July 7, 2021

Exotek 22S heavy duty alloy parts

Exotek have produced a number of new heavy duty, 7075 alloy parts for the Losi 22S Drag & SC cars. Starting with this front camber mount that has been machined to be heavy duty to better hold your geometry settings, race after race. Weighing 15 grams, it retains the stock geometry of the kit plastic mounts and its customised polished black base with silver chamfered accents goes great with your stock plastic parts or factory alloy parts. There is also a new front bulkhead that weighs 16 grams and retains the stock geometry of the kit plastic pivots and has received the same finishing. Finally this 100% CNC machined and vented motor plate sports aggressive slot cuts for less weight that also helps lower the motor temps faster. The slots also help cool down the inner slipper parts by letting cooler air pass through. The extra machining brings the weight down to 14 grams, 6 grams lighter than stock, but the critical motor mounting areas are still intact to minimise flex for solid motor mounting and gear mesh.

View more images of the new parts here

July 7, 2021

DeadFly MTC2 iBrace & iBrace SL

For the Mugen MTC2, the DeadFly iBrace and iBrace SL is a centre line rear brace, that alters the rotation characteristics of the car. Using both screws gives the most stable rear end stability and lest steering. By using just one front screw and a set screw in the rear hole, the I-Brace gives a spring effect on the chassis. Allowing more steering and rotation, but with more rear stability than no brace at all. Available in the standard and slim line (SL) versions they are both machined from 3mm brass.

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July 7, 2021

RC Maker Dominate tire cleaner

RC Maker’s new Dominate tire cleaner has been developed by a dedicated local Australian Racer over the past 12+ months. Developed with the aid of several top drivers and certified chemists, they were able to discover an environmentally friendly non-toxic way of softening and conditioning rubber without drying it out, like you’ve never seen before. Opening up the pores of the rubber is crucial to the absorption of the tire additive and thus its effectiveness of creating more traction and reducing “drop off” over a run. Dominate is supplied in a pump spray bottle for easy application on both onroad and offroad rubber tires. Simply spray onto a rag or towel and firmly wipe the tire with the cleaner. Allow to sit for at least 1 minute until sticky, before applying the tire additive. Dominate’s cleaning capability can be even further increased when tires are cleaned at higher RPM on a tire sander. And if you run out, just grab a Dominate Refill pouch, which saves you throwing out the perfectly functioning spray bottle.

Source: RC Maker [rcmaker.com.au]

July 6, 2021

TPro 1/10 touring car tire

TPro have announced that they have developed a 1/10 touring car tire in conjunction with a famous Asian producer. This tire comes pre-glued on white 6-spoke wheels with a high quality inserts and can be used on carpet and asphalt races. Its long wear compound will fit perfectly for club racing, because of its quality/price relation. Tires have got TPRO Logo on the sidewall.

Source: MW RC Cars [mwrccars.at]

July 6, 2021

Ultimate Racing M5S Ceramic ‘Team Edition’ engine

Ultimate Racing have introduced the ‘Team Edition’ version of their previously released M5S Ceramic engine. The ‘Team Edition’ concept uses the same Ultimate engines that are for sale, but the engines are assembled directly in their factory, completely broken-in and then thoroughly checked by their competition team to extract 100% of the performance from the engine.

Source: Modelix [modelixracing.com]

July 6, 2021

T-Works 4mm & 4.5mm rotary tool nut driver tips

Coming from T-Works are their new 4mm and 4.5mm nut driver tool tips for the use with standard rotary tools. The tool tips are made of high-quality steel and a black surface treatment ensures low wear and a long life. They fit most standard rotary tools and help to speed up building and maintenance. The nut drivers are available separately.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

July 5, 2021

RDRP B6.3, T6.2, SC6.2 aluminium steering blocks

Add extra durability and precision with RDRP’s new aluminium steering blocks for Team Associated’s sixth generation of 2WD vehicles. Sharing the geometry with the kit’s 4mm offset plastic parts, they are a direct replacement without influencing your dialled set-up too much. The black anodised aluminium parts are labelled with laser-etched L and R marks, and of course the well-known RDRP logo. Silver chamfered edges round out the stealthy factory look.

View another image of the blocks here