September 18, 2017

Traxxas X-Maxx green aluminium accessories

Traxxas have introduced a range of aluminium parts anodised in bright green colour. Made as a direct replacement for the standard parts the items will give the truck a whole new look with the range including pre-built aluminium GTX shock absorbers, aluminium GTX shock caps, threaded shock bodies, aluminium spring pre-load nuts, stub axles, wheel hubs, wheel nuts and motor mount washers.

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September 16, 2017

Samix SCX10 II lower shock & suspension link mounts

Coming from Samix and made for the Axial SCX10 II trail truck are lower shock and suspension link mounts made from brass. They weigh a combined 43g and thus add a good amount of weight to the lower part of the chassis which will lead to improved climb performance. Due to the rigidity of the material they also eliminate flex of the lower shock mounting for optimised suspension efficiency. The parts come machined from high-quality brass material, they sport a black coating for wear and looks and come in sets of four.

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September 16, 2017

Avid Triad dual colour wing buttons

Avid have added new colours to their range of Triad wing buttons with the dual black/gold and black/blue variants. Coming in at 0.3g each, they are very light of weight and with the new dual colour anodising they also add visual impact. The buttons are designed for use with an M3 flat head screw which is common on both 1/8th and 1/10th scale vehicles.

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September 15, 2017

VRP Fidget Clicker ride height gauges

VRP have introduced their new Fidget Clicker ride height gauges. The tools are of a somewhat uncommon and unique design that allows to adjust the desired ride height simply by lifting and rotating the dial. Two high strength magnets are used to hold the rotating dial to the handle with the latter allowing to easily slide it under the vehicle as well. The gauges are available for 1/8th and 1/10th scale vehicles and they come in black or blue anodising.

Source: VRP [visionracingproducts.com]

September 15, 2017

TMG Speed Reactor 1/8 & 1/10 off-road pistons

TMG Speed have introduced their new Reactor pistons for 1/8th and 1/10th scale off-road vehicles. As used by BRCA junior champion Lewis Jones, these pistons have been found to perform better through bumps and over jumps and generally make the car easier and faster to drive. The pistons are available in a range of configurations and for all important brands.

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September 15, 2017

Team Powers 12.0mm sintered rotor

Coming from Team Powers and made for their line of 540-class modified brushless motors is a new 12.0×5.0x24.0mm sintered rotor. It is a direct replacement for the stock rotor and will make for smoother acceleration in modified motors which can be helpful on fast tracks or lower grip surfaces.

Source: Team Powers [team-powers.com]

September 14, 2017

Losi 1/8 LST 3XL-E 4WD RTR monster truck

Losi have introduced their new LST 3XL-E 1/8th scale electric 4WD ready-to-run monster truck. Designed for the use with 6S LiPo battery packs the latest incarnation of Losi’s popular LST platform is capable of speeds of up to 80km/h while the Active Vehicle Control system ensures full vehicle control at all times. The truck is equipped with a full-time 4WD system with LSD centre differential and driveshafts with spring-retained couplers while ultra high capacity shocks with threaded alloy bodies and 5mm shock shafts soak up any bumps and jumps. Other features include sturdy 17mm wheel hexes, an optional wheelie bar, as well as spacious battery compartments that allow to use dual battery setups as chassis-mounted battery connectors ensure high reliability and safety. The truck is powered by a Dynamite Fuze 2200kv brushless motor with integrated cooling fins, and waterproof components make for go-everywhere capabilities. The package is rounded out by a Spektrum S904 1/6th scale digital servo and Spektrum’s DX2E Active transmitter, the latter can be equipped with optional telemetry features. Last bit not least comes a pre-painted body shell with flip top body mount. The truck is set for a release in November.

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September 14, 2017

Exotek B64 Flite stock racing centre spool set

Exotek have introduced the Flite 75T centre spool set for the Team Associated B64 buggy. The ultra lightweight centre spool greatly reduces the rotating mass of the B64 for that extra boost in 13.5T and 17.5T blinky spec racing. The set weighs 18g with the spur gear whereas the stock diff weighs in at 42g in total. A machined 75T POM spur gear is included and bolts on to the lightweight alloy spool. Included also are coated steel outdrive cups for long lasting wear and are machined to accept the stock steel B64 centre bones or the super light weight MIP puck bone system for the B64.

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