January 27, 2021

Element RC Enduro Sendero HD Trail Truck

Element RC have introduced a new member to the line-up with the all-new Enduro Sendero HD Trail Truck. At the heart of the Enduro is our revolutionary Stealth X gearbox and while the exterior appears to have a conventional 3-gear transmission look, the inside is far from conventional. The Stealth X features the ability to adjust the rear drive ratio independently of the front drive across three levels, stock overdrives the front end 5.7% (installed in RTR), option 1 provides a one-to-one drive ratio front-to-rear (available separately), and option 2 overdrives the front end 11.83% (included with RTR). Feeding the power to the tires are 3-piece telescopic driveshafts with an extruded aluminium centre section, universal front drive axles and hardened steel ring and pinion gears. With the Enduro drivetrain, delivering useful power will not be an issue. The steering link assembly has been relocated from the conventional location to behind the axle (BTA). This feature greatly improves approach angle and front-end clearance, making rough terrain much easier to handle. The Enduro Trail Truck with Sendero body comes ready for adventure right out of the box, with performance-driven Reedy Power electronics. The all-new, ultra-smooth and powerful 16-turn, 5-slot brushed crawler motor and Reedy Power SC480X electronic speed controller with T-plug connector supply ample power to this tough rig. Controlling the beast on the trail is their new 3-channel XP130 2.4GHz radio and Reedy Power high-torque 1523MG metal-gear servo.

View more images of the Sendero here

January 26, 2021

PSM B74 front & rear chassis brace sets

PSM have released new front and rear chassis brace sets for the Associated B74. Developed to improve the performance of your B74 vehicle, the rear features three 9,5g balancing weights and an aluminium body, while the front features one 9,0g balance weight. Especially in high traction conditions, the included balance weight can help to dial in the balance of your buggy and the aluminium design reduces lateral torsion in the centre of the chassis. In addition. the longitudinal stiffness of the vehicle will be improved as well.

View more images of the brace here

January 26, 2021

HotRace 1/8 Buggy white compound

HotRace Tyres have announced that they have introduced a new white compound in their most popular 1\8 buggy tire lines. Intending to improve current compounds on clay track conditions, the reality was that this new compound worked really good not only in clay track conditions but also in other conditions too. Testing over the lasts 5 months, all over the world, they have found it to work good on oiled track, clay track, indoor track, wet track and astroturf track and especially between 0 to 15 degrees. The new white compound will only be available for now for Bangkok V2 and Amazzonia.

Source: HotRace Tyres [hotracetyres.com]

January 26, 2021

SWorkz S35-T2e brushless racing truggy

SWorkz have released the electric powered version of their recently announced S35-T2 truggy, the S35-T2e. The geometry of the car aims to provide great corner speed with exceptional traction and improved control. Featuring a T7075 hard anodised and lightened aluminium chassis, this wide layout has been tested by their team driers to guarantee the best performance. The newly developed Truggy HET differentials are included and provide traction that was not possible before. The new S35-T2e also comes with a longer shock layout in the front and rear, the construction of which is adapted to that new optimised layout. The steering geometry, with new Ackerman and steering plates, gives the driver a feeling of total control and with the new toe-in plates, which now contain square inserts, you can easily adjust the geometry to fit every track layout and track condition.

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January 26, 2021

Tekno RC aluminium sway bar collars

Help keep the sway bars of your EB48 2.0 and NB48 2.0 vehicles in place for a long main with these new aluminium collars from Tekno RC. CNC machined from aluminium and hard anodised, these collars are less likely to move due to the threads being damaged from over-tightening or a direct hit to the sway bar. These are a direct replacement for the stock plastic collars and require four M3x4mm set screws.

Source: Tekno RC [teknorc.com]

January 26, 2021

T-Works XB4’21 graphite electronics mounting plate

T-Works have released this graphite electronics mounting plate for the Xray XB4’21. Replacing the standard plastic electronics mounting plate in the kit, the new graphite version is lightweight and adds that bling factor. Supplied with mounting hardware.

Source: T-Works [rc-tworks.com]

January 26, 2021

Xray XB4’21 special 6mm profiled shape steering plate

From Xray for the XB4’21 is this aluminium special 2-hole 6mm profiled shape steering plate. CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium, it is designed & recommended for use in high-traction conditions and helps increase steering precision and predictability. Also fits the XT4.

Source: Xray [teamxray.com]

January 24, 2021

SWorkz S35 drive shaft systems

SWorkz have introduced their latest drive shaft systems for the S35 series of cars which are the Evolution-CVA and Advance-CVD drive shafts. The small ball axle joint system is an advanced design from the CVD system, that can offer the biggest steering angle with super smooth rotation. It is a more sensitive steering feature that is able to produce more corner speed suited for lower grip conditions. The smart design ring holders for the Evolution-CVA is light and gives smooth rotation for steering. This is a good feature that offers the car a lot more forward motion and improves handle for your SWorkz on high grip conditions.

View the different systems here