  Also new is the crankshaft, with revised timing and balancing. There is also new piston and liner with high compression piston. The design of the ports has been revised to combine performance and reliability.  A new reinforced conrod completes the updates.  Each engine will have its own dedicated sleeve, which will be perfectly honed inside the crankcase, avoiding dangerous vibrations.  Like every Hasi engine, they are numbered one by one and accompanied by a certificate of guarantee and authenticity and the useful engine book.

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May 4, 2023

Hudy Tiny Hardware Box

Hudy has added this box for tiny parts storage to its range.  The tough, durable, translucent plastic box has 10 compartments, each with a separate latching cover with easy, quick-access storage for small parts.  Measuring 130 x 57 x 20mm, it is finished with high-quality HUDY graphics.

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May 4, 2023

Lens Bodies ‘Ghibli’ 1:10 Electric Touring Car Body

Italian body shell producer Lens Bodies has announced the release of the Ghibli body shell for 1:10 Electric Touring Car.  Set to be on the market soon, the Ghibli is the first 1:10 body release from Nicola Marrone’s new brand and will be available in 3 different weights – standard, light and ultra light.  The body is homologated by EFRA.

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May 3, 2023

Destiny RX-10SR/10F 3.0 Flex type arms

New from Japanese electric touring car manufacturer Destiny are these ‘Flex type’ lower arms for the RX-10SR 3.0 and RX-10F 3.0.  Made by 3mm carbon fibre, the shape & design provide more flexibility than the standard kit lower arm.  More stable and easier to drive they are suitable for low to medium traction condition.  Two options are available O10399 is suitable for the front and rear while O10400 is a rear only option (5°/4° caster).

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May 3, 2023

WRC Racing GT4E Optional Carbon Chassis

Italian chassis manufacturer WRC Racing has released a new optional carbon fibre chassis for its the electric variant of their 1:8 GT Onroad kit, the GT4E.  The GT4E.2 which was released at the start of 2023 comes as standard with an aluminium chassis with the carbon fibre chassis a direct replacement and offering the option of different handling characteristic.

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