September 21, 2018

Spektrum S6340BL HV low-profile aluminium servo

Spektrum have introduced their new top-of-the-foodchain low-profile servo for 1/10th scale applications. It offers a quick 0.07s of transit time and a torque of 17.4kg-cm at 8.4V input and finely tuned electronics and software integrate with powerful brushless motor technology to offer ultra performance. Heavy-duty servo lead-wire includes the convenience of a quick-release cable connection. The all-aluminium case provides durability and heat dissipation while precision metal gears ensure hassle-free control. Over-current and over-temperature protection round out the package.

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September 21, 2018

Protoform white Formula front & rear wings

Protoform’s recently introduced new V2 front wing as well as their 1723-04 rear wing are now also available in a white colour option. The V2 front wing features 3-way adjustability to suit any condition your track throws at you: a low-downforce option, a medium downforce with 1-element add-on winglet, or a high-downforce, 2-element add-on winglet for maximum steering feel. The tall wing endplates enhance straight-line stability and side-bite in long sweepers. Inspired by popular American open-wheel cars from the late 90s, PF also incorporated additional ground clearance at the outer extremities, especially important on U.S. style high-grip carpet. The rear wing is inspired by real Formula wing styling. This wing will give any 1/10th scale Formula car an unmistakable look on the track. The rear wing is a true multi-element design featuring slots in the side dams, just like the full-scale cars. The middle element features an emblazoned PF icon. Rear downforce can be tuned by removing either of the upper elements, creating a “Monza-style” setup for high speed tracks. The wings are made from sleek, matte-finished, ultra-durable nylon and will fit most popular Formula cars.

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September 20, 2018

ENS Champions to be crowned in Fiorano

The Infinity Euro Nitro Series concludes this weekend (21-23 September) and while the new for 2018 1:8 40+ class champion is already confirmed, the overall 1:10 and 1:8 titles are still to be decided. One of the world’s most popular tracks among drivers both for its layout, facilities and unique atmosphere, Fiorano is once again the venue for the season finale, the race marking the 20th ENS Championship race and the conclusion of Season #5. With the 1:10 World Championships in the US just one month away the fourth stop on the ENS calendar carries even greater significance this year as it is the last major international race before the Worlds and an opportunity for teams and drivers to gauge form for next month. Given the year that is in it, 1:10 has been ultra competitive this season and former champion Jilles Groskamp comes into the weekend leading the points with reigning World Champion Dominic Greiner set to challenge him for the title. In 1:8, the title fight is between three drivers with Simon Kurzbuch also facing competition from the reigning World Champion in the form of Dario Balestri and Toni Gruber.

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September 20, 2018

Czech IC Track Championships Rd5 – Report

The fifth and final round of the Czech IC Track Championships was held at the ARC Slavkov track last weekend. In the 1/8th class it was Xray’s Tomas Liptak with the overall TQ after the four qualifiers and he also took an easy win in the 30-minutes main final to grab the win from Tono Sloboda (Xray) in 2nd and Filip Uher (Xray) 3rd.

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September 20, 2018

Think RC MTC1.e carbon fibre top deck & servo plates

Think RC have introduced new option parts for their MTC1.e conversion kit in the form of a thinner top deck and new upper servo plates. Starting with the top deck, the part is a thinner version of the updated top deck included with the TH-502 chassis conversion kit. Made from quality 1.6mm carbon fibre the upper deck is ideal for low traction conditions, or when used with the aluminium flex chassis on ETS-style carpet. Also new is the servo mount plate made from 2.5mm thick carbon fibre for increased stiffness. This servo mount plate matches the steering post positions on the chassis plate included in the TH-502 Chassis conversion kit. To run the A2309 steering collars with the conversion kit, owners need this part. The second option plate is a simplified version, removing the floating steering option for a clean and simple look to the chassis. Also made from quality 2.5mm thick carbon fibre to improve the rigidity of the mounting.

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September 20, 2018

Lex Tyler wins at 9th Annual Top Gun Race

The 9th Annual Top Gun Race was held at NORCAL Hobbies in San Jose, California recently. The surface was on a parking lot however it was prepped well and VHT was used for spraying the track. Saturday was open practice and Sunday saw two qualifiers and the A-main. In the Touring Modified class it was Lex Tyler with the TQ and win as EJ Evans and Aaron Lewis came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

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September 20, 2018

Blitz Cruze-M M-type body shell

Blitz have introduced the Cruze-M body shell for 1/10th M-type cars. Designed for FWD and 4WD chassis with 210mm to 225mm wheelbase, the 170mm wide body will fit most 1/10th M-class cars. The highly aerodynamic lid is available in standard 0.8mm and lightweight 0.7mm thickness and it comes including window masks, and a detailed decal sheet with lights and grille stickers.

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September 20, 2018

Tamiya roll out new T3-01 option parts

Coming this October are new option parts for Tamiya’s popular T3-01 Dancing Rider trike. Included in the release are an adjustable link arm set for a wider range of setups and easier adaption do different steering servos, chrome-plated front fork B parts for looks as well as a front caramel block tyre and wide rear semi-slick tyres for looks and performance. The range is rounded out by a chrome-plated rear wheel set for the semi-slick tyres and a 14-piece ball bearing set to up precision and reduce the natural drivetrain drag.

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