December 13, 2018

Xray XB8 2019 1/8th nitro buggy kit

Xray have officially introduced the 2019 variant of their European and ROAR National Championship winning XB8 1/8th nitro buggy platform. The biggest new feature is the 2-in-1 front suspension concept with the kit including both a C-hub and a pivot ball design suspension, allowing to adapt the buggy to a variety of driving styles and track conditions. The C-hub layout will excel on tight and smooth tracks whereas the pivot ball suspension can be an advantage on open and rough track. Part of the suspension package are also redesigned A-arms that are made for a harder material for improved response and stability while also ensuring smoother operation in dusty track conditions. Also new for the 2019 variant is a redesigned chassis that accepts both soft and hard compound radio trays without modification, helping to adjust chassis flex for different ambient temperatures. All-new rear uprights with larger outside ball-bearings make for increased reliability and life-span while featuring an extra hole for wider roll-centre adjustment possibilities. Other features include new cell shock membranes with reduced air gap for improved grip, matching upper shock caps with four venting holes as well as longer front and rear shock shafts as well as softer front and rear anti-roll bars for increased traction.

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December 13, 2018

Corner Speed RC T4, BD8 & BD9 turnbuckle tool

Corner Speed RC have introduced a special turnbuckle tool that fits the ball cups of Xray T4’15 to ’19 as well as Yokomo BD8’18 and BD9 kits. Made of a aircraft-grade aluminium case and stainless steel shafts the tool is of a low weight and ensures extra smooth operation. A unique design helps to build turnbuckles fast and easy while also helping to eliminate unwanted misalignments with equal lengths on both sides.

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December 13, 2018

Carlos Pineda wins Spanish Buggy Championship

The Spanish 1/10th Buggy Championship was held at the RC Modelisme TT Vallalta track near Barcelona, Spain last weekend. In the single 2WD class it was Team Associated’s Carlos Pineda with the TQ from AE teammate, Alex Martinez and after the triple A-mains it was again Carlos with the top spot from Alex in 2nd. Manuel Blanco in 3rd would round out an all-Team-Associated top 3 result.

Source: CML Distribution []

December 13, 2018

Tessmann & Rivkin crowned INS8 champions

After traveling to five tracks located across the country, the 8th season of the JConcepts Indoor National Series has come to an end. This year, the competition was at an all-time high with many pro drivers making appearances throughout the series adding fuel to the flame. The energy and intensity at JConcepts INS events are always off the charts as the host tracks go out of their way to provide an awesome racing facility and top-notch race track. The INS is a true nationwide series testing the skills of many over the course of the year taking the best 3 of 5 results to score for the highly contested, series overall champions.

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December 13, 2018

HRC Racing 68123MG ultra high torque servo

Coming from HRC Distribution’s HRC Racing brand is the 68123MG ultra high torque analogue servo for crawlers and trail trucks. Offering up to 23kg-cm of torque and featuring sturdy metal gears, dual ball bearings and a heavy duty servo wire, the servo is best used in applications that require exceptional holding torque – something an analogue servo can excel in compared to digital servos. In addition it is very resistant to hard shocks, making it also the ideal beginner servo. Included in the set is also a heavy duty servo arm.

View a list of the specifications here

December 13, 2018

Scorpion foam tyre traction compound

Coming from Toni Gruber’s Scorpion brand is a specially formulated foam tyre traction compound. Developed in cooperation with the Italian Pepe Group, the tyre sauce ensures maximised side bite and traction on asphalt surfaces. The chemical comes in easy to use 100ml bottles and it is available now.

Source: Gruber Racing []

December 13, 2018

Rebellion-RC X1 gear differential alloy cover

New from RC-Carbonstore’s Rebellion-RC brand is an aluminium cover for Xray’s pan car gear differential. The precision-machined part will improve the case sealing while adding stability for the right hand outdrive due to adding a ball race and an O-ring. The cover is usable for all variants of the diff, including X1, X10 and X12 pan cars and it is available in natural silver colour and also black anodised.

Source: RC-Carbonstore []

December 13, 2018

RC-Cox T4 brass battery stopper set

RC-Cox have introduced a brass battery stopper set for the Xray T4 2016 to 2019 kits. Of a multi-functional design the battery stopper utilises two different inserts that allow to use it with ’16 to ’18 kits as well as the latest ’19 variant as the set includes a thread-less insert for the ’19 car as well as a threaded insert for the ’16 to ’18 variants. Using the battery stopper adds about 5.4g of weight while ensuring the battery does not interfere with the pinion gear or front belt.

View the stopper in ’19 and ’16 to ’18 configuration here