May 19, 2022

Pro-Line 2015 Chevy Silverado Pre-Runner clear body

Pro-Line have introduced the fully Licensed 2015 Chevy Silverado Pre-Runner clear body for 12.3″ wheelbase crawlers. They’ve taken the popular modern Silverado style and added pre-runner, desert truck style fenders to mimic a fiberglass front clip and give your crawler a super unique stance. It features an extended cab with a short bed and includes optional headlight and taillight buckets for added scale realism. This body is perfect on any 12.3″ Crawler such as the SCX10-II or SCX10-III.

View more angles of the Silverado here

May 18, 2022

JConcepts RC10T2 carbon fibre rear shock tower

JConcepts is spot on with the release of this optional 3.0mm carbon fibre rear shock tower for the Associated RC10T2. The stock vehicle comes standard with a fiber glass unit which carries all the original geometry, however it lacks the pizzazz, strength and appearance that carbon fibre can provide.

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May 18, 2022

Team Associated MT18 Factory team option parts

Team Associated have released a number of new Factory team option parts for the MT18. Starting with this aluminium steering rack, it will increase steering performance and improve looks with this one-piece blue anodised part. Sharpen the handling and reduce body roll of your MT8 with the new bolt-on anti-roll bar set. And finally, the aluminium locking servo saver nut guarantees that your servo saver setting stays constant.

View the ARB and the lock nut here

May 17, 2022

LC Racing heavy duty gear differential set

LC Racing have produced this heavy duty gear differential set for their EMB and LC12 vehicles. The oil filled diff features a redesign to handle today’s high power motors and batteries, a gasket seal just like diffs found in competition level cars and redesigned gears with more durable materials.

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May 13, 2022

Xray aluminium servo holder & graphite bridge

For the XB2, XT2 & SCX, Xray have created this aluminium servo holder & graphite bridge. The stiffer servo holder reduces chassis tweak, reinforces the front part of the car and makes for a more reliable servo mounting.

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May 12, 2022

SWorkz S12-2 aluminium front lower arm holder

From SWorkz for the S12-2 series is this aluminium front lower arm holder. For 1/10 dirt racing, you need a lighter and stronger front lower arm holder. So the new S12-2 option alloy part is the best choice for dirt conditions. This high quality CNC machined aluminium part is only 10g compared with the original which is 5.5g. Your S12-2 will be stronger and yet lighter so now you can drive faster during your race.

View the lower arm holder here

May 10, 2022

Ultimate Racing Compak clutch V3

Ultimate Racing have introduced the latest version of the Compak Clutch, the V3. Keeping the same philosophy of a high-performance mounted clutch, all its parts have been redesigned to guarantee better performance and reliability. The flywheel is 34mm diameter and the aluminium shoes have been redesigned, increasing the contact surface with the clutch bell, improving performance, durability and preventing it from wearing the spring and causing possible spring breakage due to friction. The springs has also been redesigned to adapt it to the new shoes using a very heat-resistant material and thus avoid possible breakage. The clutch is available as a complete and assembled set including flywheel, aluminium shoes, springs, nut, cone collet and shim. They also have a combo with the UR Ventilated Z13 clutch bell with bearings.

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