October 19, 2017

ECX Barrage 1/24 4WD scale RTR rock crawler

Horizon Hobby have introduced the new ECX Barrage 4WD 1/24 scale rock crawler. The palm-sized vehicle features incredible scale realism, officially licensed Falken Wildpeak MT tyres, a rear “truggy” cage with spare tyre and LED lights. It is perfect for messy desks and messy bedrooms as well as crawling through gardens, mud, as well as your neighbourhood creek and can clear marble-sized rocks easily. A true 4-link suspension handles the suspension control and a stamped, black-coated aluminium chassis makes for a strong and stiff backbone. Included in the package, that is available in orange or blue body colour, is also a 4.8V 220mAh NiMH battery pack and a one-step USB charger.

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October 19, 2017

Xpress XQ1 bi-colour aluminium chassis plate

Coming from Xpress and made for the XQ1 touring car is a bi-colour aluminium chassis plate. The main plate is machined from high-quality 7075 alloy material and it comes black anodised and with machined edge details in red colour to match the remainder of the car’s colour scheme. The symmetrical chassis adds about 20g of weight while increasing car control on high-bite carpet tracks.

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October 19, 2017

Infinity IF14 alloy bellcrank and Ver.2 double joint CVD

Infinity have added two new optional parts for their IF14 electric touring car which are designed to offer increased steering angles, the latest releases being an aluminium bell crank and Ver.2 double jointed front CVD set. Made from black anodised T7075 aluminium, the new 18mm bellcranks have increased rigidity resulting in improved steering response. The newly designed shape of the bellcrank also makes it possible to achieve greater steering angles than with the standard crank. The Ver.2 double joint CVD has been released to be used in combination with the new bellcrank as they have been designed specifically to offer smooth drive at the extended steering angles that can now be achieved.

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October 19, 2017

KO Propo VFS-FR2 Pro brushed motor speed controller

KO Propo have introduced their new VFS-FR2 Pro brushed motor speed controller. The compact device measures 32.6x20x9.4mm and it weighs in at 25.3g. Rated at 120A constant current and 1200A peak current the ESC is good even for low-turn modified motors and it is usable with 6.6V to 8.4V input. The controller comes with all-black wires, pre-installed with the Ultimate Booster 2, and including a 35V capacitor. With its adjustable drive frequency the overall throttle response can be adapted to a range of conditions, from low to high grip surfaces and it is adjustable using KO Propo’s VFS-FR Manager software.

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October 19, 2017

Kyosho MP9 series pre-glued brake pads

Coming from Kyosho and made for the MP9 series of 1/8th nitro off-road buggies is a pair of pre-glued brake pads. The special material of the brake linings and the unique glueing method will result in more consistent braking and less fading during a run. The pads come in pairs and they are usable for the current MP9 TKI4 and also older spec TKI3 and TKI2 buggies.

Source: Kyosho [kyosho.com]

October 19, 2017

Steve Deblaere wins Formula class at Tonisport Masters

The Tonisport Masters was held at the Arena 33 track in Andernach last weekend. The high-grip track in combination with the mandatory Volante tyres and CS additive made for a level playing field but the fun didn’t stop here. Tonisport organisers Andreas Reifferscheidt and Sebastian Meiborg introduced a whole new system to spike up the racing. The practice rounds were still held according to the normal rules; five minute heats with a ranking list based upon the best three consecutive laps. For qualifying however, the single best lap time would be accounted for. The racers had to strategically make a run of a maximum of eight laps in a ten minutes period. As there were four qualifying rounds, each driver’s single best lap time would decide their final grid position, more or less like in full scale racing.

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October 19, 2017

MIP Pucks B6 series 17.5 Drive System 67mm

MIP have introduced the Pucks 17.5 Drive System 67mm for the Team Associated B6 series of buggies. It features an aluminium based drivetrain system which includes a 2-piece aluminium outdrive cup and aluminium outdrive hub, two Bi-metal bones, and the replaceable plastic orange wear Pucks that take the place of the inferior steel pins. This combination greatly increases the longevity of the drive train and most importantly decreases the drivetrain’s overall rotating mass by 50 percent. The decrease in weight directly results in quicker acceleration, deceleration, and lower motor temperatures. The set includes all needed parts including the ball differential but except the diff gear and wheel axles.

Source: MIP [miponline.com]